Chapter 8



Looking at the tips of his shoes, Xiao Wangye asked in a low voice, “Did Yan-gege miss me these past years?”

Yan-daren said, “Missed.”

Xiao Wangye happily revealed two dimples, his heart full of joy.

But after a while, he felt that the word “miss” was too common. After living in a foreign land for so many years, Yan-daren must have missed a lot of people. It wouldn’t reflect how Xiao Wangye was any special, so he asked again, “Do you miss Emperor-gege more or do you miss me more?”

Xiao Wangye waited expectantly for the answer. However, Yan-daren abruptly stopped in his steps and made a shush gesture to him. 

Xiao Wangye understood and quickly closed his mouth. Immediately afterwards, he heard the voices of people talking not far away.

“I didn’t expect that in the past few years I was away, there’d be rumors like these in the palace.” The person who spoke was the Major General of Defense who had just returned to the imperial court today. He asked, “Have you ever found out who is behind the scenes?”

The person who answered him was the current Empress. She said, “The Emperor has a careful mind and would never easily leak out this information. However, I have secretly heard that the Emperor seems to doubt Prime Minister-daren.”

Early autumn wind suddenly breezed by at this time. Hiding in the dark, Xiao Wangye unexpectedly felt his nose itch. He covered his mouth and sneezed silently.

The two people talking heard the sound, alerting the General. “Someone’s there.” Following which, he took large strides toward their direction.

Yan-daren knew that he might have heard something he shouldn’t have heard, so he quickly took Xiao Wangye to hide behind the rockery.

With the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, Yan-daren’s palms were sweating. He held Xiao Wangye’s waist tightly and put him in the corner. The distance between the tip of their noses was only an inch.

At this moment, Xiao Wangye’s nose felt sore again. The tip of his nose wrinkled and wrinkled, trying to resist it but still couldn’t control it. He closed his eyes and opened his lips slightly; they were about to be exposed.

Yan-daren was caught off guard and subconsciously turned his head in a hurry, blocking his mouth with his lips.


Lips pressed against each other, the quick-witted Xiao Wangye successfully held back his sneeze.

His eyes widened, and his hands tightly gripped the other person’s lapels. All that was left in his mind was a blank.

Yan-daren’s lips were warm and soft, completely opposite to his cold appearance. Xiao Wangye stared blankly at Yan-daren’s face, and his mind gradually returned. His heart beat violently, and the blood all over his body began to boil.

When the people outside the rockery turned around and found no trace of them, the sound of footsteps gradually moved away.

The General lowered his voice and said, “Empress-niangniang1娘娘 – It’s like saying “your Highness,” but it’s only to be used towards the Empress or the Imperial Concubine. should go back and have a baby in peace. You don’t have to worry about these things.”

After saying that, the father and daughter left one after another.

Yan-daren let go of the stiff Xiao Wangye and took a deep breath. “This lowly official has offended. I ask Wangye to please forgive me.”

Xiao Wangye’s face was still burning as he shook his head desperately and said, “I’m not offended, not offended.” After saying that, he immediately followed with a compliment. “Yan-daren is really quick to respond.”

If one were to look closely, one could see that the tips of Yan-daren’s ears had turned a bit red. His reaction in a moment of desperation was really unexpected. He himself did not expect that he could do such a thing to Xiao Wangye.

He cleared his throat and diverted the subject. “What happened in the palace these past few years? What rumors are there?”

Xiao Wangye twisted his body and said with a thick face, “Again, kiss me again, and I’ll tell you.”


Xiao Wangye didn’t get a second kiss. Yan-daren directly escorted him back to his quarters with a cold face.

But Xiao Wangye was already very happy. When he returned to the room, he threw himself on the bed and began to wriggle wildly.

Yan-daren’s magnified handsome brows and eyes and that unexpectedly gentle aura were repeatedly played in his mind all the time, turning Xiao Wangye’s soul upside-down.”

This was Xiao Wangye’s first kiss, and Xiao Wangye firmly believed that his long-awaited spring had finally arrived.

At present, Yan-daren, who was on his way back to his residence was somewhat vexed. Just then, he obviously could’ve used his hand to cover it. Why did he use his mouth?

Yan-daren licked his lips with the tip of his tongue. The taste of apples was left on them, and it was very sweet.


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