Chapter 7


The teenager looked at him, his eyes finally resting on the small wontons in his hand. He took the plastic bag in one hand and said, “Thanks. How much is it?”

He Gu came back to his senses, vaguely recognizing this person as that actor who recently became very popular. He wasn’t twenty yet, and his skin was so soft, one could pinch water out of it. His body still had the thin youthfulness of a teenager, and he wore a pair of water mill jeans1A washed-out looking kind of jeans. Something like this:
that lined his legs. Just standing there, he seemed to be glowing.

He Gu calmly said, “46.”

The boy went back to get the money. After a while, he came out with his wallet and drew out fifty yuan for him. “Keep the change.”

He Gu didn’t say anything. He took the money and left.

“Who was that?” Song Juhan’s voice came from inside the house. 

“A guy delivering take-out,” the teenager replied.

“Take-out? Did you order it?”

“Didn’t Han-ge order it? Crab roe… wontons?”

He Gu tried to walk as fast as he could towards the elevator, but he was still a step too late. Song Juhan’s voice came from behind. “He Gu.”

He Gu stopped and turned around.

Song Juhan frowned at him, looked at the wontons again, and sneered. “What did you come here for?”

“Delivering the take-out,” He Gu said woodenly.

Song Juhan frowned slightly. Although He Gu’s face was calm, he could still sense the man’s hidden anger. He couldn’t help but find it amusing, for the He Gu he knew rarely showed his emotions except when they were in bed. He hooked a finger and said, “Come back.”

The boy poked a head out, his round, bright eyes roaming back and forth between them in puzzlement.

He Gu didn’t move. “You have a guest. Take care of him first.”

“I’m telling you to come back.” Was he feeling jealous? Song Juhan hadn’t enjoyed it enough yet.

He Gu paused for two seconds, then walked back. 

The teenager looked at him and asked, “Han-ge, who is he?”

Song Juhan ignored him. Grasping He Gu’s collar, he leaned into his face and took a sniff. “Good, you didn’t drink too much.”

The teenager’s eyes widened. Song Juhan’s tone was frivolous and ambiguous. They were definitely not ordinary friends.

He Gu nodded at the teenager, then familiarly found slippers in the shoe closet to change into. He’d been to this apartment of Song Juhan several times. Song Juhan had also wanted to give him a key, but he didn’t take it. If he had the key, he might not be able to resist running over every other day. Sometimes people’s self-control is not enough, and they need some external restraints. He didn’t want to give himself the illusion of “I can go to Song Juhan at any time.”

In fact, over the years, six or seven times out of ten was Song Juhan coming to find him first. The three or four that he had initiated were all released when the countless cravings could no longer be suppressed.

The young man looked at He Gu in a bit of a daze, as if he still didn’t quite believe in the relationship between him and Song Juhan. The gap between these two was the same as that of a simple, dull porcelain and a shiny diamond. Diamonds should at least be matched with platinum, gold, or colorful jewels like him. By any means, it was never the porcelain’s turn.

The teenager frowned at Song Juhan. Song Juhan paid him no regards. Even He Gu hardly put the teenager in his eyes. After he entered the house, he didn’t even take off his coat as he familiarly carried the little wontons into the kitchen. He put the wontons into bowls, brought them out, and set them on the table. “I’ve eaten. You guys can eat.”

Song Juhan seemed to have just woken up from a nap. The collar of his loose knit shirt revealed most of his beautiful collarbones and booming pecs. And his curly hair was a bit messy as he sat at the table, yawning and staring blankly at the little wontons before him.

Song Juhan was most often praised for his deep, charming eyes, but He Gu liked his lips the most. Song Juhan’s lips were somewhat a bit upturned, and they were always red and moist, as if ready for a kiss at any moment.2Lemme all share this HD official art I absolutely love of Juhan nngghhhh
song juhan in hd

The young man unceremoniously pulled out a stool and sat down. He ate the wontons while giving He Gu a cold glance.

Song Juhan also ate, and while eating, he asked, “Wasn’t there a dinner party?”

“I left early.”

“I asked you to come at six o’clock, and you didn’t come. What do you mean by coming now?” Song Juhan gave him a blank look. “Did I say I’d wait for you?” 3Liz: Go to hell, Juhan

“No.” He Gu looked at his watch. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

“Clean up the dishes before you go back, else the room will smell.”

