Chapter 26: These Two Months


Yu Qiu had never thought that the words he pressed to the bottom of his heart would end up being pressed for a whole two months.

In these two months, aside from the daily and fixed two-hour period of refining qi in the evening, he had only ever seen Xiao Chunmian for a total of three times.

The first time was on the tenth day after they came back from Fang Beishan. Xiao Chunmian took the brush that was finally made, and while covered in dust1风尘仆仆 – To be travel-worn, he especially delivered it to Yu Qiu. Yu Qiu had just said thanks, and before he could get in a word or two, Xiao Chunmian had set off again while still covered in dust.

Yu Qiu was surprised to find that, in only ten days, Xiao Chunmian’s cultivation had already gone up a lot, and that it was actually approaching the peak of the fourth level of Qi Refining.

Yu Qiu took the brush he had received and tried to draw several talismans. Sure enough, it was smoother than a mortal brush. And with the thought that, from now on, he could completely stop such a cumbersome process of throwing away a brush after finishing a talisman, Yu Qiu felt that his waist was no longer aching and his hands were no longer sore. Even his efficiency in drawing talismans was higher than before. With a shua shua, he painted for hours, wiping out cleanly all the materials he had bought.

Having arrived in the middle stage, he could begin to draw new talismans, which naturally required more expensive materials.

Fortunately, he had earned a lot of money from the Black Tiger Beast King, allowing him to buy the many things he needed while in the middle stage of Qi Refining. After the initial economic crisis, Yu Qiu had at long last embarked in the beneficial cycle of raking in money.

But of course, he still remembered that, among his portion of the Black Tiger Beast King, some of it was actually Xiao Chunmian’s share, which was temporarily entrusted to him. The spirit stones he got from selling them were also carefully kept for Xiao Chunmian. He had just been waiting for a chance to hand them over.

Then another twenty days passed.

Yu Qiu took from Zhang Donggua the 250 low-grade spirit stones that they had agreed upon before, and then gave Zhang Donggua a talisman that he could carry with him.

So now, the total amount of Yu Qiu’s spirit stones was more than 500. Rubbing the bag containing the spirit stones, he narrowed his eyes at the fascinating and wonderful sound it makes. With this money, he decided to buy some necessary equipment for himself.

First, Yu Qiu bought a storage bag worth 200 spirit stones. Although he already had a storage ring, it was something that was given by Gao Conghan. Yu Qiu had always thought that Gao Conghan didn’t really want to give it to him. Besides, using a storage bag he had bought himself would put him more at ease.

Now then… Should I buy some magic tools? Yu Qiu hesitated.

He stood in front of the magic tools stall where he had previously bought that Rou Qiu sword and just stared blankly. This flexible armor looks quite good. Ordinary flying swords would have a hard time harming it, but it also needs no less than 200 low-grade spirit stones. 200 stones ah! I can slap away ten Stone Muscle talismans with that.

And then there’s this jade pendant. It has a certain healing effect, but its price is worth ten Rejuvenation talismans…

Look at this other flying sword…

Yu Qiu was deeply entangled. After a while, he had to find out cruelly that he was still too poor. Choosing talismans was still more economical. As for things like magic tools… he’d just have to wait when he had more money.

Yu Qiu turned around with a bitter face, and that was when he saw it.

—Xiao Chunmian, with sweat breaking out all over his body, was carrying a bag of stuff and walking towards the stall with a group of people.

“Xiao Qiu,” Xiao Chunmian greeted him very happily. At the same time, he handed over the large bag full of stuff to the stall owner.

The group of men who were with him also untied their bags. Those with storage rings stroked them, and then piles of demon beast limbs came out one after another.

That guy surnamed Zhang whom they met before, and who was in the middle stage of Qi Refining, was among them. The rest were many new faces in the initial, middle, and even in the late stage.

“Have you been busy hunting recently?” Yu Qiu asked.

“Yeah,” said Xiao Chunmian. “Occasional leisure time is also spent to swap pointers with these fellow daoists.”

While they were talking, Yu Qiu observed him for a long time. They haven’t seen each other for many days, and now Xiao Chunmian was a little thinner than before. His skin was also no longer as fair as before.

“Why do you have to work so hard?” Yu Qiu was distressed.

Xiao Chunmian looked at him with a smile and said, “More hard work is always worth it.”

He said this sentence with confidence. After more than twenty days apart, he stood before Yu Qiu already in the peak of the fifth level of Qi Refining. Yu Qiu lowered his head and looked at himself. He had just advanced from the peak of the fourth level to the fifth level of Qi Refining. Well, Xiao Chunmian was completely ahead of him this time.

In just a few words, the stall owner had already finished counting the materials they brought. After moving them, he gave them their spirit stones according to the price they had agreed on.

Xiao Chunmian accepted the spirit stones, waved to Yu Qiu, and was setting off for north again with those who came with him.

“Wait a minute.” Yu Qiu hurriedly walked over and gave him the spirit stones he had set aside for him before, and then gave him more talismans.

There were ten or so Spirit Amassing talismans. The effect of a Spirit Amassing talisman drawn by someone in the middle stage of Qi Refining wasn’t much, but it could still make your cultivation more efficient.

Xiao Chunmian accepted the talismans and said thanks with a smile.

