Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 7.1: Qingtou Gang?

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After seriously pondering about it, Yu Qiu earnestly said, “We have no money.”

As soon as the words came out, a few people stepped in the opposite direction.

After a long pause, the guy in the gray clothes snorted, “Seeing you like that, I also know that you’re all terribly poor.”

Then what do these people want? Yu Qiu looked at them in confusion.

The two sides stared at each other for a while until the man in gray asked, “You really don’t have any?”

“… We really don’t.”

The man in gray was suddenly furious, his face cold as frost. He swung his sleeves and immediately rushed forward. He raised an eyebrow at Yu Qiu. “Stinky brat, who do you take us for? We are the famous Qingtou1Qingtou literally means “green/blue head,” and it refers to young unmarried men. I will use “Qingtou” when I’m referring to the group, and instead of “green heads,” like how the author would refer to its members, I will use “young men” instead. Gang! Did you think we’d be so interested in the money of you damned poor people? That’s too low for us!”

The corner of Yu Qiu’s lips twitched. Famous Qingtou Gang? Sorry, he had never heard of it. But of course, this couldn’t prove whether the other party really had no fame. After all, Yu Qiu had spent his whole life in the Xuanyang Sect, from Qi Refining to Foundation Building. And by the time he had formed a golden core, the cultivation world had ushered into the golden age. It wasn’t strange that he had never heard about this lowly group.

“So you are members of the Qingtou Gang! Blame me for having eyes but failing to recognize Mount Tai2有眼不识泰山 (idiom) – An ignorant and arrogant person.” Yu Qiu lightly and skillfully put on a gentlemanly manner, then asked, “So what do you want with us?”

The four people on the opposite side looked at each other, and the man in gray grunted. Then, the hunchback pockmarked guy went up, arrogantly acted like an elder, and said, “Kiddo, you’re a lucky one. Our Laoda3boss or leader says he thinks highly of you. How about joining our Qingtou Gang?”

Yu Qiu: “…”

If it was a robbery, why not just rob people directly? How could this Qingtou Gang be so awful they’d even want to rob a xiaodi4another way of saying “little brother” in the second level of Qi Refining

Actually, Yu Qiu didn’t mind being a xiaodi in a group that was still in its infancy. The problem was the group seemed unreliable.

Because Yu Qiu had been silent for too long, some of the members of the Qingtou Gang were not happy.

“Son of a bitch!” At last, the fat man drew out the machete on his waist, “Are you looking down on our Qingtou Gang?”

Yu Qiu quickly put on an apologetic smile. “How could that be? I was just thinking…” What was I thinking?

Yu Qiu was struggling to find the right excuse. How about just joining first? After all, it was only temporary. If worst comes to worst, he’d just have to find a way to quit later.

Yu Qiu was about to say a word, but at this moment, another person came out from Nanshan and passed by. When he walked in front of several people, he didn’t even spare them a glance, just continued walking straight ahead.

Yu Qiu subconsciously stared at him more. The man was dressed in black, with long black hair covering half of his face, and a braid at his back. His facial features were cold and hard, and with a deadpan expression, it gave him a murderous aura.

The young men couldn’t care less about Yu Qiu’s inattention. They were angry because the man had just ignored them.

“You brat! Stop right there!” The hot-tempered fat man pointed the tip of his machete at him. “You don’t even put our Qingtou Gang in your eyes!”

The man in black turned around, glanced at them, and his steps really stopped.

“Haha,” said the fat man proudly. “Are you afraid?”

Yu Qiu facepalmed. What kind of gang was this? It was all so stupid! Fortunately, he hadn’t been able to say he was gonna join. If he did, he could get himself killed.

Some of the young men hadn’t even reacted yet when the man in gray stepped forward. Like a Laoda, he said, “You’re lucky today, because I’m in a good mood right now.”

Once again, the little skinny bald man was being too dog-legged5kissing up to someone.  “As long as you join us, we won’t care about your rudeness!”

The man in black squinted. He looked at the man in gray and asked, “You’re the Laoda?… You want me to join?”

The young man in gray proudly raised his head. “It seems like you have some eyesight…”

Yu Qiu didn’t want to facepalm again, so he stepped back to prevent his old man from getting hurt.

Indeed, as soon as the man in black heard his words, he gave a cold snort. WIthout even turning his body, he raised his hand and threw it back fiercely.

Then there was a flash of silver light. When the brightness disappeared, everyone heard a groan. The people saw a handful of blood bursting out of the young man’s throat, and the whole man fell back.


“What happened to you?”


Some of the young men suddenly panicked.

After the man in black succeeded in one hit, he stopped paying them any attention. He continued to walk forward and soon his figure disappeared.

The fat man wanted to chase after him with his machete, but their Laoda was currently struggling on the ground. He had to stay with the others, who were anxiously jumping like ants on a hot pan.

Yu Qiu quickly grabbed the old man and wanted to take this opportunity to escape. “Hurry…”

He tugged on him, but the old man didn’t move. He tugged on him again, but he still didn’t move. Yu Qiu looked up and saw the old man blankly staring at the people of the Qingtou Gang as if he had lost his soul.

“Killed, the person was killed… Murder!” The old man staggered for a while, then suddenly screamed and fainted.

Come on! Not now!

Yu Qiu quickly caught the old man and pinched him like he was on a mission.

After some time, the old man gradually woke up. And the Qingtou Gang over there was still jumping around their Laoda.

“Murder… Murder…” The old man grabbed Yu Qiu by the arm and suddenly started rambling. “Murder! Qiu-er, you run away! Run away! Don’t let them catch up!… Yunxiang, have you seen Yunxiang? Take her with you!”

Lu Yunxiang, Yu Qiu knew this name. The old man mentioned her some time ago. She was the gold of the Lu family. Later, she married Yu Yuankai and became his wife. She was Yu Qiu’s biological mother. Nine years ago, Lu Yunxiang unfortunately died during the chaos in Yulian county. When Yu Yuankai rushed back, all he saw was a cold body.

This matter, even to this day, was still a smog that couldn’t be stirred in the old man’s heart.

“Father, it’s okay. It’s over. It’s all over.” Yu Qiu couldn’t bear to blame him, and he tried to comfort his father. “That was a long time ago. Don’t be afraid.”

“It’s over…” Yu Yuankai was in a trance.

“Yes, it is.”

“But someone was killed…”

“No one was killed at all, you just have blurred vision.”

As soon as Yu Qiu’s words fell, the young men who were still jumping around like ants on a hot pan got mad! “Blurred vision your mother! Our Laoda, our Laoda…”

When they spoke of their grief, the voices of these young men trembled.

“What are you crying for!” Yu Qiu was placating the old man with all his heart when he heard that these people were not rushing to save their Laoda and were only crying instead. The fire in his heart burst out. “Your Laoda is not dead yet! Take out a rejuvenation talisman and use it! How many do you have? How can you have the time to mourn?”

Rejuvenation talisman? These two words6It actually says “three” in the raws, coz in Chinese, rejuvenation talisman is written with the three characters 回春符 (literally, spring return talisman) stupefied several people.

Yu Qiu noticed that something seemed wrong. “… You don’t have a rejuvenation talisman?”

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Oooooh, yay, another chapter! I love this story. And ‘rejuvenation talisman’ works better, I think. Looking forward to more!


I guess I’ll stick with “rejuvenation” then 😀
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I think taking out a top hat refers to adopting a gentlemanly manner. I could be wrong.

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