Chapter 21



Xiao Wangye was clear on things. Even if Yan-daren wouldn’t say the rest, he could still guess seven or eight points.

But he sat still and said nothing. 

Seeing him not speaking, Yan-daren felt even more distressed.

In the past, he only knew that Xiao Wangye inherently loved to laugh and that he lived simple-mindedly. Only later did he learn that Xiao Wangye just wouldn’t easily reveal his suffering to outsiders.

He hid all his worries at the bottom of his heart, and waited until late at night before secretly shedding tears in his sleep. 

Yan-daren’s chest surged. He very much wanted to hug his little prince1It actually also says “xiao wangye” in the raws, but here, it doesn’t seem to be used like a proper noun, so I instead translated it into English to make a distinction. “Wangye” isn’t actually translated as Prince though, but it would do., but then he saw Xiao Wangye looking down and carefully stroking his scar.

“Does it still hurt?” asked Xiao Wangye.

“It doesn’t hurt. I fell ill a few days ago because I had hurried on my journey and didn’t stop to rest. Now, it’s already okay.”

Xiao Wangye nodded and silently massaged his scar. After a while, he asked in a low voice, “Were you serious in what you said in the letter yesterday?”

“Yes.” Yan-daren’s answer was unprecedentedly determined.

Xiao Wangye blushed. He sat up straight and changed the topic. “Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. This Wang allows you to come to my mansion to eat jiaozi.”


Xiao Wangye assumed a strict appearance and said, “This Wang has no other meaning. During the winter solstice, you invited me to eat jiaozi. Now, I am merely returning the courtesy.”

Yan-daren restrained his smile. “I understand, Wangye.”

74.2The author jumped to #74, even though the previous number was 71. I think they had accidentally skipped numbers

On New Year’s Eve, Yan-daren finally passed through the gates and stepped into Rui Wang Mansion in an open manner.

Like during the winter solstice, everyone was seated around in a circle and wrapping jiaozi. Comparing it to before, Xiao Wangye’s techniques hadn’t improved at all. He simply gave up doing it himself and sat by the side, obediently watching the others do the wrapping. 

While wrapping, Yan-daren looked up and happened to meet Xiao Wangye’s burning gaze. Xiao Wangye immediately turned his head around and pretended not to care. 

Yan-daren also didn’t say anything, but the corners of his mouth were curved up in a smile.

In the evening, Xiao Wangye’s first jiaozi was bought with a copper coin, indicating a good sign for the coming year. Though he didn’t know if it was deliberately arranged by some person, Xiao Wangye was still very satisfied.


In order to please Wangye, the servants of the Wang Mansion had bought a lot of fireworks from the market in advance. 

Back in the palace, Xiao Wangye could seldom enjoy this kind of firework display among the people. After a while, he was so excited, he forgot himself and pulled Yan-daren outside to watch, unconsciously grabbing Yan-daren’s hand.

Fireworks slowly bloomed in the sky3Fun fact: The characters for fireworks in Chinese are 花火, which literally means “Flower fire.”. Xiao Wangye looked up at the fireworks, while Yan-daren was looking down at him. Xiao Wangye’s lips parted slightly, enchanted. Yan-daren was also enchanted, and unable to restrain himself, he kissed him.

Xiao Wangye was startled, but he didn’t push him away. He closed his eyes quietly and enjoyed the tenderness between his lips and tongue.

The lips parted as soon as they touched. Xiao Wangye’s eyes were moist, and there was a grumble in his mouth. “You obstructed me from seeing the fireworks.”

Yan-daren felt sorry and said, “Wangye can look now. I won’t bother you.”

Yan-daren took a half-step back after speaking. Xiao Wangye bit his lip in disappointment. The fireworks in the sky kept changing, but he felt they weren’t as dazzling as before. 

Xiao Wangye struggled internally for a moment before quietly tugging on Yan-daren’s sleeve, “You might as well continue to bother.”

The corner of Yan-daren’s mouth rose slightly. He grabbed his hand and no longer teased him. “You can kiss me anytime if you want. Fireworks are only once a year.”

“But I like you more,” Xiao Wangye said in a low voice.

The frank affection was still as unexpected as before, for his love had never waned.

Fortunately, this time, Yan-daren no longer had any hesitations. He reverently cupped Xiao Wangye’s face and kissed him heavily.

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