“En.” He Gu turned his head to look out the window. There was a very good view of the night from here. Those long lines of cars congested in traffic looked like a beautiful river of stars from above. Only when one stood from a high place could people get a good view of this city built up with desires.

“Han-ge,” the young man spoke coquettishly. “I’ll clean up. You can let him go back.”

Song Juhan smiled at him, then suddenly said, “He Gu, do you recognize him?”

“I’ve seen him on TV.” But as for what he was called, He Gu couldn’t remember.

“Introduce yourself,” said Song Juhan.

The young man said coldly, “My name is Zhuang Jieyu.”

“He Gu. Hello.”

Zhuang Jieyu was furious. This man’s indifference simply looked like he was provoking him. He didn’t know what Song Juhan meant by letting the man stay. Did he want us to play together4cough, threesome, cough? He took a look at Song Juhan and was a little confused. It wasn’t like he couldn’t play, but if he was going to sacrifice like that, then he had to think hard about what he wanted back from Song Juhan.

Song Juhan finished his wontons, and having eaten his fill, he was now in the mood for fun. “He Gu, Jieyu is the type you like, right?”

Zhuang Jieyu’s heart sank, feeling that he had guessed correctly. He cursed Song Juhan in his heart, but on the surface, he no longer frowned at He Gu and instead gave him a smile.

He Gu’s eyes darted between the two of them. He couldn’t understand what Song Juhan wanted, so he said vaguely, “It’s okay.”

“En, I knew it. He’s a bit like Feng Zheng from back then, isn’t he?” Song Juhan said carelessly.

He Gu didn’t expect Song Juhan to bring up Feng Zheng again. He thought of how Zhuang Jieyu wasn’t the least bit like Feng Zheng, and he shook his head. Song Juhan had a really vindictive personality. Until now, he still didn’t plan to turn over the page of the conflict from that day.

“Doesn’t he look like him? A little white face5A usually derogatory term for an attractive young man with red lips and white teeth, and about the same age as him back then.” Song Juhan smiled at He Gu.

“Not quite the same.” He Gu came over, gathered up the bowls they were done eating on, and took them to the kitchen.

Song Juhan yawned again, probably having had enough fun. Rubbing Zhuang Jieyu’s head, he said, “Go get ready.” Then he went to the bedroom.

Zhuang  Jieyu said “Oh,” and his eyes drifted to the kitchen. This man… His figure and looks are not bad.

He Gu had just finished cleaning up the dishes and was planning to leave when he turned back and saw Zhuang Jieyu leaning against the door frame, looking at him with his hands crossed in front of him.

He Gu tried to walk past him but was stopped. He calmly waited for what Zhuang Jieyu was gonna do.

He thought he could appreciate a childish jealousy play, but then Zhuang Jieyu unexpectedly hooked his neck and said ambiguously, “Can you do 161 is slang for topping, while 0 is for bottoming.?”

He Gu replied honestly, “Can.”

“I heard that if you’ve been fucked long enough, you wouldn’t want to do 1. Han-ge’s skills are just that good…”

“It’s not about wanting or not wanting. You just have to be physically okay.”

He Gu didn’t know what he was playing at. He grabbed his arms and put them down, then walked out of the kitchen.

Zhuang Jieyu frowned. What was he putting on airs for?

He Gu grabbed his keys and was preparing to put on his shoes and leave. 

Zhuang Jieyu went up to grab his tie, and said none too happily, “What are you doing?”

He Gu frowned. “I want to ask you that too.”

“Han-ge told me to get ready. Can’t you cooperate a little? Do you lose out when I’m like this?”

He Gu reacted, realizing this kid had misunderstood. Song Juhan didn’t have that kind of hobby. He said, “You misunderstood. Juhan doesn’t play like that.”

Zhuang Jieyu pfft-ed. “He doesn’t play? Then did I sleep with ghosts before?”

He Gu froze. 

Zhuang Jieyu raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you know? Han-ge is very demanding. Sometimes, one person can’t handle him alone, and he quite likes it. Has he never played it with you?”

He Gu felt some dull emotions churning in his chest, making his blood run cold. Grabbing the teenager’s hand, he unclasped his fingers one by one and said coldly, “I’m not playing.”

