Chapter 23



Before the year ended, good news spread in the city, saying that Xiao Wangye, who had recently come to the fief, had soon taken a wife.

The Wang Mansion held half a month of roadside banquets1流水席 – a banquet where guests arrive at various times and are served with food as they arrive, and nearly every local came to the event.

Facing the street, the boss of a cloth shop, who didn’t go to business, asked curiously, “Do you know what the Wangfei looks like?”

The owner of the tailor shop next door said, “Aiya, it’s hard to see what she looks like with the red veil covering. But that Xiao Niangzi’s2小娘子 – You know what “xiao” means. Niangzi here is a respectful term to refer to someone else’s wife height, tsk, tsk, tsk, she seems to be taller than Wangye.”

The cloth shop owner was shocked and sighed repeatedly, “I didn’t expect Xiao Wangye’s preferences to be so unique.”

At this time, the red-veiled “Xiao Niangzi” was leading Xiao Wangye to toast at the table. Xiao Wangye was dressed in red robes, with a big safflower on his chest, and his little, white face was full of joy.

After a round of congratulatory toasts, Xiao Wangye lifted his glass, but just before it could touch his lips, it was snatched away by the person beside him. The person took it under the veil and downed it one gulp. 

The crowd gaped, and then praised, “Good drinking capacity! Truly an outstanding figure among women!”

There was a sound of choking on wine under the red veil.


The half-month long banquet finally came to an end. In the evening, Xiao Wangye took off his heavy red robe, sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed his calves, babbling, “In the future, weddings will no longer hold any roadside banquets. It’s too draining.”

When the handsome “Wangfei” took off his red veil, he immediately raised his eyebrows and asked, “In the future? So Xiao Jiu is still planning to take a concubine?”

Xiao Wangye cleared his throat and deliberately assumed an air of importance. “It’s normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines, not to mention a man of status like this Wang…”

“As Wangye says so.”

Yan-daren picked up so quickly that Xiao Wangye was at a loss for words.

Then he was surprised to see Yan-daren untying his belt and walking over. He towered above Xiao Wangye as he trapped him between his arms and the bed, his voice seductive as he said, “I just don’t know if Wangye’s body will be able to take it.”

Xiao Wangye’s little face turned red, and he quickly became limp under Yan-daren’s body. He shook his head incessantly. “I can’t take it, can’t take it.”


Xiao Wangye hadn’t gone downstairs for two days now. Qiao Qiao thought Xiao Wangye was afraid of the cold again, so she sent over two heaters.

Xiao Wangye’s hand hidden under the blanket rubbed his waist as he said, “Take it down. This Wang is not cold. I’m just tired these days.”

Qiao Qiao was sensible and knew that it wasn’t easy for Wangye to personally manage the marriage for half a month, so she walked out with the heater in her arms.

Once out of the room, she happened to run into Yan-daren, who was coming back from outside. She called out, “Greetings, Yan-daren.”

Yan-daren nodded.

“Yan-daren” was the title given by Wangye. To the outside world, Yan-daren was a servant in the Wang Mansion, but in the mansion, everybody knew his real identity. However, it was awkward to call such a big man “Wangfei,” so they all called him “Yan-daren.”

Yan-daren seemed to have something urgent at the moment, so he hurriedly rushed into the room and closed the door.

Xiao Wangye was lying on his stomach on the bed, whining to Yan-daren and asking him to apply ointment on him. Feeling wronged, he called out, “Yan-gege, if you don’t control yourself again, I’m going to order you to move to the side room.”

Yan-daren said with a poker face, “I’m doing all these for Xiao Jiu’s sake. Xiao Jiu’s physique is weak and cold. Only by doing more exercise can you keep warm.”

Xiao Wangye buried his face in the pillow and didn’t speak. His Yan-gege had changed and could now talk more nonsense.

Yan-daren put away the ointment. Then he put Xiao Wangye in his arms, rubbed his waist and discussed business with him.

“I’ve been wandering around the mansion for the past few days, and I think this mansion is too shabby compared to the one Xiao Jiu lived in before in the capital. How about combining it with my house next door and expanding it?”

Xiao Wangye thought carefully for a moment and said, “I’d rather not. When the house is too big, you have to walk more. It’s inconvenient.”

Yan-daren laughed and kissed his forehead, no longer insisting on it.

Xiao Wangye leaned on Yan-daren’s shoulder, while at the same time, sneakily slipping in his cold feet into Yan-daren’s clothes. In his heart, he was very happy.

He thought to himself, Rock gardens and fountains are good, but with you here, nothing can get any better.

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