Yu Qiu’s heart felt like it was smeared with honey. He had totally forgotten that these ten or so talismans were worth several hundred low-grade spirit stones if he were to sell them. 

He returned home feeling pleasantly sweet. Sighing into the empty house, he said, “Do I… Do I really like her?”

No one answered.

Even the Karma Ring system, which often appeared out of nowhere before to poke in a few words, had been somehow quiet recently.

Yu Qiu slapped his face and said to himself: Since Xiao Chunmian had worked so hard, I naturally couldn’t fall behind.

After cultivating with all he can, Yu Qiu had finally touched the threshold of the sixth level of Qi Refining ten days before the Xuanyang Sect entrance exam. Then he broke through in one fell swoop.

But just as he was feeling pleased with himself, Xiao Chunmian had finally appeared in front of him for the third time. 

A dazzling peak of the sixth level of Qi Refining.

“As I said, xiao Qiu,” Xiao Chunmian smiled radiantly2神采飞扬 – in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor.. “You don’t have to worry about me. I won’t let you down.”

Even if he had suffered a deep hit, after hearing this sentence, Yu Qiu only felt that his heart was filled with the taste of happiness.

In the next few days, Xiao Chunmian no longer ran around. Instead, he accompanied Yu Qiu all the time, preparing for the final sprint.

In these ten days, Yu Qiu worked hard to prepare the talismans that he might use. On one hand, he explained to Xiao Chunmian all the things he had to pay attention to; on the other, he thought of where he could settle his old man. Meanwhile, he was also looking through the market for anything he might need. He was so busy, he couldn’t stop moving3脚不沾地 – feet not touching the ground (idiom); to run like the wind. In the end, he spent 200 low-grade spirit stones to buy that flexible armor, not for himself, but for Xiao Chunmian.

And in the last two days, Yu Qiu took Xiao Chunmian and, together with most of the cultivators in Fangshanji, they stepped into Fang Beishan.

The originally lively Fangshanji was instantly deserted. Most of the cultivators who left at this time would return. Only few could stay in Xuanyang Mountain, and it’s either because of extraordinary strength or extraordinary luck.

As far Xiao Chunmian was concerned, Fang Beishan at this time was like his own backyard. Yu Qiu didn’t even have to do anything and they had already passed through.

Xuanyang Mountain was after Fang Beishan, and it was surrounded by fog all year round.

Now this fog parted to reveal a huge door. The door was neither gold nor jade, yet it was splendid and imposing. And in front of the door was a stony plaza. The plaza used to be very big, but at this moment it was packed full with cultivators rushing over from different places. It was so crowded.

And in this crowd, people were divided into several distinct4泾渭分明 – as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly (idiom); to be entirely different. groups.

Dragons and fishes were all mixed in together5鱼龙混杂 – crooks mixed in with the honest folk, and of course, rogue cultivators were also gathered. Compared with others, these low-level rogue cultivators lacked a cultivator’s unique elegant temperament. Their qi was more like that of the mortal world than of the Jianghu6江湖 – Literally translates as “Rivers and Lakes,” but figuratively refers to the “Martial World” or the “underground world of martial arts.”. They were somewhat out of place, yet they seemed more comfortable with each other. Most of them would even greet each other happily.

“Yu Qiu-daxia!”

Yu Qiu heard this when he came, and when he looked up, it really was Zhang Donggua waving at him.

Yu Qiu nodded with a smile, and at the same time, he felt several scornful eyes sweeping over him.

Without even having to look, Yu Qiu knew that it must be those children from clans and those children brought up by Xuanyang Sect.

It went without saying that children from clans were proud to be born in influential families. They looked down on those rogue cultivators coming from the mortal world. Even between each other, there was a lot of hostility. Every clan, one by one, took over their own little space. As for those children brought up by Xuanyang Sect, it was because they had innate skills that made Xuanyang Sect fancy over them. They were even more arrogant than those clan children. Their eyes when looking at rouge cultivators was like looking at something filthy and intolerable.

Yu Qiu couldn’t help but sigh: In those days, he was also one of these extremely arrogant guys!

Of course, this kind of pride was utterly unreasonable. Although it was true that this group of children had the highest pass rate in each entrance exam, they had never once monopolized it. There would always be a few shining figures coming from rogue cultivators and clan children that could suppress their wind7压下他们的风头。– Means the same as “stealing the limelight”.

In fact, Xuanyang Sect’s judgment of innate skill was simply based on the easily determined root bone.

Xiao Chunmian’s root bone was mediocre and not as good as Yu Qiu’s. However, he was a self-cultivating genius because he had talent in a more frightening place—perception.

If nobody had seen Xiao Chunmian quickly break through the barrier with their own eyes, no one would have known how terrible this guy’s perception was.

After thinking about it for a long time, three figures finally slowly descended from Xuanyang Mountain. The first two were only in the late stage of Qi Refining, and people couldn’t help but despise them like they do with rogue cultivators. However, the person following after them made everyone hold their breath—Golden Core stage.

Yu Qiu thought with interest: So it’s shishu8师叔 – It is often translated as “martial uncle” in English. Basically, it’s the fellow disciple of your master. Since one’s master is considered like a person’s father, then a master’s brothers (fellow disciples) would be one’s uncle. this time? This is interesting. 

As for the other two… Yu Qiu didn’t want to see one of them…

—Xu Hong.

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