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Years of Intoxication Manhua (Drunk in Love)

The official manhua adaptation of the novel, Years of Intoxication, by Shui Qian Cheng. It tells the story of He Gu’s unrequited love for Song Juhan, a famous singer.

AuthorShui Qian Cheng (水千丞)

Translator: Hillary

Proofreader: Lizonka

Translation Status: Ongoing

Other Languages: Indonesian by Tutty

Reading Policy

Before reading the translations, please note:

  • Reuploading the manhua to other sites is strictly forbidden. Even if you credit us, it is still not allowed
  • Read our translations only on this website. Do not read it on manga-reading sites like manhuascan, mangago, mangehere, or whatever. If you see our translations on such sites, it has been stolen.
  • Do not retranslate the manhua without our permission. If you’re interested in retranslating, please fill in this form first.

Episode List

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