Chapter 27: Xiao Chunmian’s… Chest


Fortunately, these two cultivators in the late stage of Qi Refining were only foils. When they arrived, the man went to the right, the woman to the left, making way for that Golden Core zongshi1宗师 – great scholar respected for learning and integrity in the middle.

Yu Qiu knew all three of them.

The one on the left was Xu Hong, and the one on the right was a young girl surnamed Shen. Speaking of Shen-guniang2姑娘 – a young woman; used like “Miss” when addressing an unmarried woman., she was also born in a family of cultivators. She and Xu Hong were childhood sweethearts. Since their two families had been friends for generations, it was said that Xu Hong had a marriage contract with her. But after this young woman fell like jade and withered like a flower, he also naturally had nothing to do with her.

As for the one in the middle, she was Gu Ruxue, one of the four Golden Core zongshis of Xuanyang Sect, as well as being the only woman among them. This shishu was formidable and good-looking, but she’d often say and do stuff that were beyond anyone’s expectations, giving the entire sect a headache.

But of course, in this life, Yu Qiu was just a stranger to them.

Gu Ruxue stepped forward and looked at the black mass of cultivators down below with a smile. “Thank you all for coming this far.”

Then came the usual opening remarks. Like, what was Xuanyang Sect’s history since it was founded a thousand years ago, what was Xuanyang’s Sect status in the cultivation circle in recent years, the importance in choosing a good sect because of how difficult the road to immortality was, why picking Xuanyang Sect was a good choice, and that although they were grateful for your choice, the resources inside the sect were limited, which was why a selection was necessary… Listening to all these things made people feel sleepy, but the majority still listened very carefully because the speaker was a Golden Core zongshi.

Yu Qiu was one of the remaining few who remained absent-minded.

He was observing the patterns on the stone under his feet for a long time. When he looked up, he found that someone was doing the same thing as him.

Gao Conghan.

This guy came late, coming even later than Yu Qiu. Now, he was standing diagonally from behind him. He wasn’t too far away, but because of how dense the crowd was, approaching him would be difficult. At this time, he was hanging his head down, his eyes sweeping over the stone ground. From time to time, he’d frown and have a thoughtful expression, and sometimes he’d exclaim. After that, the corner of his mouth would expose a kind of self-assured3 胸有成竹 – having a plan in advance (idiom); a card up one’s sleeve. smile, looking like he would surely gain what he wanted.

Seeing this, Yu Qiu was surprised. Could this person have studied the formation?

—Yes, this stone ground trampled underneath this black mass of people was precisely a giant formation.

At this time, Gu Ruxue’s opening remarks had finally come to an end. Tilting her head, she smiled and said, “And like that, in order to let the sect see your strength, please work hard to reach Wangyuntai4望云台 – Literally, Full Moon Cloud Platform, located on the side of Xuanyang Mountain, within 15 days. We will wait there sincerely, and good luck to you all.”

The most important content was only casually mentioned like this. Afterwards, Gu Ruxue smiled as she clapped her hands. The cultivators down below suddenly thought of something, but at the same time, the patterns beneath their feet suddenly lit up brightly one after another.

—A giant Random Transport formation.

In no more than an instant, the plaza under their feet was shining brightly.

There was a great deal of uproar—and, of course, those who were really shocked were the new cultivators who were taking the entrance exam for the first time this year.

As for the less new and tender like Yu Qiu, he had gotten tired of watching it. This formation was the same every year. When he looked around, he saw that the veteran exam-takers, like Zhang Donggua, were also calm at this moment.

Yu Qiu looked to his side and saw that Xiao Chunmian’s face was also calm. After all, Yu Qiu had already explained to him what might happen. Diagonally behind him, it was also Gao Conghan’s first time joining. But since he had examined the patterns beneath him beforehand, he looked self-assured. He even narrowed his eyes at Yu Qiu and showed a meaningful smile. 

Seeing this smirk, Yu Qiu suddenly remembered one thing he had forgotten to do.

He quickly took out a Spirit Devouring talisman and slapped it on his forehead right under Gao Conghan’s eyes.

The plaza was now shining so brightly, its light suddenly rising to the sky before gradually dissipating. When the light faded, no one was left. Gu Ruxue turned her head and said to the two juniors following her: “Let’s all wait at Wangyuntai. This time, I don’t know if even half of the youngsters could pass.”

The last thing Yu Qiu saw was that self-assured look of Gao Conghan suddenly turning into shock. Then it flashed black and then bright before his eyes. Under his feet, there was already soil, and around him were many trees. However, he didn’t know which corner in Xuanyang Mountain he had been transported to.