Zhuang Jieyu was furious. He didn’t expect He Gu to turn him down. He was the reluctant one, but he also had to play this, okay? He usually picked those with excellent figures and looks, and this He Gu was nowhere like that ah. He normally wouldn’t even give him a glance, yet now he dared reject him?!

Somewhat annoyed, he grabbed He Gu’s collar and blocked his lips hard, kissing him skillfully.

He Gu froze.

He had never kissed anyone aside from Feng Zheng and Song Juhan. His only thought at this time was that this kid was a really good kisser. When he was with Feng Zheng, neither of them had much experience. And with Song Juhan, he was either too perfunctory or too impatient. It seemed like this was the first time he had ever been seriously kissed.

“What are you guys doing?” Song Juhan’s cold and gloomy voice came from behind.

The two of them separated. Zhuang Jieyu looked at Song Juhan while slightly gasping. Song Juhan’s eyes were brewing with something he couldn’t understand, sending chills down his spine. Had he really misunderstood? Song Juhan wasn’t trying to…

He Gu wiped the drool from his lips, not really knowing how to explain it. Did Song Juhan need him to explain? If he didn’t need to, then he wouldn’t bother. 

“Han-ge… didn’t you tell me to get ready?” Zhuang Jiayu said somewhat innocently.

Song Juhan said grimly, “Did I tell you to prepare like this? I told you to get your ass ready.”

Zhuang Jieyu’s face changed. Song Juhan was usually easy-mannered and charming. Even if he said obscene things in bed, it was still pleasing. Never had he spoken such vulgar things in front of others. He didn’t know how he had provoked Song Juhan.

Song Juhan, however, didn’t look at him at all, only staring viciously at He Gu. “Who told you to kiss him?”

“He kissed me,” said He Gu.

“I think you enjoyed it.” Song Juhan narrowed his eyes. “It’s been only a few days that I haven’t fucked you. You don’t need to be this horny.”

Zhuang Jieyu was even more surprised. He had never seen Song Juhan talk maliciously to others before. Although this big star wasn’t an all-encompassing person, those who had come in contact with him never had any comments on how he was as a person. Song Juhan should be a decent person inside and out, with the essential grace a person of his background should have. As long as there was no conflict of interest, he would forever be that perfect and noble young master. Zhuang Jieyu absolutely didn’t expect Song Juhan to have such a strong side.

He Gu did quite enjoy that kiss. That kiss that was impeccable in terms of technique, giving him a new understanding of kissing. But that was all there was to it. It was like tasting a delicacy he’d never eaten before; there was no special meaning in it. He felt he’d said all he needed to say, and with Song Juhan clearly taking out his anger on him, there was no use in saying anything else. He’d better leave. Whenever Song Juhan was unhappy, it was best for him to disappear. This rule was something he had figured out.

He turned to put on his shoes.

“If you dare take a step out of this room, you can never see me again.” Song Juhan raised his chin and looked condescendingly at He Gu.

This one did the trick. He Gu straightened up and had to explain again. “He misunderstood what you meant. We…”

“He didn’t misunderstand.” Song Juhan looked at He Gu, the corners of his mouth lightly hooked up, revealing a somewhat cruel smile. 

He Gu’s body trembled. Song Juhan wouldn’t really want to…

Song Juhan came over and tugged on He Gu’s tie. “All these years you’ve been so obedient. You’ll be obedient today too, won’t you?”

He Gu’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. “Juhan, don’t be too much.”

He could watch Song Juhan make out with someone else, because he had no position to care, but he could never join in it. That was too disgusting.

“How is this too much? Was you and him kissing too much?” Song Juhan thought of that scene he saw, that slightly surprised and seemingly delighted look on He Gu’s face, only to feel his heart on fire and all his blood boiling at once. He Gu actually kissed a little slut in his house. He Gu actually kissed others? Damn it!

“This matter shouldn’t be my fault.”

These words seemed to annoy Song Juhan. He grabbed He Gu’s collar and pressed the man against the wall. Those eyes that shone as beautiful as stars now also rose with the chill of a distant cosmic void.

