Chapter 8: The First Xiaodi?


“You,” Yu Qiu raised his head and looked at the thin little bald man who had first appeared. “Come here.”

The thin little bald man pointed at himself blankly.

“Yes, just you.”

The thin little bald man walked over in a daze.

“You’ve been stuck in the third level of Qi Refining for a long time, haven’t you?” Yu Qiu asked him with a smile.

The thin little bald man nodded sincerely, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” said Yu Qiu. “Just wanted to tell you that today’s your lucky day.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yu Qiu grabbed his hand. The thin little bald man was taken aback, and before he could even react, Yu Qiu had put the brush in his hand.

“Do as I say.” Yu Qiu put his fingers on the back of the bald man’s hand and positioned their fingertips against each other and then held them tightly. “Use your spiritual power to guide the qi in your body and cover the brush. Then, let your qi wrap around the tip of the brush.”

After saying a word, he suddenly yelled when he saw the other party was still in a daze, “Do as I said! Hurry up if you want to save your Laoda!”

As expected, the thin little bald man subconsciously controlled his spiritual power and guided the qi in his body to wrap around the tip of the brush as Yu Qi had told him.

“Very good.” Yu Qiu showed a little satisfaction. “Now, be careful and steady. Don’t let your spiritual power fluctuate even a little.”

The bald man quickly composed himself and immediately stabilized his qi. “And then?”

“And then?” Yu Qiu chuckled. “Remember what you’ll feel next. It will benefit you for life.”

With this smile, the people looking at him couldn’t help but stare at him as if he was some kind of superhuman. How to describe this kind of smile? It was reckless, arrogant, and full of spirit. Any of these words were totally inconsistent with Yu Qiu’s youthful appearance, but the smirk on his face could only remind them of this description.

Yu Qiu was not an arrogant person, but when it came to drawing seals, he was the most arrogant.

This arrogance came from his undisguised confidence.

He confidently held the other person’s hand, and before the other party had recovered from his smile, the tip of the brush had touched the white deer paper.

Without a pause, Yu Qiu’s movements were lightning fast. He had drawn this kind of talisman many times that he didn’t even have to think about it. Every stroke was smooth and easy as he wrote in one stretch.

Everyone was watching Yu Qiu’s hand and felt dazzled. The little bald man whose hand was held by Yu Qiu was already stunned.

He was stunned so much that when he came back to his senses, his spiritual power guiding the qi was in disorder.

This mess was a big problem. Yu Qiu was using his hand-drawn talisman! In addition to the necessary materials and qualified skills, a stable qi was essential for the formation of a talisman. This kind of disorder while drawing was enough to turn the whole talisman into a waste.

Yu Qiu frowned and gave a light tut.

All of a sudden, Yu Qiu speeded up again. The crowd was dazzled at first, but now they felt that his hand was only a shadow.

At the moment the bald man’s spiritual power was about to go completely unstable, Yu Qiu had finished the last stroke.

The talisman suddenly burst out a golden light, and when the golden light disappeared, it left a blue shimmer.

Then the soft blue brush tip suddenly trembled. The blue ink was stimulated by the disordered qi that it sputtered it out all around.

Quicker than words could tell, Yu Qiu’s left hand hurriedly drew away the talisman from the other person. He wiped off the blue ink that splashed on him, protecting it well. Yu Qiu’s right hand released the bald man’s hand, and the brush hit the ground with a crisp sound. It suddenly broke into pieces. After all, it was an ordinary brush. It couldn’t withstand a cultivator’s qi.

The bald man couldn’t bear it anymore and stepped back a few steps. There was obviously nothing wrong with him; he was just wet with cold sweat.

Yu Qiu laid the completed talisman before his eyes. His eyebrows gradually rose as he carefully scanned it.

“How is it?” The three people of the Qingtou Gang were so nervous. “Is it done?”

Yu Qiu sighed and shook his head.

The three members were downcast. Such a talisman had used up the only white deer paper, but it didn’t work–what can they do now!

Yu Qiu frowned and looked at the bald man. “You didn’t stabilize your qi towards the end.”

The bald man’s face turned white at once, and he looked unsteady. He glanced at his companions, looked at his Laoda on the ground who couldn’t even struggle anymore, and almost wanted to apologize for his death.

“Since you weren’t calm in the end,” said Yu Qiu. “This mini rejuvenation charm is only medium-grade.”

What? The bald man immediately stabilized himself. “Mini rejuvenation charm? medium-grade?”

Yu Qiu nodded, but still looked very dissatisfied. Because the highest level of cultivation around was only that of the third level of Qi Refining, Yu Qiu could only choose to make a small rejuvenation charm. Although the mini rejuvenation charm was not as good as the rejuvenation charm, the effect of a top-grade mini rejuvenation charm wasn’t weak. But with Yu Qiu’s skills, he hadn’t made any talisman that wasn’t top-grade for hundreds of years. How could he make a medium-grade this time? In Yu Qiu’s heart, it was a disgrace.

