Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 25.1: Xiao Chunmian’s Fighting Spirit

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Xiao Chunmian took a step forward, blocking Yu Qiu behind him, then smiled at Gao Conghan. “Senior Gao’s question is really interesting.”

Gao Conghan turned his eyes to him.

“Are xiao Qiu and I Dao companions?” said Xiao Chunmian. “Even if it were, what does it have to do with you?”

As soon as these words came out, Gao Conghan immediately sneered. His eyes full of hostility seemed to bore two holes into the other person’s body. Even his fingertips were put on top of the sword hilt.

Xiao Chunmian intensely felt this hostility. He narrowed his eyes, and unexpectedly, a fighting intent was also brewing.

Yu Qiu was surprised when he saw this from the sidelines. Ever since knowing Xiao Chunmian, Xiao Chunmian had always been gentle and amiable to everyone. How could he be this kind of hostile person? Even though Gao Conghan had nearly cut off his neck, when they met again, he had been very polite. Why was he suddenly hostile now?

On that note, why was Gao Conghan suddenly hostile as well? Like in that previous question on whether they were Dao companions or not, why did it seem to be asked with great anger? Whether or not he and Xiao Chunmian were Dao companions, why would he get angry over it? Could it be… Gao Conghan had also figured out that Xiao Chunmian was a woman disguised as a man? Did he want to pursue Xiao Chunmian but was rejected?

Right, a person as arrogant as Gao Conghan would only be very angry after being rejected. Though Xiao Chunmian was gentle and amiable, if he faced a man he didn’t like, he would also be annoyed when he could no longer stand him bothering him. What’s more, for a guy like Gao Conghan, at one glance, Yu Qiu just knew that his way of courting would no way be normal.

Yu Qiu felt he had discovered a new blind spot. He thought this guess was very likely!

So he resolutely stepped forward again and took it upon himself1当仁不让  – not pass on to others what one is called upon to do to put Xiao Chunmian behind him. Looking at Gao Conghan as if he were a love rival, the corner of his lip twitched and he sneered. “This yingxiong, don’t you know that a man who keeps pestering is the most annoying?” 2讨人厌 – can also mean disgusting or horrid

Anyway, they were now in the middle stage of Qi Refining. They had the courage to shake their faces3甩脸子 – to grimace with displeasure; to pull a long face at a seriously injured cultivator in the late stage of Qi Refining.

As a result, Yu Qiu’s words worked wonders. Just after the voice fell, Gao Conghan’s eyes flashed and he snorted coldly. Then he restrained his hostility, though his face was still full of rage. “You guys got lucky!”

When his irritability passed, he coldly stabbed the tree trunk with the small flying sword he had on hand. Then he stood up, dragged his wounded leg, and limped to the corpse of that hill-like demon beast. He crouched in front of that huge wound on the demon beast’s belly, took out a bottle from his arms, extended it towards the wound, then began collecting those drops of blood trickling from the wound and into the bottle.

Xiao Chunmian and Yu Qiu looked at each other for a while, before Yu Qiu shrieked as he finally realized: In front of them was the body of a top-grade ninth-rank demon beast. Every part of it at this stage were all hard-to-obtain materials. They could all sell them for a lot of money!

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