Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 25.2: Xiao Chunmian’s Fighting Spirit

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Yu Qiu hurriedly ran in a daze towards the demon beast’s dead body, but then he ran back to take the sword from Xiao Chunmian’s waist, and then he ran out again. He quickly cut apart the mane around the Black Tiger Beast King’s neck.

Xiao Chunmian shook his head with a smile and walked over. He took out a pocket knife from his arms and cut the mane on the other side.

A moment later, Gao Conghan had filled three bottles of blood, while Yu Qiu and Xiao Chunmian had shaved off the neck of the beast. Then each with a blade, they began to skin and chop it into eight equal pieces.

While doing such bloody things, Gao Conghan tried to chat with Yu Qiu. “You have a good sword. What’s its name?”

Yu Qiu went stagnant. Name? Just seeing a sword and he thinks it should have a name, what is up with him? Well, Yu Qiu did know that most sword cultivators have this kind of problem. However, Gao Conghan didn’t seem to be a sword cultivator. How could he also have this kind of problem?

While Yu Qiu was hesitating, Xiao Chunmian answered with a smile, “Ruo Qiu1若秋 – It means “like autumn,” where the character for autumn (秋 | pronounced as qiū) is the same character in Yu Qiu’s name. sword.”

Gao Conghan raised his head to look at Xiao Chunmian, and the clashing of swords seemed to resound when their eyes met in the air between Yu Qiu. After that, they both looked away at the same time and continued to focus on the bloody task at hand.

Soon, the skin was peeled and the meat was cut. All that was left of that large demon beast was an empty skeleton. Even then, they didn’t spare the skeleton. They began to tear apart the bones in a tak, tak, tak2啪啦啪啦 – Minor note, but the actual onomatopoeia used in the raws is “pā lā pā lā.” I thought it sounded weird in English, so I changed it.. Then at last, the bones were divided into three piles. But with the blood, flesh, and fur, three piles weren’t that spectacular.

Gao Conghan stroked the ring on his hand and swept all those things inside with ease3潇潇洒洒 – to do something in a natural and confident manner. Everything was immediately neatly cleared before their eyes. He stood up and patted his clothes. It seemed that he was satisfied with today’s harvest, so he turned around and prepared to leave.

Only Yu Qiu and Xiao Chunmian were left, still worrying about the spoils of war before them.

But then Gao Conghan over there, who had already comfortably4潇潇洒洒 – Uses the same idiom in footnote 3, but “naturally walked” and “confidently walked” both give it a really different vibe, so I didn’t go with either of those. “Walking with ease” also doesn’t sound right, so I went with “comfortably” instead. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it will do. walked a long way, suddenly raised his hand and threw a shiny thing over. As it casually floated over in the wind, he said four words: “Giving this to you.”

As soon as the words fell, Gao Conghan’s figure was already gone.

When that shiny thing fell on the ground, Yu Qiu picked it up and saw that it was actually another ring.

Storage rings were quite expensive for those in the Qi Refining period. Well, even many Foundation Building cultivators could only afford storage bags. And in general, small roque cultivators in the Qi Refining period were most unlikely to have a storage bag. They would all load their things in sacks.

One really couldn’t see that this high and cold guy was actually generous enough.

“For you.” Yu Qiu handed the ring to Xiao Chunmian. “Do you want it?”

Xiao Chunmian was taken aback as he looked at him. After a long while, he said, “I think… this should be for you.”

“Is it?” Yu Qiu looked at the ring over and over for a long time. “No way ba. He wants to give it to you. What reason could he have to give it to me?”

For some reason, at this moment, Xiao Chunmian unexpectedly felt a bit of sympathy for Gao Conghan. “Anyways… it should surely be for you. If you want to accept it, then accept it. If you don’t, then throw it away ba.

Hearing that, Yu Qiu thought Xiao Chunmian was just unwilling to accept the gift from Gao Conghan, so he was using this lame excuse to push the ring into his hands.

Seeing the inexplicable look on Xiao Chunmian’s face, he felt certain that he had once again discovered the truth.

Looked like he didn’t have to worry about Xiao Chunmian being chased by Gao Conghan! Yu Qiu giddily said, “Since it’s for me, then of course I should accept it.”

Then he put the ring on his finger.

Immediately afterwards, he cleared the two hills in front of him, and returned the sword in his hand to Xiao Chunmian. Then he patted his clothes and turned to go home with Xiao Chunmian.

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Lizonka: Waaait, waaait… since when was it established that GCH is attracted to YQ??? Although I like him, this development doesn’t make sense ah!
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Since last chapter for sure, there was some hints. It seems gch is attracted to yq’s skill in talisman and character (u you when yq went against gch bravely) so maybe he take an interest now?
Wait, I think it was hinted since gch put some tracker in yq?? It kind of make senses u know..


I thought it was just because GCH needed YQ to make a talisman for him something, and so he put a tracker on YQ so he can find him anytime he needs him… I didn’t take it as him having a romantic interest ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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