Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 24.2: Perfect Coordination

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Yu Qiu was quite pleased with himself1志得意满 – fully content with one’s achievements (idiom); complacent when he looked at Xiao Chunmian, but he was shocked to find that… When did this guy reach the peak of the third level of Qi Refining?

The reason his cultivation improved rapidly2精进 – To forge ahead vigorously must be because of that thrilling and fierce battle just now ba. Xu Hong once said that, for cultivators, fighting was the fastest way to improve, and life and death situations were the most likely moments when one could understand the Dao. Looking at it now, it seemed quite right.

Yu Qiu had thought that the harvest was already good enough, but after a while, he clearly saw Xiao Chunmian, who had just started cultivating in the third level of Qi Refining, actually make another leap.

Yu Qiu’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch.

Xiao Chunmian opened his eyes and looked at his hands in pleasant surprise. “Is this the fourth level of Qi Refining?”

“Yeah, it’s the fourth level of Qi Refining,” Yu Qiu said with a smile. “Congratulations.”

But in fact, his heart was streaming with tears: He unexpectedly caught up with him so quickly. His old face3老脸 – You all know what face means, so I won’t elaborate on that. But here, YQ is basically talking about his pride as having started cultivating first XD was really about to be abandoned… Even if he was a true cultivation genius, he shouldn’t take it so far. Nobody would be able to handle him!

Xiao Chunmian looked a bit at the cramp smile on Yu Qiu’s face, only thinking of how he could easily through the thoughts in his heart at a glance. He couldn’t help but enjoy himself. He smiled and wiped his hands clean, then reached out and wiped Yu Qiu’s face. “Look at you. You were so far away, but you actually also got blood on your face. You have to go back at once and wash it a bit.”

Yu Qiu was stunned. After recalling how he also got blood on his body, his face couldn’t help but turn red. When he embraced Xiao Chunmian earlier, the blood rubbed on him.

He raised his eyes and carefully inspected Xiao Chunmian, and at a glance, he was happy. “Speak for yourself. Look at you, it’s like you climbed out of a blood pool! If anyone were to see this, they’d be scared eight feet away.”

Yu Qiu couldn’t help thinking: This girl is too fierce and tough. Such a pretty face, but it turns out to be fake. If others knew he4Author really used a male pronoun here, and at this point, I don’t think they really care about what pronouns they’re using for XCM in YQ’s POV.  has such a side, I don’t know who’d dare to marry him. What if he can’t get married?

Yu Qiu was stunned, and he looked up. Seeing Xiao Chunmian’s smiling eyes, he felt that they weren’t at all full of jokes, but rather, they were brimming with a kind of earnestness.

Absent-mindedly, the two of them seemed to have returned to that ambiguous moment by the bonfire. 

“You…” Yu Qiu mumbled twice before finally gritting his teeth. Throwing caution to the wind, he directly asked, “Before, did you have something you want to tell me?”

Xiao Chunmian’s eyes lit up.

But before he could speak, the two heard a “cough, cough.”

Hearing the sound, Yu Qiu and Xiao Chunmian were both stunned for a moment. Turning around to see the source of the sound, they saw Gao Conghan, who was still sitting on a tree stump, looking very unsightly and unlike himself.

The reason why he was so unsightly was because, first, his injuries were very serious. Second, it was because he was ignored, of course! When the Black Tiger Beast King just died, he rushed to heal his wounds. After a rough treatment, he opened his eyes in a while, but then saw that the two people before him were actually deciding to become a pair. He had no choice but to continue healing his wounds. But when he opened his eyes again later, he could see that those were starting to act as if there was nobody else present… If that could be tolerated, then what couldn’t be tolerated! 

Gao Conghan smiled angrily to counter. “You guys are so intimate. Could you two be Dao companions?”

Dao companions!

These two words instantly set off waves5惊涛骇浪 – tempestuous waves; fierce and frightening storm; a perilous situation in Yu Qiu’s heart.

Gao Conghan laughed. He had already investigated Yu Qiu’s ancestors for a long time6八辈子 – Literally, eight lifetimes. He naturally knew that Yu Qiu had no Dao companion at all, which was why he made such a taunt.

He waited to see how Yu Qiu would refute, but as a result, he stared blankly as Yu Qiu bashfully lowered his head.

Gao Conghan was almost mad from annoyance: How could you not refute!

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Gao Conghan:
cough, cough, cough
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