Xiao Jiu Chapter 19

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Yan-daren entered the palace when he was seven, and as soon as he did, he became the personal bodyguard of the Little Emperor. 

He went to school with the Little Emperor, and also blocked off the flashes and shadows of swords for the Little Emperor. He always kept the Little Emperor in his heart, for the Little Emperor was his master and the only person he needed to protect.

The Little Emperor gave him a jade pendant, leaned against him as he said, “A’Heng, you are my most important person. You can never leave me, okay?”

Yan-daren squeezed the jade pendant tightly and kept this sentence in his heart.

Later, he stayed with the Little Emperor for nearly twenty years, accompanying him every day and left and right. There were times he even thought he would follow the Little Emperor forever, and the two of them would depend on each other for life. 

Until the Little Emperor chose an Imperial Concubine.

That night, for the first time in his life, Yan-daren felt like he’d been abandoned. The man he’d been guarding ever since he was a child would now become another person’s support. He was very jealous.

He thought he might have been in love1The raws phrase it a little bit vaguely, saying something like “his emotions were stirred/moved. with the Little Emperor.


The youngest of the Little Emperor’s nine brothers was the one Yan-daren had watched growing up. When Xiao Wangye was very young, he liked to stick to him and let him carry him. When he grew up, he would still follow behind his butt. He couldn’t shake him off.

Although Yan-daren found it troublesome, he didn’t hate it. Xiao Wangye was so frank and cute, he couldn’t hate it. What’s more, he had a pair of brows and eyes that was very similar to that person’s.

After the Little Emperor got married, Yan-daren volunteered to go to the frontier fortress in the battlefield, hoping to forget these feelings that shouldn’t have come about.

However, wars were frequent in those years, and the situation was much more difficult than he had expected. A little carelessness would lead to death.

In those days, he would receive letters from Xiao Wangye every month. The handwriting on the letters was majestic, but the contents were all boring and trivial matters, such as, the little flower cat2小花猫 – “Little flower cat” is the literal translation, and I don’t know what that means. Maybe it’s a cutesy way of referring to cats. I had thought that maybe the author forgot a character and meant to say Li Hua (Fox Flower) cat. Li Hua cat is written as 狸花猫. In English, it’s known as the Dragon Li breed. However, several chapters later, the author would still use “flower cat,” so it being a typo seems more unlikely now. in the palace had given birth to kittens, and that the new swallow in front of the door had built a nest.

At first, Yan-daren thought it was childish, but later, it gradually became his only color on the gray and black battlefield.

Sometimes, when coming back from the battlefield after a narrow escape3九死一生 – nine deaths and still alive (idiom), he’d read those eloquent letters and the gloom in his heart would unknowingly dissipate. He himself felt it unfathomable.

After the war ended, Yan-daren returned to the capital. He hadn’t seen Xiao Wangye in five years, and his soft and immature look from those days had been casted off. However, he still loved to stick to him.

Yan-daren no longer resisted like before. He sometimes felt that Xiao Wangye was like a sun, with the power to warm people’s hearts. It let him, this unmovable iceberg, can’t help but want to get close.

On the night of the winter solstice, Xiao Wangye asked him, “Do you like me?”

Yan-daren was taken aback. He had never thought about this question, so for a while, he couldn’t answer.

He could hear his heart pounding in his chest, but he didn’t know if this could be regarded as liking someone. If so, then what were his feelings for the Little Emperor?

He didn’t think of it. All he knew was that his body beat him in making the choice.


The next day, Yan-daren went to the palace and happened to meet Xiao Wangye’s servant girl coming out of the Emperor’s study. His heart suddenly hung in the air. 

All night, he knelt in front of the Emperor’s study.

He begged the Emperor, “Since His Majesty has gotten what he wants, can Rui Wang-dianxia be released and given a way to live? I’ll take him and keep him away from the capital, and from henceforth, he’ll no longer approach even half a step near the capital.”

The Emperor’s voice was cold and merciless, and he was very different from the gentle4温文尔雅 – cultured and refined; gentle and cultivated Little Emperor in his impression. He said, “And if We insist on taking his life?”

Yan-daren raised his head and looked straight at him. “Then this subject will do everything to protect him.”

The Emperor sneered. “Oh good, so now you’re treating him like how you did to Us in those days?”

Yan-daren took a deep breath and spat out a word, “Yes.”

The Emperor was so angry, he threw the tea cup on the table to the ground and yelled at Yan-daren, “Why? Did We not treat you well! We have never treated you unfairly ever since childhood. And now, We’ve even made you the Imperial Bodyguard Commander. For what reason must you take his side?!”

Yan-daren straightened his back and said calmly, “Your Majesty, you5 courteous version of the you pronoun are now the Tianzi6Different from Taizi. Literally, it means “Son of Heaven,” and it refers to the rightful Emperor.. In your seat, you hold ten thousand li of rivers and mountains7 Li is a traditional Chinese unit of distance, equivalent to 500 meters. The saying, “ten thousand li of rivers and mountains,” on the other hand, is an idiom for a vast territory.. Accompanied by beautiful ladies in the harem, you will have children and grandchildren in the future.

“This subject has done his best for the Emperor all these years. Even without me in the future, there will still be tens and thousands of people fighting for you.

“But Rui Wang-dianxia is different… He only has me.”

The Emperor was quiet for a moment, and then asked in disbelief, “You… like him?”

“… Yes.”

Yan-daren heard the innermost voice in his heart at that moment.

The Author has something to say:

If you didn’t guess about the cutie Pearl, then I will punish you guys to review scenes 43 and 50 [Class Adviser face]

Lizonka: …. I really didn’t guess it. No wonder Xiao Wangye has a new servant girl.

Lizonka: And omg, the Emperor is too much. How could he think of killing our little Wangye! He’s innocent!

<strong>Lizonka</strong> (Translator)
Lizonka (Translator)

Getting into Creative Writing for my college course was a pure accident, but thanks to that, I can excuse my excessive reading of danmei novels as "studying" ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

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Well, it’s good to know it wasn’t Yan-daren the traitor. They can get my blessings now XD

Finally we saw some of this unfathomable man’s POV. He seriously should talk to Rui Wang and confess it all. To know his letters were Yan-daren’s only light in those dark years will make the prince really happy.

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After reading this POV, the chat between the emperor and Yan-daren in chapter 16 makes sense. No wonder that farewell was so cold. He asked him to spare Xiao Jiu’s life and the emperor still tried to kill him. Scum.

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