Chapter 9: Activated Ring


After such an incident, Yu Qiu and these people became familiar with each other.

The young man in grey, who was still in bed, introduced himself as Gu Qing. The gang led by Gu Qing was called Qingtou Gang. How they named it was very simple.

When they introduced themselves one by one, Yu Qiu realized that Gu Qing was actually the only one with a serious name among them.

The other three all had simple and crude names. The bald man was called Zhao Tu1Literally, “bald” XD, and the pockmarked-face hunchback was called Wang Mazi2King Pockmark ಥ◡ಥ. As for the big fat man with a machete, he was even more pitiful. He didn’t even have a surname. He was called Pang Zhu3Fat pig. (≧艸≦*). They said he killed a pig before.

Before entering the gate of cultivation, all three of them were taken care of by Gu Qing, so even though Gu Qing’s cultivation was not higher than theirs, they were still willing to respect him as their Lao Da.

Now, they were sincerely inviting Yu Qiu to be their Lao Da.

Yu Qiu said solemnly, “I know how you feel, but when I saved your Lao Da this time, it was a deal. I still remember you owe me ten low-grade spirit stones. So you really don’t need to do this… Whether as your Laoda, your Ye, or your Shao, I can’t accept it.

“Qiu-shao,” Zhao Tu’s dog-legged enthusiasm wasn’t hit in the slightest. “Don’t look down on us. Just tell us, and we can change.”

“What is it you really like about me?” Yu Qiu asked in reply.

Four people looked at each other for a while, and finally Gu Qing, the eldest one, came forward and sincerely explained what they thought to Yu Qiu.

Yu Qiu finally understood. These people wanted him as his master not really because he saved Gu Qing, nor was it because of his cultivation since he was only in the second layer of Qi Refining. It was because they took a fancy to Yu Qiu’s technique in drawing seals.

Just because of the hand he showed before them, all the members of the Qingtou Gang immediately patted the thigh and made a conclusion–this thigh, you have to hold it!

Yu Qiu was only in the second level of Qi Refining right now, however, “How could a person who can draw such a powerful talisman be worse in other aspects? Even if the talisman was not quite good enough, so what? Who cares about the cultivation, a half-bake talisman was already so dashing!”

This flattery was perfect. When the Qingtou Gang said these words, Yu Qiu’s eyes squinted in happiness. “You guys have good eyes.”

Yu Qiu may not like hearing others praising him, but he would never hate listening to people praising his talismans!

With this good foundation, both sides were happy in the ensuing conversation. But after chatting happily, Yu Qiu shook his head and said he was still reluctant to be the Lao Da.

“Thank you for thinking highly of me,” said Yu Qiu. “We can be friends and take care of each other.”

These were Yu Qiu’s thoughts. In any case, he would never be the Laoda. After all, if he was the Laoda, he had to be responsible for other people, and Yu Qiu had always been afraid of taking responsibility. Besides, life was long. It was always good to have more friends.

For this reason, Gu Qing sighed and finally expressed understanding.

Then, Gu Qing changed his approach. “Yu Qiu-dage4大哥 – elder brother, but more respectful/formal than “Gege.”!”

Zhao Tu, Wang Mazi, and Pang Zhu–the three of them closely followed: “Yu Qiu-dage!”

Yu Qiu looked at his fourteen-year old body, then looked at the four people across him, from the youngest to the eldest, who was seventeen years old. He could neither cry nor laugh. “Forget it. Anyway, we are friends now, and you are happy.”

After that, the group ate another meal together. Then, Yu Qiu looked at the sky and saw it was no longer early. He went back to the previous room and did his daily two-hour homework of refining qi.

Two hours later, the sky was completely dark.

Just after Yu Qiu finished refining qi, he heard that the hall seemed very busy. Yu Qiu put on his shoes and when he went out, he almost turned his nose askew. It turned out Zhao Tu had taken a cup of dice and set up a gambling game. A group of people were betting excitedly! Just look at Yu Yuankai, his family’s old man. He stayed up all night and was now lying on the edge of the gambling table with green eyes, looking like a black bear with a honeypot. He was so excited about gambling!

Of course, the old man didn’t have any money now. All the silver of the two men was with Yu Qiu.

But what does it matter? The Qingtou Gang had been familiar with him for some time. If he had no money, he can just borrow with a word!

When Yu Yuqiu stood behind the old man, the old man was still unaware.

“Father,” Yu Qiu called.

“Qiu-er, you’ve come out?” The old man turned back with a smile, only to find that Yu Qiu had gritted his teeth.

Yu Qiu grinded his teeth and smiled. “How much did you borrow again, Father?”

When he said “again,” Yu Yuankai shrank his neck. “I, I borrowed… ten.”


He borrowed ten liang in all!

Yu Qiu didn’t bullshit around anymore. He grabbed Yu Yuankai’s collar with both hands, dragged him off the gambling table, pulled him towards their room, threw him inside, then he locked the door.

As for the old man admitting his mistakes and begging for his forgiveness, Yu Qiu heard none of it.