Sure enough, it wasn’t good to borrow other people’s qi to draw talismans. Yu Qiu was depressed. He had considered letting the bald man practice several times in advance, but the materials were limited. They had only one chance, so they had to make do with it.

But the others didn’t care about his little msgivings. When they heard a favorable turn, their eyes turned green. “Then, can Laoda be saved?”

“Half and half,” said Yu Qiu as he looked at the talisman in his hand.

If the talisman was top-grade, then their Laoda would definitely be saved. But since it was medium-grade…

Yu Qiu took the talisman and walked to the young man in gray. He squatted down and looked at the other person’s bloody throat. Then he put the talisman in front of him with his right hand, while the two fingers of his left hand were raised higher than the talisman. Squinting his eyes, he tried to control his spiritual power, guiding it from his fingertips towards the talisman.

He had a little trick that other people didn’t know about.

Using this kind of talisman wasn’t just a matter of letting your spiritual power wrapped with qi directly stimulate its usage.

At present, Yu Qiu was making the spiritual power wrapped in the talisman move in a certain way. Gradually drawing out the accumulated energy within the talisman, the threads of energy were all bundled within.

Everyone saw the blue light on the talisman slowly turning dim, while Yu Qiu’s left fingertips had gathered a bit of blue.

Yu Qiu took his left hand away and placed it on the throat of the young man in gray. This process may seem simple, but since Yu Qiu was only at the second level of Qi Refining, he was already sweating.

The blue light on his fingertips suddenly disappeared, but his spiritual power held on, and he firmly controlled it as he neared the man in gray’s wound.

Gradually, every bit of blue went into the wound of the young man in gray.

Yu Qiu exhaled in one breath as he sat on the ground weakly.

“Qiu-er!” Yu Yuankai rushed over to help him.

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“Laoda!” The young men also surrounded them.

For a moment, the young man in gray looked much better. Although his wound hadn’t healed, at least it was no longer bleeding.

“Find a clean place and set him there,” said Yu Qiu, his voice getting smaller and smaller. “Let him rest well and don’t be too noisy. Don’t bother him if you’ve got nothing to do. At most, he’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

The members of the Qingtou Gang were shedding tears of gratitude, but Yu Qiu didn’t see it.

When Yu Qiu said this, he felt he had consumed too much spiritual power and energy and was about to lose consciousness. He closed his eyes, fell into his old man’s arms, and passed out completely.

When he woke up again, it was already three hours later.

Yu Qiu opened his eyes in a strange room, touched the strange bed under him, then suddenly jolted up. He slapped his head gloomily, and scolded himself: How could he be so careless?

But on second thought, he was relieved. He couldn’t beat the Qingtou Gang. If they had any ill intentions, he wouldn’t have been able to escape whether he was sleepy or not.

Certainly, those guys still had a conscience.

Yu Qiu sat beside the bed and tried to find his shoes.

Yu Yuankai heard his movements and quickly rushed inside. “Qiu-er, are you hungry? Would you like some porridge?”

Yu Qiu nodded and asked, “Where’s the porridge?”

“Zhao Tu and the others cooked some,” Yu Yuankai replied cheerfully.

Zhao Tu?

Yu Qiu was still in a trance when the thin little bald man came in after Yu Yuankai. He rushed to Yu Qiu with a dog-legged look on his face. “Qiu-ye1– It means master, but can also mean grandfather. When 爷 is used with Yu Qiu’s name, then I’ll write it as “ye.” But if not, then I’ll keep it as master.! You’re awake!”

What? Qiu-ye?

Yu Qiu’s lips twitched. “Why are you calling me that?”

“You saved our Laoda!” The bald man said proudly. “You are our master!”

Yu Qiu had helped them, and now he was too lazy to care about him. He put on his shoes and went out.

Walking into the hall, he saw that there was another room in this cabin. He assumed the Laoda of the Qingtou Gang was currently resting in there. The other two people, the fat man and the pockmarked man, were in the hall.



As soon as Yu Qiu came out, they shouted in unison.

Yu Qiu was stunned by all the ye’s. “What? What do you want to do when you call me like that? How old do you think I am? What could I do for you?”

The fat man and the humpback pockmarked man froze at these words and looked at each other at a loss. Finally, the thin little bald man, who was better at dog-legging, came in and smiled immediately. “You’re right, ‘ye’ is not pleasant to hear at all! How about Qiu-shao2short for shaoye, which means “young master.”?”

Save me!

Yu Qiu decisively pushed the door of the other room. The young man in gray was indeed lying on a bed inside. The wound on his throat had healed, leaving only a light-colored trace, and the whole person looked much better.

Yu Qiu looked at the people who followed him, then looked again at the man in gray. His eyes seemed to say: Your xiaodi is so good at dog-legging other people, don’t you care?

But the man in gray didn’t understand his signal at all. When he saw Yu Qiu, he was surprised and delighted. “You’re awake! Laoda!”

Yu Qiu: “…”

Yu Qiu burst into tears: It’s fine if you want others to be your xiaodi, but it’s a really strange hobby to ask others to be your Laoda!



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