Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 5.2: Money, Money, Money

Last updated on November 14, 2020

This wasn’t because of those debts. The debts that Yu Qiu wrote down were simply the karma he owed to others. The silver itself was not important, for they were merely worldly possessions.

Because Yu Qiu’s spiritual power had finally recovered, he started doing something that he should have been doing a long time ago–integrating Qi refining while he slept, then into every moment of every day.

After overcoming the most difficult step, it was not complicated. Yu Qiu closed his eyes, relaxed his body, and thought about how last night felt like. Gradually, every breath he took made his qi circulate throughout his body.

After concentrating all his spiritual power on refining Qi, Yu Qiu quickly got tired. And because his body was relaxed, drowsiness surged. Still, Yu Qiu did not stop refining qi, nor did he try to suppress his sleepiness. However, as he alternated between qi refining and drooping into dreamland, he eventually fell into sleep.

Early the next morning, Yu opened his eyes with a refreshing feeling.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that, after sleeping for a night, his own zeal and vital essence was honed more powerfully. Yu Qiu was certain that he was now stronger than before.

Because his body had completely remembered the method of refining qi, Yu Qiu no longer had to constantly pay attention to it. He could control it spontaneously with a little spiritual power. Just like breathing, when he inhaled spiritual qi, it would naturally circulate in his body, whether he was sitting or lying down, moving or standing still.

Of course, this spontaneous kind of qi refining was not as efficient as the voluntary and focused type.

However, it was very time-consuming and exhausting to concentrate on refining qi. One should do it for two hours, at most, every day; otherwise the soul and body wouldn’t be able to bear it. In contrast, this spontaneous and natural method of integration was like water flowing out of a trickle–dripping constantly, it could wear through stone.

Yu Qiu carefully bypassed the old man as he got down from the bed. He exercised his limbs and carefully examined his body. After a close look, he felt satisfied with how productive he’d been.

Then he thought of the debts his family owed.

Although money was merely a worldly possession, since Yu Qiu still walked in this mortal world, he naturally knew that a man without money was no man at all.

When Yu Yuankai woke up, he saw Yu Qiu sitting cross-legged in the room, frowning and thinking about something. In front of Yu Qiu was the three silver coins that Xiao Chunmian gave him yesterday, which was almost the total amount that his family could use at present.

“Good son! Where did the silver come from?” Yu Yuankai was very surprised. He rushed to the ground, wanting to grab the silver.

Yu Yuankai’s hand had just reached halfway when Yu Qi took away all the silver.

Yu Yuankai was suddenly dazed. Has his son always been this fast? He didn’t seem so fast before.

Yu Qiu stood up from the ground, patted his trouser legs, and replied, “It was Xiao-gongzi who lent it to me yesterday.”

“I knew it! Xiao-gongzi really is a Bodhisattva!” Yu Yuankai happily reached out to Yu Qiu, “Good son, give it to me.”

Yu Qiu didn’t move, only swept a glance at him. “Xiao-gongzi told me yesterday that he wanted me to spend the money where I wanted.”

“So give it to me…”

“Give it to you?” Yu Qiu looked at him with a forced smile. “What will you do if I give it to you?”

Yu Yuankai rubbed his hands and said boldly, “Of course, it’s to earn back the money!”

Yu Qiu smiled but did not utter a single word.

“I’m sure I can get it back this time! How could I still not win after losing for so many years? My bad luck has come to an end. It must have come to an end. I think I can win this time! I can absolutely win back all that I lost before. Absolutely all… oh… absolutely…”

Yu Yuankai had been talking for some time, but Yu Qiu stilled looked at him silently without any expression.

Yu Yuankai mumbled to a stop. He realized his son was angry. What made him even more uncomfortable was seeing the deep disappointment in Yu Qiu’s eyes.

“Father,” said Yu Qiu. “I will take the money, and I will use it.”

“Qiu-er…” Yu Yuankai reached for his sleeve.

“I’m going out, but I will come back soon. You stay here and rest well.” Yu Qiu dodged him and went straight out the house.

