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Years of Intoxication

He Gu has loved Song Juhan for seven years. Even when Song Juhan would sleep around with others, he, like a man intoxicated, has always stayed by his side. Only when Song Juhan puts him through the most unbearable hell does He Gu finally sober up and leave. But this time, Song Juhan won’t let him go.

AuthorShui Qian Cheng (水千丞)

Translators: Lizonka & Hillary

Proofreaders: Fish and Yummers (chapters 1-4)

Translation Status: Ongoing

Other Languages:

Spanish by Mili

Portuguese by Haitang Translations

Chapter List


Years of Intoxication has a manhua, and you can read it here.

Official Art

More official art can be found in the LizNov Discord server~


(Taken from the official 188 Weibo)


  • In the End, It’s You – Fan video featuring all the gongs in Shui Qian Cheng’s dog-blood novels (who are collectively known as 188). Song Juhan is in it.
  • In the End, It’s Me – Fan video featuring all the shous in Shui Qian Cheng’s dog-blood novels.
  • Sin & Punishment – 188 music video featuring the gongs’ lines from their audio dramas

Audio Drama

Ai He Gu (爱何辜) – Song Juhan’s Song for He Gu

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