Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 3.2: Qi Refining Layer

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Didn’t he take care of his injuries yesterday?

Yu Qiu rushed out of the room without thinking. But before he left, he placed a Rejuvenation1Actual characters used in the raws would literally translate as “Spring Return” Talisman on the man. Now he was desperately looking for a doctor.

Doctor… Where is the doctor?

Yu Qiu was not familiar with this mortal place.

He had to knock on the neighbors’ doors and ask them for help.

But when the neighbors saw him, they reacted as if they’d seen something horrifying. They avoided Yu Qiu like a plague2就避如蛇蝎一样退开了老远 – Actual words used here were something like “they retreated like snakes and scorpions,” where snakes and scorpions is a metaphor for vicious people. without even waiting for him to explain his intentions.

Under the neighbor’s eyes full of disgust, Yu Qiu heard several words intermittently.

“Death star!”

“Fool! Idiot!”

“Crazy boy! Get lost!”

These seemed to be what the neighbors thought of him.

But Yu Qiu acted like he didn’t hear anything. When a family shunned him, he’d knock on a different door, and on a different door, on a different… He had knocked on every door, but the people always had something to say about him. Can’t they just tell him where to find a doctor!

But none of them ever did.

Yu Qiu really didn’t expect that his reputation in this area had fallen to this point.

Of course he could continue to knock, but how long could the old man wait?

Just as Yu Qiu was on the verge of despair, he heard a voice behind him. “Isn’t this xiao3The xiao here means “small” or “little,” and it’s often added to a name as a way of affectionately calling someone Qiu from my uncle’s house?”

Yu Qiu was stunned and looked back quickly.

Standing there was a teenager as old as him. But compared with Yu Qiu’s ragged clothes and thin face, the teenager was dressed in gorgeous clothes and had skin as white as snow. His facial features were indescribably beautiful. He had thin lips, a straight nose, and his eyes were like stars in the sky.

The teenager was perplexed upon seeing him. “Why are you here? Has Uncle Yu allowed you to go out?”

Yu Qiu had no time to appreciate his beauty at all. Seeing him coming, he rushed over, wanting to grasp unto him like a life-saving straw. “Do you know where I can find a doctor?”

A doctor? The teenager was caught off guard for a moment, but as he thought of something, he frowned. “Yesterday… Was Uncle Yu badly beaten?”

Yu Qiu nodded frantically.

The teenager grabbed Yu Qiu’s hand and pulled him towards a direction.

Yu Qiu’s dirty hands stained his tender and white skin, but the latter didn’t mind at all and just held onto him tightly.

Soon, the teenager stopped at a door. There was a plaque on the door, which said “Rejuvenation Hall.”

“Who brought that beggar here!” In this busy street, Yu Qiu’s tattered clothes was so conspicuous that it immediately attracted the attention of the supervisor in Huichun Hall.

The teenager pulled Yu Qiu along as he approached the supervisor.

When the man saw the face of the teenager beside Yu Qiu, his face immediately changed color, and it was hard to tell if he was laughing or crying. “Ah, so it was Xiao-gongzi4Gongzi is a term of adress used for the son of an official. It’s often translated as “young master”…”

Was Xiao this young man’s surname? Yu Qiu secretly remembered it in his heart and vowed to one day repay him for his kindness.

This youth surnamed Xiao instantly took out a silver ingot and handed it to the manager. “Where’s Doctor Zhang? There’s someone who needs his help.”

“Xiao-gongzi, you…” The manager looked at the ingot, and it was embarrassing whether he accepted it or not. Finally, he gritted his teeth and took it; still, he could not help but murmur in discontent. “Why are you like this… It’s always like this. When will you ever change?”

Faced with his concern, Xiao-gongzi simply offered a smile.

The steward sighed and put away the money. Soon, a little old man came out with a box on his back.

The young man surnamed Xiao took Yu Qiu’s hand again and then rushed back to Yu Qiu’s place with Doctor Zhang.

While Doctor Zhang was checking the old man’s injury, the young man surnamed Xiao looked for a place to sit on in the house, but when he found that Yu Qiu’s home had no proper chair, he went outside. In the backyard, he found a pile of wood and finally sat down.

Yu Qiu followed him outside.

“Don’t worry.” The teenager said with a smile. “Doctor Zhagn is the best in treating injuries.”

“Thank you.” Yu Qiu nodded, and then asked, “What is your name?”

Yu Qiu was not good at expressing his feelings with words. He did not know how to make his gratitude more sincere. All he could do was to remember this person and find a chance to repay him.

He believed that there will be opportunities. After all, he was a cultivator. Although now he was only at the difficult beginning, one day he will be able to get through it.

“Xiao Chunmian.” The teenager smiled as he answered, “From the words spring, sleep, and dawn.”

For a teenager, this was a very soft and lazy name. Yu Qiu couldn’t help but be surprised.

Then Xiao Chunmian asked with a little hesitation, “Xiao Qiu, are you alright now?”

Such a vague question, but Yu Qiu understood.

“I don’t know.” Yu Qiu scratched his head, pretending to be ignorant. “I just fell asleep yesterday and when I woke up, my brain suddenly understood a lot.”

Xiao Chunmian stared at Yu Qiu in surprise. “That’s great!”

Yu Qiu smiled.

“Xiao-gongzi,” said Yu Qiu. “Why are you helping me?”

“This is because…”

Xiao Chunmian was trying to answer when some people suddenly broke into the dilapidated courtyard.

In the middle of the group was a middle-aged but still attractive noble woman.

When Xiao Chunmian saw her, his face changed.  He immediately rose from the log and greeted respectfully, “Mother…”

“You disgraceful thing!” The woman, however, in a mad manner, rushed straight to Xiao Chunmian without even listening to him. She slapped him on the cheek so hard that it made a loud, crisp sound.

Her long nails even put a scar on Xiao Chunmian’s face.

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I am a bit late in speaking up but thank you very much for your efforts *bows*
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