Yu Yuankai looked at his departing back and felt sad, lonely and wronged.

After a while, Yu Qiu returned. He saw his old man nursing his grievances by hugging his knees and shrinking in the corner of the wall.

Yu Qiu paid him no mind and proceeded to clean the dusty stove at home. He added some firewood and then cooked the stuff that he just bought.

Yu Yuankai couldn’t help but go out to have a look. Yu Qiu had already set the table.

Although Yu Qiu had been in the valley for hundreds of years, since Xu Hong was always so greedy for good food, Yu Qiu’s cooking skills were honed.

What surprised Yu Yuankai even more was that half of the good dishes were meat dishes! Meat! There were all kinds of chicken, duck and fish! How long had it been since he last saw meat!

Yu Yuankai pounced on it.

Yu Qiu didn’t stop the old man. He was squatting on the edge of the stove, carefully preparing a pot of medicine.

Yu Yuankai digged into the meat dishes and gobbled them up. Halfway through eating, he suddenly thought that something was wrong.

“Qiu-er, where did these meat come from?” Yu Yuankai trembled as he asked. “Did you buy it?”

“Yes, I bought them.” Yu Qiu replied.

“How much were these?”

“Not much, just a hundred.”

Yu Yuankai was trembling so much that the meat in his mouth was about to fall out. He quickly swallowed and then jumped to his feet.  He said, “A hundred coins! You spent a hundred coins on all these?”

“Otherwise?” Yu Qiu looked at him.

“You might as have let me…” Yu Yuankai was still trembling.

“Might as have let you bet?” Yu Qiu laughed. “If you buy these, you can at least eat meat. If you gamble, what could we get?”

Yu Yuankai’s grievances came back. He didn’t want to quarrel with Yu Qiu, but he couldn’t help saying, “We owe so much money now. Let me gamble. As long as I win, I’ll be fine. What’s the use of eating these things?”

“Father, that’s not the way to say it.” Yu Qiu stood up and looked at him and said, “Eating well is more useful than anything.”

Yu Yuankai choked. He looked at Yu Qiu’s thin figure, his son’s yellowish skin and dry face, and couldn’t help but feel hurt. He knew that the child had suffered too much with him. However, this family had already lost. They had already lost to their current situation; what could he have done? What qualifications did they have to pursue a better quality of life?

“Don’t think too much, father.” Yu Qiu came to him and said, “Eat while it’s hot.”

Yu Yuankai looked at the table full of good dishes and thought that the money would go to waste if he didn’t eat. Finally, he opened his mouth and desperately tried to eat everything.

Yu Qiu ate with him while carefully keeping an eye on him, so that the old man wouldn’t get sick if he ate too much. Waiting for the old man to finish eating, Yu Qiu pointed to the pot of medicine he had prepared earlier. “Remember to drink it later.”

“… How much was that? ” Yu Yuankai asked.

“Not much, only a hundred.”

Yu Yuanka continued to tremble, his fingers curling on top of his legs, as he sighed deeply.

“After drinking, take a break.” Yu Qiu went on and said, “Then we will go on the road.”

On the road? Yu Yuankai heard this word and looked at the food in front of him. When he thought more, he was shocked. “What are you talking about, Qiu-er? Where are you going? Don’t think about it!”

Yu Qiu asked, “Can we sell this house for a little silver?”

Yu Yuankai realized Yu Qiu that he had already considered the matter to heart. Still, he looked at him with uncertainty. “What’s wrong?”

“Our family has so much debt here…”

“So we’re running away!” Yu Yuankai was stunned.

Yu Qiu shook his head in a smile. “No, we’re going to another place to make money, and then come back to pay off the debt.”

“What am I supposed to be!” Yu Yuankai sighed helplessly, “I can’t even earn money here. How could it be easy to earn money in other places?”

“At least one place is good.”


Yu Qiu’s next three words scared Yu Yuankai’s face green.

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Dessa Matuguinas

Shameless father. You’re lucky, your son has undergone rebirth.


Yu Yuankai is best dad 💖

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