Zhuang Jieyu looked at He Gu, then looked at Song Juhan, simply confused by the tense atmosphere between them. It was just a kiss. Isn’t Song Juhan’s reaction too strange?

Zhuang Jieyu didn’t understand Song Juhan, for he had only seen his gentlemanly, refined, and charming side. But He Gu had seen all of Song Juhan’s faces. Song Juhan’s temper was so big that people who really knew him were always cautious around him. Because of the kiss between him and Zhuang Jieyu today, did Song Juhan feel that his authority had been violated? Although he was also innocent, it wasn’t the first or second time that he had to endure Song Juhan taking out his anger on him. He just had to bear with it until his tantrum was over.

Song Juhan narrowed his eyes, his gaze sweeping over every inch of He Gu’s face before finally landing on his lips. He rubbed those lips with his fingertips, then blocked them hard, kissing him roughly.

He Gu didn’t know how to respond to this kiss resembling a punishment. He was already overwhelmed just trying to avoid their teeth colliding.

Song Juhan’s tongue brutally pried his teeth open, stirring wantonly inside his mouth. He Gu gradually felt breathless from the kiss, a blush creeping up on his face.

In a trance, he felt Song Juhan starting to tug on his clothes. He Gu was shocked, and he gripped Song Juhan’s hand. “Juhan?!”

“Let’s play something special today. I’ll fuck you, and he’ll watch.” Song Juhan tugged harder, tearing off the zipper of He Gu’s pants.

Zhuang Jieyu felt only numbness in his scalp, frightened by the anger and malice displayed by Song Juhan. 

He Gu was anxious. “Juhan, stop making trouble!”

“Who’s making trouble with you?” Song Juhan’s strength was so great that it was simply not something that ordinary people could resist. As the sole heir of the Song clan entertainment empire, his safety was always the first consideration, and so he grew up with the best martial arts teacher to teach him how to fight. He Gu once saw him playfully crush walnuts between his ring and little fingers7And this is one of the reasons why Song Juhan is known as the Walnut Man in the Chinese fandom. More of him and walnuts later hahahah. Those beautiful hands weren’t just proficient in multiple instruments. They could also bruise the hardest bone in a man’s body with a single punch. He Gu was helpless in front of him.

He Gu’s face was very red. This was probably the most embarrassing scene in his life. He looked past Song Juhan’s shoulder and saw Zhuang Jieyu’s stunned gaze. It felt like his heart was being trampled into the mud.

Song Juhan ruthlessly pressed closer, and He Gu desperately tried to push him away. “Juhan, let go of me!”

“Damn it, stop moving. Shouldn’t you make it up to me for spoiling my date? Maybe you’ll be more excited with someone watching you. Get a good feel on whether him kissing you or me fucking you is more pleasurable.” His hands had taken down the last barriers on He Gu’s skin.

He Gu’s heart ached, and his eyes burned. With a strength coming out of nowhere, he firmly pushed Song Juhan away.

Song Juhan stumbled a few steps, but quickly steadied himself.

He Gu looked like a mess. His shirt and tie were in disarray, and his trousers were piled at his feet. His face was full of anger.

Looking at Song Juhan, there was a hint of intolerance in Zhuang Jieyu’s gaze. These rich people ah. They’re really nothing good.

Song Juchan didn’t expect that the usually silent and obedient He Gu would react so strongly. But before he could even get angry, the deeply humiliated look on He Gu’s face made him freeze.

Zhuang Jieyu was a little scared, and he stood at the side, not knowing what to do.

Song Juhan’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. His gloomy eyes stared at the half-opened door and remained frozen in place for a long time, unsure of what to think.

Zhuang Jieyu dared not breathe.

After a long time, Song Juhan finally noticed him. He looked coldly at him and said, “Dare touch him again and you don’t have the mix in the circle anymore.”

Zhuang Jieyu sucked in a breath and nodded eagerly. “I’m sorry. Sorry, Han-ge.”

“Get lost.”

[liz_box title=”Translator’s Corner” box_color=”#fed7de” title_color=”#5e4c4f” class=”tlbox” id=”tlnotes”]Song Juhan: He Gu actually kissed others?!
Liz, looking at Song Juhan who’s slept with many other people:

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Liz: It’s not like you guys are seriously dating. He Gu was never exclusively yours[/liz_box]



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