Years of Intoxication一醉经年

  • Adult
  • Drama
  • Mature
  • Yaoi

Author: Shui Qian Cheng (水千丞)
Translators: Lizonka & Hillary
Translation Status: Ongoing
Other Languages: Spanish by Mili (coming soon)


He Gu has loved Song Juhan for seven years. Even when Song Juhan would sleep around with others, he, like a man intoxicated, has always stayed by his side. Only when Song Juhan puts him through the most unbearable hell does He Gu finally sober up and leave. But this time, Song Juhan won’t let him go.

Author’s Summary:

Being secretly in love with someone is like having a strong alcoholic drink. One knows perfectly well that it will cause dizziness, will make a person lose oneself, and that it will be painful. And yet, like moths to a flame, it is gladly endured.

You shouldn’t overdo it, but I will not stop until I’ve gotten thoroughly drunk.

But for any amount of drunkenness, one day you’ll have to sober up.

Author’s note:

This book is related to Zhen Feng Duijue1listed as Beloved Enemy on NovelUpdates and Zhiye Tishen2Professional Body Double. The protagonists of both books will make an appearance, but Mr. Gu will play a bigger role, while the others are just there to buy soy sauce3Buying soy sauce is slang for someone who doesn’t really care about the trending news. It can also refer to someone who plays a passerby role..

Translator’s Notes

Lizonka: Special thanks to Fish and Yummers for helping me edit the earlier chapters, and to Hillary for joining me in translating starting from Chapter 10. Thank you also to the 188 Discord server for giving me a place to scream about this novel (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ



Audio Drama



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