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Xiao Jiu

Xiao Jiu

Title: Xiao Jiu / Little Nine (小九)

Author: Xu Ban Xian (许半仙)

Genre: Drama, Boys Love


A love story between the youngest prince and a bodyguard.

Ice cold bodyguard gong X Sticky cake prince shou

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Table of Contents

Xiao Jiu Chapter 1.1

1. Rui-wang [1] was the youngest of the late Emperor’s nine sons. When the Emperor of this term ascended the throne, he was not yet an adult. All the other Wangye’s [2] had received their fiefdoms and immediately went separate … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 1.1

Xiao Jiu Chapter 1.2

3. Sure enough, as Xiao Wangye’s name suggested, he blushed very easily. [1] Especially when the Little Emperor came to see him. The Little Emperor stood in front of the cradle with Little Yan-daren. The milk baby was sucking on … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 1.2

Xiao Jiu Chapter 2

6. Stationed in front of the gate of the Eastern Palace, Yan-daren looked up and saw Xiao Wangye running towards this side. In recent years, Xiao Wangye had been scuttling a lot, and his appearance had also started to develop. … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 2

Xiao Jiu Chapter 3

10. “Can’t do. Xiaguan’s [1] home is simple and crude. I’m afraid of slighting the Ninth Prince,” said Yan-daren. For a moment, Xiao Wangye said nothing. In fact, Yan-daren’s words were too modest. The Yan Family’s ancestors were all important … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 3

Xiao Jiu Chapter 4

13. The little servant girl, Pearl, waited all night outside Xiao Wangye’s bedroom. Seeing Xiao Wangye’s dejected look when he came back, she cried from agitation [1]. “Gongzi, why didn’t you tell us about spending the night outside? Everyone was … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 4

Xiao Jiu Chapter 5

17. “Yan-gege,” Xiao Wangye called out in a low voice, both excited and guilty. Yan-daren stepped inside, and bypassing a circle of orioles and swallows [1], he grabbed Xiao Wangye by the collar, lifted him up, and whispered, “How could … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 5

Xiao Jiu Chapter 6

21. When the Little Emperor got married, the palace was decorated with lights and festoons, and there was an endless stream of people entering and leaving the Eastern Palace. Xiao Wangye also rushed to send gifts before dark. When he … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 6

Xiao Jiu Chapter 7

24. Xiao Wangye took the letter paper and pondered for a while, thinking that he must’ve been too subtle in expressing it. And so he took up the pen and revised the letter. This wang [1] has been very upset … Continue Reading Xiao Jiu Chapter 7