Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 4.2: Xiao Family’s Gongzi

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Sleeping into the middle of the night, Yu Qiu was awakened by a rustling sound. He opened his eyes and saw a dark shadow hunched over and chewing something

Yu Qiu was frightened and quickly jumped up, only to find himself lying on the bed. He did not know when he had moved onto the bed.

“Qiu-er?” The shadow turned around and called faintly.

It turned out the old man had woken up and was blindly eating the steamed buns in the dark.

Yu Qiu was surprised and delighted. “Father! Are you all right?” Although he was surprised, Yu Qiu also lamented the fact that he had been moved to the bed without noticing at all. His vigilance was really poor.

When Yu Qiu shouted, the old man froze and didn’t even react to the crumbs of bread falling out of his mouth.

After a while, he trembled and asked, “What did you just call me?”

“Father… Is that right?” Yu Qiu was at a loss.

The voice had not yet fallen when the old man took him into his arms, inexplicably surprised. “Right! Father is father! Ha ha… Yu Qiu, my son, Yu Qiu, you finally know to call me father!”

After laughing, the old man burst into tears.. Yu Qiu paused, and suddenly there was sorrow in his heart.

Yu Qiu put his hand behind the old man and patted him gently.

“Father…” Yu Qiu asked, “I used to… Not know anything?”

The old man raised his head and looked at Yu Qiu in surprise, with tears in his eyes. After a while, he suddenly pushed away Yu Qiu, with a panicked look on his face and retreated far away. “Yu Qiu… Are you really Yu Qiu?”

Yu Qiu was surprised. “Otherwise?”

The old man looked at him in wonder. “You’re really Yu Qiu? Not someone else?”

Yu Qiu understood that the old man might be afraid he was an impostor. After all, when he first woke up, he also thought he might be possessing someone else’s body.

“If, if you are really someone else, you tell me directly, you must tell me directly.” The old man continued to ramble. “I won’t take you for granted. I won’t take you for granted, as long as you don’t pretend to be my Qiu-er…”

Yu Qiu looked at him for a long time and then jumped into the old man’s arms.

“Father, it’s me.” Yu Qiu held the old man’s back with two hands. “I woke up, father.”

The old man was stunned for a long time, before tightly hugging Yu Qiu as he sobbed. After some time, the old man still cried like a child.

He believed Yu Qiu easily after all. How could he really doubt it? This was his son. He had been on top of his heart ever since he was a child. Whatever happened, he was always number one. He was the most cherished son. His suspicion was simply because he cherished Yu Qiu too much. A little wind swaying the grass was enough to make him afraid1风吹草动 – Idiom for a small disturbance.; how much more a big surprise like this?

In the end, Yu Qiu had to pat the old man on the back to help him get along.

In the old man’s intermittent narration, Yu Qiu finally knew his own life.

Sure enough, as Yu Qiu had guessed, when he was very young, he had fallen off the carriage and hit his head. Since then, Yu Qiu had become a fool with dementia.

Yu Qiu estimated that he should have hurt his divine sense at that time. This kind of spiritual wound can be healed naturally in the process of cultivation. It was a pity that, in his previous life, Yu Qiu recovered too late and completely forgot the father who treasured him so much. Fortunately, in this life, he was reborn with memory; he had the opportunity to make up for it.

The old man went on to say that Yu Qiu’s mother also fell off the carriage that day.

However, Yu Qiu had never known his mother, so he felt nothing. But then the old man mentioned something he cared about.

“We were not the only ones who suffered that day.” The old man laughed at himself and said, “It was a messy day… Even the magistrate’s family wasn’t spared. A concubine and a common daughter died. And the wife of his family, who went out with her son at that time,had gone crazy when she returned. She had nothing to do with the death of the two though… But don’t you think it’s strange?”

“The madame went crazy?” Yu Qiu frowned and thought of Xiao Chunmian’s mad mother. “What’s the family name of the household?”

Sure enough, the old man quickly answered, “Their family name is Xiao.”

Xiao Chunmian was a child of the magistrate’s family? Yu Qiu thought of the teenager who looked like a woman dressed as a man–his exquisite clothes, refined words and deeds–and thought that this was not unexpected.

However… Yu Qiu looked around at the walls of the house, which had nothing but stains. He couldn’t help but ask again, “What’s the relationship between the magistrate’s house and us?”

Why is Xiao Chunmian helping them so much?

The old man smiled narrowly. “Want to know?”

Yu Qiu hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.

Then the old man said, “It’s a long story, and I’m a bit thirsty right now.”


Instead of turning a blind eye, Yu Qiu jumped to the ground and went to the yard to fetch water for him.

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