Years of Intoxication Chapter 2.1

Last updated on November 12, 2020

When He Gu woke up, the sun was already high in the sky.

The sun was shining so hot on his face that He Gu opened his eyes. Feeling a heavy arm around his waist, he grabbed it and quietly lay it over his heart. Then he turned his head around to look at the man on the other side of the pillow.

Song Juhan was sleeping soundly, his messy hair hanging down the side of his face. His long lashes casted shadows over his eyes and face, and the side of his nostrils was moving lightly. A quarter western blood gave Song Juhan’s features the depth of a Caucasian and the mystery of an Eastern man. It was a face that could easily drive people crazy.

He Gu once spent a long time pondering whether he liked Song Juhan because of this face. He was an engineer. He was good at thinking over things, and he was willing to think about it. He would even use various examples and hypotheses to consolidate his own thoughts. Later, he came to the conclusion that even if Song Juhan didn’t have this face, his background, status, talent, rich experiences, and mature social skills, he could still easily attract people. That superiority and noble aura was something that could only be forged from the bones of Song Juhan’s class. This proud son of heaven was very capable of attracting people’s worship. In He Gu’s current state, he might be able to resist Song Juhan’s little moves. However, his younger self could never.

Only those who really knew Song Juhan would know that he was highly intelligent and utterly interest-oriented. His knowledge of Song Juhan was probably second only to Song Juhan’s parents, because Song Juhan never pretended to be a gentleman in front of him, or rather, didn’t care to pretend.

He Gu just watched him like this. After watching for a long time, he moved as he was tired of keeping a stiff posture.

This time, Song Juhan woke up and yawned as he looked into his eyes, “What time is it?”


Song Juhan opened his eyes sharply. “Fuck! Why didn’t Xiao Song call me?”

Xiao1 – not a surname. It means small or little, and is added to a name as a way of expressing familiarity. Song was Song Juhan’s assistant.

Song Juhan looked to his left and right and said unhappily, “Where’s my phone?”

He Gu got out of bed, went straight to the living room, then soon returned with Song Juhan’s phone.

Song Juhan took the phone and saw that the battery was dead. He slammed it down on the quilt and cursed. “Give me your phone.”

He Gu handed him his phone, and Song Juhan dialed Xiao Song’s number. “Hey, yes, I’m here at He Gu’s… How are things? Well, I missed it anyway. Let’s do it some other time. You figure out how to explain.” After speaking on the phone, Song Juhan fell back on the bed.

He Gu said, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“En,” Song Juhan said unhappily. “Go get something to eat.

He Gu put on his clothes, first charged Song Juhan’s phone, and then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

When Song Juhan came out after washing his face, breakfast was already on the table. Song Juhan sat down and ate without saying a word, not at all seeing that He Gu was still busy in the kitchen.

By the time He Gu put the fried eggs on the table, Song Juhan had already eaten most of the food. He extended a hand and said, “Bring me my phone.”

He Gu went to take his phone that could already boot and gave it to him. 

Song Juhan tapped on the screen, and a WeChat message popped up. A very nice female voice said coquettishly, “Why didn’t you come back to me? I’m so sad.”

As Song Juhan ate, he returned indelicately, “I’ve been busy lately.”

He Gu’s grip on the chopsticks unconsciously tightened. His Adam’s apple drummed up and down as he quietly ate his congee with his head down.

The two of them exchanged a few words. That woman’s voice was very lovable and charming, while Song Juhan’s face was expressionless as he dealt with her, making people’s heart wince2心里发毛 – to feel nervous.

After eating the congee, Song Juhan said casually, “Do you know her voice?”

He Gu shook his head.

“Oh, I forgot. You don’t listen to much music. There’s a newcomer who recently became popular and is pestering me to write songs for her.”

“Have you slept with her?” He Gu asked unconcernedly. It wasn’t that he didn’t listen to many songs. He had listened to every single one of Song Juhan’s songs countless times; he just didn’t listen to anyone else’s.

Song Juhan shook his head and said contemptuously, “Who knows if she’s clean.”

“Then why even bother with her?”

“My dad wants to make her popular. She has quite a unique voice, but wanting me to write songs for her?” Song Juhan sneered. “I’m paid lots of money for writing songs.”

He Gu said nothing.

Song Juhan looked at He Gu and smiled mockingly. “But anyone who gets close to me has to want something from me, right?”

“I also want something.” He Gu wiped his mouth and looked at him faintly. “I want your face.”

Song Juhan laughed out loud.

He Gu also joined in laughing. Song Juhan thought that He Gu was no different from others, fancying his face, his name, and his money. He Gu never explained anything, because such a relationship of “mutual benefit” was what Song Juhan wanted.

Besides, his feelings would just be a cumbersome joke to Song Juhan, and he didn’t want to humiliate himself.

He didn’t speak out of turn, didn’t pester, didn’t make trouble, and didn’t resist. That way, Song Juhan wouldn’t get sick of him. Until one day Song Juhan got tired of him, they should be able to keep this relationship going for a while. If they weren’t even sex friends anymore, then for the rest of his life, he would never have the chance to come in contact with the man again.



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