Chapter 22

[Last updated on April 1, 2021]


The fireworks outside were not yet over, but the master of Wang Mansion had quietly withdrawn under everyone’s eyes. 

Xiao Wangye hooked his arms around Yan-daren’s neck, and he was carried off his feet all the way to the room. Then he was pushed against the door and kissed hard.

Yan-daren plastered against Xiao Wangye’s soft, pink lips, kissing them gently yet firmly.

Read the papapa scene here. (link opens in new tab)

At this time, it was already past the third watch, and the new year had arrived unnoticed. Xiao Wangye’s face was still red and buried in Yan-daren’s arms. Yan-daren drew him into his arms, kissed him and coaxed him, “What is Xiao Jiu’s New Year’s wish?”

Xiao Wangye shook his head.

Yan-daren said, “I have a wish, but I don’t know if it will come true.”

Xiao Wangye looked up at him in curiosity, only to hear Yan-daren say slightly forlornly, “I’m not getting any younger, so I don’t know if anyone will let me marry into their household this year.”

Xiao Wangye lowered his head again. His finger drew circles on Yan-daren’s chest as he answered in a whisper, “There’ll be one.”

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