Years of Intoxication Chapter 1.2

Last updated on November 12, 2020

Song Juhan turned his head to look at him, then sniggered and said teasingly, “You don’t think I traveled from so far away just to come here to sleep, do you?

He Gu looked at him woodenly. He knew why Song Juhan had come. It was for nothing else but sex. Over the years, the connection between the two of them had been nothing more than sex. He simply saved a little expectation, expecting Song Juhan to be only tired, to have only come to his place to calm his nerves.

Song Juhan yawned. “How come you’re still so stuffy? Come here.” A considerate and affectionate person would’ve taken the initiative long ago.

He Gu walked over. Song Juhan tugged on his arm and pulled him toward him. It was quite heavy when He Gu’s 1.8 meter body pressed on Song Juhan. Song Juhan groaned lightly, then wantonly stretched his hands inside He Gu’s clothes. “Let me touch you. Have you gotten fat?”

“I shouldn’t have.”

Song Juhan touched from his abdomen to his lower back. The muscles under his hands were still supple and tight. Song Juhan hummed in satisfaction. “You sit in the office all day. Remember to exercise more. You’ll be ugly if you get fat, you know.” Song Juhan held his chin and kissed him. “How long have we not seen each other? I missed you.”

“39 days,” said He Gu.

Song Juhan laughed. “Remembering so clearly, really proves you are an engineer.” He rolled over and pressed He Gu on the couch. “Why is your hair so wet?”

“It was raining outside.” So you just noticed…

“Working overtime till now?”


“I told you long ago to resign. I’ll give you money. You can open a coffee shop, a restaurant, or do whatever you like. It’ll be easy and comfortable. There’s no need to go to work all the time and try to guess people’s mood. Isn’t it easy to muddle in a Chinese corporation?”

“I don’t know how to do anything else,” said He Gu.

“I knew you’d say that.” Then he lowered his head to nip lightly on He Gu’s chin and began tugging on his shirt.

He Gu was very cooperative.

Song Juhan seemed impatient today. When he was in a good mood, he’d like to do some foreplay. But when he was not in a good mood, he’d charge right away, simply letting off steam. Today was the latter.

He Gu frowned in pain, bit his lip, and didn’t make a sound.

Song Juhan, however, breathed a long sigh of satisfaction. “He Gu, you’re still the best.”

He Gu looked at him in a bit of a daze. Looking at that face as addictive as opium, his body shuddered incessantly. Redness slowly crept up He Gu’s skin. After all these years, he still hadn’t gotten used to Song Juhan’s beastly stamina. But whether he was used to it or not, he was at least used to enduring it.

Song Juhan had complained to him more than once that he couldn’t enjoy himself to the full when doing it with others, because they weren’t as cooperative as him. This was probably the reason why the two of them could maintain their relationship till now. If not, how could it be his turn to sleep with him when there were so many beautiful men and women around Song Juhan?

Not knowing how long it had been, He Gu already felt a bit breathless. Suddenly, he felt Song Juhan cumming directly inside his body…

This was also one of Song Juhan’s hobbies.

Song Juhan lay panting on him. Now was a hard time to be in the capital because the weather was already quite cold, and the indoor heating still hadn’t booted. However, the fiery warmth between their bodies drove away the late autumn chill.

The gaze in He Gu’s eyes went from hazy to focused. After spending a full five or six minutes, he moved, feeling quite uncomfortable.

Song Juhan hugged his waist, buried his head in his neck, and said lazily, “Don’t move. Let me lie down for a while.”

“I want to go clean up,” He Gu paused and added, “Don’t cum inside next time.”

Song Juhan pinched his chest. “What’s wrong with letting me feel good? Only with you do I dare not wear a condom.” His tone was coquettish, but his words came out as if he were doing him a favor. 

He Gu didn’t say anything. He had said it more than once—three times, in fact—and since it was useless, he decided not to say it again in the future. 

Song Juhan teased, “Isn’t this nice? Moisturizing.”

He Gu looked away, his face turning red from shame all the way to the ears.

“You’re still so tight here. Do you take care of it regularly?”

He Gu didn’t speak.

Song Juhan looked down and laughed. “Right, you don’t know anything about these things.”

He Gu just faced the sofa, wanting to ease some of the shame.

Song Juhan looked at He Gu’s red neck and was in a good mood. He got up and pulled He Gu up as well. “Let’s go. I’ll take a bath with you.”



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