Episode 14: Asura Realm

Hillary: The title ‘Asura Realm‘ is a reference to Buddhist mythology. The Asura Domain – also known as the Jealous God Domain – is where Asura’s (demigods) reside. Male Asuras are known to initiate fights due to their jealous, ignorant, and obstructive nature.

I’m guessing Juhan is the obvious example of a male asura here…


croll6781[email protected] says:

Oh god how. To unlock it

K1baswife says:

I don’t see the password/math problem🥲

Yuno says:

I wanted to solve it but I couldn’t find the math problem.

Remi says:

as much as i know there is no math problem only the persons that are close/trustable gets the code

Moon says:

Thx a lot xD

Hazel Grace says:

Thank you for your hardwork

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