Chapter 22



The fireworks outside were not yet over, but the master of Wang Mansion had quietly withdrawn under everyone’s eyes. 

Xiao Wangye hooked his arms around Yan-daren’s neck, and he was carried off his feet all the way to the room. Then he was pushed against the door and kissed hard.

Yan-daren plastered against Xiao Wangye’s soft, pink lips, kissing them gently yet firmly.

Xiao Wangye was kissed so hard, he couldn’t even remember his own name. He had never felt his heart beat so fast before. He curled his toes so he could hook onto Yan-daren more tightly. Then he shakily took the initiative to stretch his tongue out and lap the corner of Yan-daren’s lips.

Yan-daren breathed heavily. A certain part of his body had reacted, so he hurriedly pushed Xiao Wangye away.

The moment they parted, a silver line was drawn from the corner of his lips. Yan-daren dared not look any further, for fear that if he did, he would do something beastly. And so he closed his eyes in panic to calm his breathing.

But Xiao Wangye who was pushed away was still stupidly unaware of what was happening. He only felt that he was suddenly being snubbed, and he pursed his lips in displeasure, saying, “I still want to kiss.”

Yan-daren’s lower abdomen tightened, his breathing grew heavier, and his eyes were tinted with a dangerous layer of lust when he opened them again. He carried Xiao Wangye across the room and threw him onto his carved wooden bed.

When they kissed again, it was obviously much rougher than before. Yan-daren directly pried open Xiao Wangye’s lips, found his little tongue, and sucked it hard.

Right now, Yan-daren was like a beast that had been hungry for so long. How could Xiao Wangye handle it? The body lying on the soft quilt trembled slightly. He wanted to hide, but he couldn’t avoid it. He could only obediently let the man bully him.

With one hand, Yan-daren undid Xiao Wangye’s clothes. Then he felt down the hem of his robe, all the way to Xiao Wangye’s upturned buttocks. He squeezed it so hard that Xiao Wangye subconsciously shrank, a moan spilling out of his blocked mouth.

This small moan was tantamount to a powerful aphrodisiac for Yan-daren, and he felt his lower body swell until it was about to explode. Stretching out a finger, he probed further in through the crack of Xiao Wangye’s butt, finding the entrance to the little hole and pressing it gently.

At this moment, Xiao Wangye began to notice that his body had become strange. His whole body was burning. He didn’t know why Yan-daren wanted to touch that shameful place, but he couldn’t seem to refuse. He could only softly climb the man’s broad shoulders and whisper, “Wu… Don’t, don’t do that.”

Yan-daren adjusted his breathing and sat up from Xiao Wangye. Losing the embrace, Xiao Wangye felt empty for a while, but he dared not say anything. He watched obediently as Yan-daren removed his clothes, and then gawked at the huge erection springing out from under his body.

Xiao Wangye’s eyes widened in surprise. This was the first time he had seen such a swollen cock, and it was much thicker than his own. He watched as that hideous thing rubbed its way to his back hole, and his body felt even stranger.

He finally realized what was going to happen next, and he instantly blushed so hard, he could practically be bleeding. He grabbed the corner of the blanket and tried to cover his eyes, but his hands were unexpectedly clasped by Yan-daren.

“Xiao Jiu, be good.” Yan-daren kissed the sides of Xiao Wangye’s face. Then, he took out a jar of ointment from the clothes he had taken off, and gently smeared some of it along the small hole before pushing in.

“Nngh…” The invasion of the foreign object made Xiao Wangye a little uncomfortable. But after Xiao Wangye squirmed a bit, he quickly adapted to that icy cold touch. He even took the initiative to spread his legs and hook the sides of Yan-daren’s waist, making it easier for Yan-daren to put his fingers in deeper.

Xiao Wangye’s face was red, his whole being completely enveloped by lust. His body gradually turned urging, and he was no longer satisfied with just fingers. He narrowed his eyes and squirmed a little, silently asking for more.

Yan-daren found his unabashed appearance so cute, he couldn’t bear it any longer. He quickly took out his fingers, replacing it with his swollen, purple cock.

The thick, long, and hard object touched his hole and gently rubbed against it. Xiao Wangye felt unbearably wet and itchy. His hole shrank and expanded; whether it was out of fear or excitement, he didn’t know. Xiao Wangye had also sensed how wanton he had become, and so he closed his eyes shyly, lightly pushing against Yan-daren’s chest.

On the bed, the unclothed Yan-daren was not like his usual self. There was an unexplainable charm in his coldness. He leaned close to Xiao Wangye’s ear and asked with a soft smile, “Does Wangye want it?”

Xiao Wangye was so embarrassed by this that his legs wrapped tightly around Yan-daren’s waist. His voice was so small as he cried anxiously, “I want it…”

But Yan-daren still didn’t let him go. He used his huge glans to poke against the soft entrance. “I’ll go in if you call me obediently.”

Xiao Wangye obeyed. “Yan… Yan-gege, ah—”

The moment that huge blade of flesh pierced in, Xiao Wangye’s toes curled up. He whimpered, “It hurts… It’s too big…”

Yan-daren gently kissed Xiao Wangye’s lips, but his movements did not stop.  When Xiao Wangye’s body had slowly adapted, he grabbed his waist and slammed inside vigorously.

That long, thick murder weapon sank deeply with every thrust. Xiao Wangye had tears at the corners of his eyes, and he scratched Yan-daren’s back like a kitten as he cried and moaned. “Nnghh… Ah… Yan-gege, slow down. It’s too… too fast.”

“Xiao Jiu is still seducing me.” Yan-daren was aroused by Xiao Wangye’s moans, and he spread his legs even wider. He pulled out, then violently thrusted inside. The curtains above the wooden bed also followed along the violent shaking.

Xiao Wangye’s pretty little face was stained with tears, and he pitifully hugged Yan-daren close, his lips softly touching his face. Yan-daren’s heart softened into a puddle, and he immediately took his lips and kissed him deeply.

With the pincer attack at the top and bottom, Xiao Wangye quickly shot out. Yan-daren thrusted fiercely for a few more times before shooting into Xiao Wangye’s hole with a grunt.

After his climax, Xiao Wangye was carried into the tub by Yan-daren and was attentively cleaned up. After that, he was carefully carried back to the bed.

At this time, it was already past the third watch, and the new year had arrived unnoticed. Xiao Wangye’s face was still red and buried in Yan-daren’s arms. Yan-daren drew him into his arms, kissed him and coaxed him, “What is Xiao Jiu’s New Year’s wish?”

Xiao Wangye shook his head.

Yan-daren said, “I have a wish, but I don’t know if it will come true.”

Xiao Wangye looked up at him in curiosity, only to hear Yan-daren say slightly forlornly, “I’m not getting any younger, so I don’t know if anyone will let me marry into their household this year.”

Xiao Wangye lowered his head again. His finger drew circles on Yan-daren’s chest as he answered in a whisper, “There’ll be one.”


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