Chapter 1



Rui-wang1Rui Wang is the protagonist’s title. Rui (瑞) means lucky/auspicious, while a Wang (王) is a position/title that can be granted to the sons and relatives of the Emperor. was the youngest of the late Emperor’s nine sons.

When the Emperor of this term ascended the throne, he was not yet an adult. All the other Wangye’s2王爷 (Wangye)- The pronoun to refer to a Wang in normal conversation. had received their fiefdoms and immediately went separate ways. Only he was left in the palace.

On the day of his coming-of-age ceremony, Emperor-gege3哥哥 – neutral term to refer to an older brother or a man who is a bit older than you asked him where he wanted to go in the future.

Xiao4– Little / small / young. It is added to a name as a way of affectionately calling someone. Wangye stammered and mumbled. “I, I still want to stay in the capital.”

The Emperor laughed and rubbed the back of his head. “Then just stay.

Xiao Wangye couldn’t hide the joy in his heart; when he smiled, his eyes and brows curved. That smile was so infectious that even Yan-daren5大人 – A title of respect to one in a high position, the ice-cold bodyguard who was carrying a sword beside the Emperor, couldn’t help but also smile.


Xiao Wangye was brought up by the Emperor. When he was born, the Emperor was only ten years old. Although he was still a Taizi6太子 – Literally means “Supreme Son.” It’s the title granted to the Crowned Prince, he was already called the Little Emperor.

At Xiao Wangye’s one month-old birthday, the late Emperor asked the eight older brothers to give him a name.

The Little Emperor was the sixth eldest among the princes. He hadn’t studied that long, so he didn’t have much ink yet in his stomach7肚子里没什么墨水 – Ink in one’s stomach refers to a person of knowledge and culture. Seeing the brilliant literary talent of his older brothers that they could turn out flowers by name, he couldn’t help but be a bit flustered.

He elbowed the little bodyguard beside him. “How about the word ‘Hong8 – clear, vast, and deep’? My name has the word ‘Qing9 – also means clear, but as well as distinct and quiet’, so it’s quite suitable.”

This little bodyguard was Yan-daren when he was a child.

Little Yan-daren was the same age as the Little Emperor. Moreover, he had been practicing martial arts ever since he was born. How could he understand these names and things?

So he nodded reservedly. “Dianxia10殿下 – Your Majesty (honorific); His or Her Highness thinks well.”

The Little Emperor went to the baby who was still sleeping in his swaddling clothes and said to the Emperor, “Er-chen11 儿臣 – son-servant (or subject), used when speaking to empress, mother or emperor. It means that even when the person is an imperial child, they are still a subject of the emperor. thinks the word ‘Hong’ is very good.”

Before his voice died, Xiao Wangye, who had his eyes closed and was still in his swaddling clothes suddenly sat up and started bawling. 

The former Emperor was happy. “Well, it seems that Xiao Jiu12小九 – Little Nine, coz he’s the ninth son likes this name, so let’s call him ‘Lian Hong13潋泓 – Lian Hong means “clear water”.’


Sure enough, as Xiao Wangye’s name suggested, he blushed very easily14His name 潋泓 (Liàn Hóng) is pronounced quite similarly to 脸红 (liǎn hóng), which means “to blush.”. Especially when the Little Emperor came to see him.

The Little Emperor stood in front of the cradle with Little Yan-daren. The milk baby was sucking on his fingers while he stared straight at them with his big moist eyes, making the Little Emperor happy.

The Little Emperor asked Little Yan-daren to try carrying him.

Little Yan-daren looked like a mature little man15少年老成 – Someone who is already accomplished, even though they’re still young whose face could never be cracked16面上毫无波澜 – Literally, “having no waves on the face.” It means how nothing could ever bother him enough for it to show on his face., yet his hand still stretched out honestly.

The moment he fell into his arms, the milk baby actually blushed.

The Little Emperor was delighted. “Jiu-di17 九弟 – Ninth little brother. It doesn’t mean the emperor has 8 other younger brothers, just that Lian Hong is his ninth brother, and that he’s younger than him. is really too cute!”

Little Yan-daren had a cold face. “Your Jiu-di is peeing on me.”


In the twinkling of an eye, Xiao Wangye was finally at the age where he could go to school with his older brothers. However, he grew up slowly and was only as tall as a desk.

The old teacher was afraid that Xiao Wangye could not reach the desk, so he put three zafus18蒲团 – A pútuán, also known as a zafu. A kind of chair/pillow used for zen meditation:

image of zafu/putuan
 on the chair in advance.

Xiao Wangye stood foolishly, at a loss on what to do.

Little Yan-daren, who was following behind the Little Emperor, saw this and strode over.

At this time, Little Yan-daren had already grown into a tall, young man. He effortlessly picked up the little thing and put him at last on that high pile of zafus.

Xiao Wangye hung his feet and swayed them, his face turning red again.


Since the Little Emperor was the eldest son of the Empress19皇后 – The official wife of the Emperor. She is in charge of managing the Inner Palace/Imperial Harem and overseeing the Imperial concubines, all throughout his life, he was the master of the Eastern palace.

As a personal bodyguard, Little Yan-daren grew up with the Little Emperor. He was considered as the red man20红人 – A person favored by someone in power beside the Little Emperor.

Yan-daren was serious in speech and manner, and it was hard for outsiders to get close to him. This was a well-known fact.

However, if he were with the Little Emperor, who was the Taizi, he became amiable and easy to approach.

Xiao Wangye especially loved to run to the Eastern palace during the day. The palace said that he liked to stick to this older brother of his, who was ten years his senior.

Only a few servant girls around Xiao Wangye knew the truth. “Oh, off to find Yan-daren again ah.”


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