Then Yu Qiu turned around and smiled at the four members of the Qingtou Gang who were still around the gambling table. Those four people saw Yu Qiu’s angry appearance for the first time, and when Yu Qiu’s gaze turned towards them, they couldn’t help but cough dryly.

After coughing for a while, Gu Qing couldn’t help but persuade him. “Actually, uncle was just playing with us, so… it’s not that bad ba?”

“It’s too much.” Yu Qiu sighed. “You have no idea…”

After Yu Qiu talked about his family’s situation, the four people fell silent. Of course, they had heard about how gambling had ruined families, but they had never heard of someone like the old man who could owe five hundred liang in one breath. To be honest, if the old man hadn’t earned their trust by acquainting with them before, they normally wouldn’t have let him borrow so much silver.

“But…” Zhao Tu weakly pointed at the empty space where the old man once sat, to the pile of silver and copper coins on the table and said, “Uncle won this time.”

“Won?” Yu Qiu hurriedly walked over and carefully counted the money.

He actually won! Deducting the ten liang he borrowed, there were still fifteen liang left. He won the double the amount he owed!

Yu Qiu’s hands trembled as he held the money.

How short of money they were right now! But Yu Qiu was conflicted. It was true that they needed money, but if he took this fifteen liang, wasn’t it the same as condoning Yu Yuankai’s behavior of always borrowing and gambling money? However, even though Yu Qiu wanted to return the silver the old man won and borrowed, he couldn’t bear it.

Looking at the silver, Yu Qiu hesitated.

At this moment, he even wanted to release the old man and let him gamble more until the money was completely exploited and his arrogance extinguished. Of course, in the end, he rejected the idea of doing nothing.

The Qingtou Gang looked at him and eagerly helped him decide.

“Why don’t you make the bet, Yu Qiu-dage?” said Pang Zhu.

“Me?” Yu Qiu was stunned.

“Yes, yes,” Wang Mazi agreed. “It’s just for fun. Everybody will be happy if you win, and you’ve got nothing to lose. We just pulled Uncle in, because we didn’t know what happened to him before. It was too reckless. But Yu Qiu-dage, you should be fine? Just bet and play!”

The logic of this solution was really worrisome but… say, Yu Qiu was actually a bit convinced.

Seeing the old man gambling so hard, Yu Qiu was really curious about the charm of this kind of thing.

When he passed through this point in his heart, the rest no longer mattered. Yu Qiu took a seat at the gambling table. “Okay, then I’ll come and play with you!” Then, he put down a copper plate

The crowd looked at the copper plate in silence.

Yu Qiu kept a straight face. He still remembered what his luck was like in this life. Naturally, he would not bet much.

The reason why he was willing to gamble was not only to satisfy his curiosity, but also to test how bad his luck was. 

The first round, he lost; second, another loss. As for the third… Yu Qiu continued keeping a straight face as he lost another copper plate.

After losing almost an ingot of silver, the four people of the Qingtou Gang had a different expression in their eyes.

Yu Qiu, on the other hand, though his face was unchanging, in his heart were actually ten thousand stampeding horses.

What was the possibility of betting close to a thousand and never winning? This was a miracle! Yu Qiu couldn’t help but throw another copper plate to see how long the miracle would last.

The hands of the Qingtou Gang members shaking the cup were numb, but they were also curious how long this miracle would last. 

They gambled until the sky turned white. Due to the Qingtou Gang setting a minimum on how low they could bet, Yu Qiu was left with only one silver chip on the table.

After he took this piece, his heart suddenly jumped, inexplicably nervous.

This was no longer the money the old man won before! That money was lost long ago, but Yu Qiu was unwilling. Yu Qiu didn’t believe that he really couldn’t win, so he took out the original eight silvers on his person and really lost to the end.

If he lost again, nothing would happen. But as long as he won, everything would be returned. It was with this tension and excitement that Yu Qiu watched the color cup open again. At this time, he finally understood why the old man fell to this point.

But this last one, Yu Qiu still lost.

Yu Qiu turned pale.

When he got up, he was obviously a little shaky.

“Dage!” Gu Qing wanted to help him.

Gu Qing’s hand hadn’t reached out yet when a light suddenly came out from Yu Qiu.

The light came from Yu Qiu’s right sleeve. Immediately after this light, a ring floated from above Yu Qiu’s wrist, all the way to the air, and the original silhouette gradually solidified.

Then the ring was divided into two; the two phases intersected and rotated around the center. As the light flowed for a while, it was so beautiful.

The Qingtou Gang all looked at this scene, dumbstruck.

Yu Qiu was also stunned. To be precise, he was more stunned than anyone else.

Because there was a voice in his mind.


[Experience value has reached the activation minimum.]

[Karma Ring system restart]

[Host name: Yu Qiu]

[Hello, host. My name is Karma Ring.]

[My energy comes from any luck-dependent decisions made by the host, so for my further growth, please do more luck-dependent activities–which is what many people call “gambling.” Thank you.]

Yu Qiu: “…”

What the hell was this!

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