Yu Qiu took that used Spirit Devouring talisman off his forehead and lightly threw it away. He felt indescribably refreshed.

That Gao Conghan guy expecting to rely on that Positioning Technique to find him in this situation was a daydream as clear as the sky.

After he was refreshed, Yu Qiu put a finger to his forehead to study that thing Gu Ruxue transmitted into their mind just a moment ago.

It was naturally a marking.

This marking had two functions. Among these was that it allowed them to know at any time where Wangyuntai was and how far away they were from it.

However, Xuanyang Mountain’s terrain was complex, and there were many demon beasts. Even if you knew where to go, it wouldn’t be easy to get there.

What’s more, everyone had just been scattered by that Random Transport formation. Those cultivators who came with their friends would surely be panicked right now.

As for Yu Qiu, although he had also come with Xiao Chunmian, he was well-prepared for the situation before him. He took out a talisman and wrapped it with spiritual energy. Two dots suddenly appeared on the talisman.

This was a Mother-Child Positioning talisman. Its function was to locate the position of the Child talisman using the Mother talisman. 

The one in Yu Qiu’s hand was naturally the Mother talisman. As for the Child talismans, one was given to Xiao Chunmian, and the other to Zhang Donggua. As luck would have it, Xiao Chunmian wasn’t so far away. As for Zhang Donggua… Anyway, that time he received the money, Yu Qiu only said he’d do his best. Zhang Donngua was far away ba. He would just have to run into him later.

Barely hesitating, Yu Qiu advanced towards Xiao Chunmian’s direction.

In just a few steps, a demon beast jumped out. Yu Qiu slapped away a fire talisman, injuring the demon beast. It was still okay, but then it wanted to pounce again. So Yu Qiu shua-shua-shuaed ten fire talismans in succession, and the world was suddenly peaceful.

Yu Qiu dug out the horn from the head of that demon beast’s burnt and smelly corpse, cut off its sharp-looking claws, put them into his storage bag, and then moved on.

After another few steps, another demon beast jumped out.

Yu Qiu secretly called it annoying, and once again reached for another talisman. But before he could swat it away, the demon beast suddenly screamed and ran away, its figure disappearing. 

Yu Qiu’s hand pinching the talisman froze in midair, and all of a sudden, a foul smell carried by the wind assaulted him in the face.

By the time he said it was too late, a long shadow was rising from the woods in front of him. In the sunlight, its outer shell glowed with a sticky red light. Both sides of its body were densely packed with legs, shaking like waves, shaking people’s scalp numb.

A Thousand Red-Foot Centipede! Of all the demon beasts in Xuanyang Mountain, this was the one Yu Qiu hated the most. Not only did this thing look disgusting, its mouth could also spray out poison.

Yu Qiu had planned to retreat5退避三舍 – Literally, to retreat three day’s march (idiom); fig. to give way in the face of superior strength; a strategic retreat., but this centipede had already been enraged by others. When it saw Yu Qiu, regardless of whether Yu Qiu wanted to fight it or not, it sprayed him with poison.

While he was avoiding it, Yu Qiu saw that the shell of this poisonous insect had sure enough cracked, and he couldn’t help cursing. Then the poisonous insect’s massive tail swept over the sky6铺天盖地 – Literally, to hide the sky and cover the earth. Figuratively, it could also mean earth-shattering or omnipresent., sweeping down the trees along the way. Yu Qiu quickly patted a Light Body talisman on his leg to see how far he could run.

But looking more closely, he could see a sword inserted in the centipede’s tail. A man was hanging from the sword, and it was most likely the fool who had provoked this big guy before.

This unfortunate man was thrown far away by this tail, and he was about to fall to the side of the cliff. But then another man rushed out of the slope, and with his skill and agility, he saved the unfortunate man. In the end, this new man struck another sword on that massive tail, trying to draw the attention of the poisonous insect to himself.When Yu Qiu saw this, his scalp exploded. Of so many people, who could be so nosy? Aside from that goody-two-shoes7滥好人 – Somebody who tries to be on good-terms with everyone Xiao Chunmian, who else could it be!

As expected, that gigantic centipede was once again enraged. Its tail turned directions in midair and slapped Xiao Chunmian away, quickly and ruthlessly.

Xiao Chunmian narrowed his pair of long and narrow eyes. He lightly weighed the sword in his hand, then stood there complacently, waiting for the insect’s tail to sweep before him, and with his sword…

Before he could swing his sword, a large blade of wind suddenly came from a certain direction. It knocked away that insect’s tail with a bang, bang, bang, bang, completely smashing it. 

The centipede howled, and it diverted its anger again. But before it could react more, an ice blade smashed its face in a bang, bang, bang, bang.

