Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 24.1: Perfect Coordination

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At the moment the sharp claw was about to reach Xiao Chunmian’s head, Yu Qiu’s mouth twitched and he took out a Heavy Body talisman.

The so-called Heavy Body talisman—as opposed to the Light Body talisman, which could make one’s movements fast and light—could not only make one’s body heavier, but could also make the movements of the person affected to be more sluggish and cumbersome.

And of course, talismans also have grades and ranks. A Heavy Body talisman drawn by a cultivator in the third level of Qi Refining was, at best, effective on those in the initial stage of Qi Refining. In the middle stage, the effect would be deducted. And in the late stage, there’ll be an even greater deduction. Facing one in the Foundation Building Period, it was practically useless.

However, compared to human cultivators, a demon beast’s resistance to such body controlling talismans was even worse. Moreover, this ninth-rank top-grade Black Tiger Beast King before them was more or less the same as a cultivator in only the middle stage of Qi Refining. Although the effect wouldn’t be very good, it would be enough. Not to mention, Yu Qiu’s skills in drawing talismans were the best. The effect of his talismans were better than that of ordinary talismans.

Therefore, as soon as this Heavy Body talisman was taken out, the figure of the huge beast obviously turned sluggish. Because of this perfectly timed delay, Xiao Chunmian was able to narrowly slide to underneath the Black Tiger Beast King’s belly, while only having his head scratched a bit.

What followed was a desperate roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

Yu Qiu watched as Xiao Chunmian stabbed his sword into that huge beast’s wounded belly, but he dared not relax the slightest. Heavy Body and Fixed Body talismans, two kinds of control talismans, were all piled on that huge beast without Yu Qiu demanding for payment. Then he anxiously watched on, hoping Xiao Chunmian could quickly get away after smoothly landing a hit.

Then he looked on helplessly as Xiao Chunmian tightened his grip on the sword, stirring it hard in the Black Tiger Beast King’s belly.

This time, the roar of the Black Tiger Beast king was practically deafening!

Yu Qiu’s face turned white, his heart unceasingly cursing, but he had no choice but to continue slapping away talismans like running water.

The Black Tiger Beast King was struggling fiercely, yet Xiao Chunmian was still hanging from the sword in its belly, and it couldn’t get rid of him! At last, the Black Tiger Beast King’s eyes turned red as it thought of something. It fell to the ground sideways, wanting to use its claws to catch Xiao Chunmian and take him out from under his belly.

Because of the beast falling sideways, Xiao Chunmian happened to fall out of Yu Qiu’s line of sight.

Yu Qiu’s face turned pale. Even the hand that was constantly throwing out talismans couldn’t help but falter. He quickly snapped back, and as he continued slapping away talismans, he tried to walk his way around to the front. But he had just taken a few steps when that huge beast’s body suddenly shook all over, as if on its last struggle. Soon, its hill-like body turned weak and limp, and it went down.

Was this huge beast finally killed?

What about Xiao Chunmian?

The weight in Yu Qiu’s heart did not diminish in the slightest. He still impatiently ran towards them to see Xiao Chunmian.

Finally, he caught sight of a bloody person in front of that huge beast’s belly.

“Xiao Qiu.” Seeing Yu Qiu, Xiao Chunmian revealed a smile.

Yu Qiu rushed over and, clenching his teeth, he raised his right hand high. He had thought that he would slap him firmly in the face. But in the end, he actually grabbed him with one arm and took him into his embrace.

“You scared me to death…” Yu Qiu patted Xiao Chunmian’s back, crying and laughing at the same time. “You scared me to death!”

Xiao Chunmian was shocked by this hug for a long time, he couldn’t utter a word.

When Yu Qiu came back to himself, he hurriedly pushed Xiao Chunmian out of his arms. “Sorry, I was too excited…” But when he saw Xiao Chunmian’s face again, he couldn’t help but go on a tirade. “Can you not take your life for granted! What would I do if something happens1三长两短 – Literally, “three longs and two shorts.” It’s an idiom that means “unexpected misfortune” or “sudden death.” to you!”

Xiao Chunmian was distracted for a long time before he narrowed his eyes in a smile. “If something happened to me… then what would you do?”

“I…” Yu Qiu found he had said something wrong again while he was excited, and it was also too late to bite his own tongue. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and, pretending he hadn’t said anything just now, he started scolding again, “Can’t you stop being so rash all the time! Do you walk around the world just to drop dead at any time!”

“I don’t think I was recklessly looking for death,” Xiao Chunmian said with a smile. “I just know you are by my side.”

Yu Qiu froze.

“The coordination just now was very perfect.” Xiao Chunmian made a gesture of praise to him.

“Coordination?” Yu Qiu repeated, a bit distracted.

“You can tell what I plan to do, and I also know what you’re going to do,” said Xiao Chunmian. “Isn’t that perfect coordination?”

Yu Qiu was still in a daze.

He naturally knew what coordination was, and he had also come across many cultivators with good teamwork2配合默契 – Coordination and tacit understanding. But for hundreds of years, the word “coordination” had never been associated with him. This was because he had always been with Xu Hong, and the team-up between him and Xu Hong had a lot of flaws.

Xu Hong once said that Yu Qiu, as a seal cultivator, only had to stay behind him and accept his protection. He didn’t have to learn how to defend himself, and he didn’t have to learn how to attack. He could just put all his energy on researching seals. And Xu Hong did protect him most of the time. For hundreds of years, he took the talismans that Yu Qiu made for him. He strengthened himself to the max and protected Yu Qiu very well all the time… except for that last time, when they faced the Shadow Demon.

Because Xu Hong sheltered him so well in his previous life, Yu Qiu’s level in all fields, except for seal cultivation, was not at all like that of one in the Golden Core period, even more so in this so-called coordination.

In that final confrontation with the Shadow Demon, he merely took out the talismans which he had not handed over to Xu Hong because they weren’t yet perfect, and it was a big mess; nothing more.

After his rebirth, his weakness in all those other fields didn’t drag him as much, since he was able to directly return to the gate of the Dao. However, Yu Qiu had never sought to coordinate with others either.

It wasn’t until this moment, when Xiao Chunmian pointed it out bluntly, did Yu Qiu realize with astonishment that those seemingly reckless actions by Xiao Chunmian were actually of him seeking Yu Qiu’s coordination. And Yu Qiu even responded to them with perfect coordination.

Yu Qiu blankly stood on the spot, recalling each of their actions back then, and then finally realized it himself.

When Xiao Chunmian saw this, he smiled a bit, then closed his eyes, turning over every life-and-death moment just now in a split second.

A moment later, Yu Qiu opened his eyes, and his gaze was full of enlightenment. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his cultivation, which had been stuck in the third level of Qi Refining for half a month, had now leapt to the fourth level because of his insight. From then on, he was now also a cultivator in the middle stage of Qi Refining!

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Lizonka: The characters for coordination (配合) can also mean “matching,” “fitting,” or “compatible with.” So when I first translated the chapter title, I actually first had it as “Perfect Match” hehe…
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