Extra: A Brother has Come from Afar


What goes around comes around. Xiao Wangye packed up his bags and prepared to go to Si Wangye’s territory for a warm winter.

Likewise, he also brought along a family member.

Si Wangye was very surprised when he first saw Xiao Wangye, but then he looked at Yan-daren following behind him, and his face unconsciously became strange.

And it so happened that this time, Er Wangye was also a guest at Si Wangye’s mansion. Hearing the news of Xiao Wangye’s arrival, he immediately went to the front hall to greet him.

Er Wangye was much older than his younger brothers. In a normal household, he’d be old enough to be Xiao Wangye’s father. Coupled with the fact that Er Wangye was usually an upright and serious person, Xiao Wangye had always been quite respectful of him.

Xiao Wangye said “Hello, Er-ge1Er means two or second. So it’s referring to Xiao Jiu’s second older brother” in a very well-behaved way. Er Wangye stroked his beard and nodded without expression.

Like Si Wangye, Er Wangye also immediately noticed Yan-daren’s presence. Not knowing the inside story, he was quite surprised. “I had heard that Yan-daren had left the Emperor, but I didn’t expect you’d be with Jiu-di.”

Yan-daren also nodded expressionlessly at this.

Xiao Wangye suddenly found it very interesting. He looked at his Er-ge, then looked at Yan-daren. It felt as if he was seeing what Yan-daren would look like ten years later, and his heart was inexplicably filled with some anticipation.

Yan-daren felt Xiao Wangye’s affectionate gaze and turned around to return it with a gentle smile.

Now Si Wangye couldn’t sit still. They made eyes at each other in public and treated everyone else like nothing. And so he whispered into Er Wangye’s ear.

Er Wangye’s face sank and immediately stopped him: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Si Wangye felt a little aggrieved.

At the dinner party, the three brothers sat at the table for a long time, reminiscing about the past and having a good time.

In the latter half of the party, Si Wangye had drunk too much wine, and he clung onto Er Wangye’s sleeve as he babbled incessantly again. This made Er Wangye despise him.

Meanwhile, Xiao Wangye sat at the sides and looked on at the joke while eating the peanuts that Yan-daren had peeled. 

When the party ended, Si Wangye went to arrange a side room for Xiao Wangye and for Yan-daren when he suddenly had a plan. In front of Er Wangye, he deliberately reserved only one room for them.

Xiao Wangye complained, “I didn’t expect that there’d be so many wives in Si-ge’s mansion that you can’t even spare us two side rooms.”

Er Wangye frowned and side glanced at Si Wangye, who had to go with his tail between his legs to send someone to clean up another one.

Si Wangye felt even more aggrieved.

On the second day, Xiao Wangye stayed in the room all morning and didn’t show up. Si Wangye felt that the time was ripe. He rubbed his hands excitedly and called over Er Wangye who’d been drinking tea.

Si Wangye said righteously, “Er-ge, look at this. The door of Xiao Jiu’s room is closed tightly in broad daylight. Something fishy must be happening inside.”

Er Wangye didn’t believe it, so Si Wangye pulled him close to the window. The two noble Wangyes stood low in the corridor, listening to the movement inside through a thin layer of window paper.

Upon careful distinction, there were indeed a few ambiguous words coming out.

“Yan-gege… It’s too, too big. I can’t suck it…” Xiao Wangye said in a small voice.

Yan-daren whispered with gentle coaxing, “Isn’t Xiao Jiu’s little mouth usually very good at eating?”

Xiao Wangye’s voice became even smaller. “Wu… But before, it wasn’t… it wasn’t this big.”

“Isn’t it delicious when it’s big?”

“En… it’s delicious.”


Si Wangye couldn’t bear listening to it any longer. Though he had always indulged in romance, he still couldn’t help blushing.

Si Wangye stood up straight and said to the lofty Er Wangye, “Look, Er-ge. Yesterday, you didn’t believe me. When has Si-di2 Fourth younger brother. Si Wangye is referring to himself in third person. ever lied to you?”

Er Wangye frowned and stroked his beard. He only felt that things were not so simple.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened from inside, and two neatly dressed people walked out.

Yan-daren held a bunch of red tanghulu in his hands, while Xiao Jiu’s mouth was stuffed with a whole hawthorn.

“Oh, why are Er-ge and Si-ge hiding here?” Xiao Wangye struggled to say the words as he chewed.

Er Wangye didn’t speak. He humph!-ed a blow to his beard, glared at Si Wangye, and then turned on his heel and left.

Si Wangye stood in place and whined, feeling wronged.

The Author has something to say: Just imagine they drove a car in Changpei3“Driving a car” is a euphemism for s*x, and Changpei, if I’m not mistaken, should be referring to Gongzicp, the website where Xiao Jiu is published. So the author is saying to just imagine they they had s*x, coz explicit scenes are not allowed on that website haha

Lizonka: And that’s the end of this lovely story! Thank you so much for reading this far~


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