“Xiao Qiu!” Xiao Chunmian was both surprised and happy.

Yu Qiu had been blocked by the trees in the forest before, so he only saw him now.

“Still not running?!” Yu Qiu bellowed, his heart aching. These talismans were spirit stones ah, spirit stones ah, spirit stones going hua la la8哗啦啦 – Onomatopoeia for the sound of crashing ah!

But as for whether Xiao Chunmian needed his help, Yu Qiu didn’t even think about it. Although Xiao Chunmian had long been used to fighting with demon beasts in the mountain forest, had a cultivation already higher than Yu Qiu’s, and two magical clothes on his body, in Yu Qiu’s heart, Xiao Chunmian was still the same as from when he personally led him down the road of immortality—invariably gentle and soft. He could be bullied to the point of having a fever by his own family, and no one would even look after him. Yu Qiu must cover for him at all times.

And since Yu Qiu appeared, although Xiao Chunmian didn’t really run, he instantly restrained his originally sharp aura and followed Yu Qiu with his sword behind him. With this, Yu Qiu firmed his resolve to protect Xiao Chunmian. If two people joined hands together, then even if that top-grade huge centipede was equivalent to a cultivator in the late stage of the ninth level of Qi Refining, it wouldn’t be so difficult to fight against it.

It was just that the poisonous liquid sprayed from its mouth was very annoying. One spray of it could cover a large area, corroding the ground in a sizzle. The huge insect’s body was also incessantly kicking around, ferociously beating the ground.

When Yu Qiu had finally burned through its thick shell with a bunch of fire talismans, Xiao Chunmian was able to strike its vital parts with his sword. By this time, the groves on the edge of the cliff were already devastated, and there were cracks all over the ground.

Then Xiao Chunmian, holding the Ruo Qiu sword, went around that poisonous liquid, ran to the insect’s body, and routinely started prying open the outer shell. This kind of hard stuff could be sold for many spirit stones. 

Yu Qiu groaned lightly, crouched down and touched his ankle.

“Xiao Qiu?”

Yu Qiu shook his head, but secretly sighed about his bad luck. At that time the poisonous insect finally met a violent death, Yu Qiu took a wrong step and sprained his ankle.

Fortunately, it was just a minor injury. As long as there was a Rejuvenation talisman, it wouldn’t take long to…

… Eh?

Why is the ground suddenly crooked?

Yu Qiu raised his head in astonishment and saw several cracks on the ground. But because the poisonous insect was tossing around too hard before, the piece of land on the edge of the cliff had been tossed loose. A small piece of land was tossed out, and with a click, it fell off the cliff.

And just how bad could Yu Qiu’s luck get? He happened to be crouching on this small piece!

“Xiao Qiu!” Xiao Chunmian hurriedly flew forward. He couldn’t care about anything else in his rush. He grabbed Yu Qiu’s hand and pulled him into his arms.

Xiao Chunmian succeeded in holding Yu Qiu, but his feet had also left the cliff. He had no choice but to fall down with Yu Qiu. 

It was only at this time that he remembered he could have ridden his sword.

However, he was only in an insignificant middle stage of Qi Refining. It went without saying that he had just learned how to ride the sword and wasn’t proficient at it yet. In this kind of situation, how could he be able to control it?

Before the two could think more about it, they landed with a thump.

Yu Qiu used his right hand to rub his head that was a little dazed by the shock and exhaled in relief. Fortunately, the cliff wasn’t that high up.

“Chunmian…” Yu Qiu tried to make himself more sober as he looked for the other person’s figure.

Xiao Chunmian was a little more unlucky than him. Since he was under him, he fell headfirst to the ground. Even though his body was already stronger than a mortal’s, he was still directly knocked out.

Yu Qiu looked at Xiao Chunmian who was pressed under him. He blinked, blinked again, and then finally saw his left hand.

His left hand was firmly pushing on Xiao Chunmian’s chest.

Oh my god9夭寿 – Actual expression used means “to die young” and it’s used the same way as omg! Someone is acting like a hooligan!

No! This hooligan didn’t mean it!

Yu Qiu panicked and quickly wanted to move his left hand away, but then he felt that something wasn’t right.

Does a woman’s breast… feel like this?

As a result, Yu Qiu didn’t immediately take away his left hand and instead touched Xiao Chunmian’s chest more forcefully. After a while, he even pressed his right hand up, stroking, kneading, pressing, and squeezing his chest on both sides.

Yu Qiu’s head was empty for a while, and then he looked down and saw that he was sitting over Xiao Chunmian’s abdomen.

… Could a woman’s lower body also have this kind of bulge?

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