Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 23.2: Meeting Gao Conghan Again

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Yu Qiu went blank. He turned around to carefully look at the demon beast.

Sure enough. Although the fire had long been extinguished, the light from the moon was enough for them to clearly see that this was an authentic Black Tiger Beast. Its size was simply several times larger than the average Black Tiger Beast.

Demon beast grade ranks didn’t have as many labels as human cultivators’. They were only divided from ranks one to nine. Among them, the ninth rank was equivalent to a human cultivator in the Qi Refining period. Then the low, middle, and top grades were, respectively, equal to the early, middle, and late stages. The Black Tiger Beast was only an ordinary ninth-rank demon beast. They are generally born as low-grade, and a large part of them may reach middle-grade by the time they become adults. As for reaching top-grade, the highest level, it was very rare for this kind of small demon beast. This ninth-rank top-grade Black Tiger Beast before them should be 99% the king of Black Tiger Beasts in the entire Fang Beishan.

No matter what kind of small demon beast it was, so long as the title of “King” was added to it, it wouldn’t be easy to provoke.

Yu Qiu only hesitated for a moment. Once again, he pulled Xiao Chunmian and said, “Let’s run first. There’ll be more Black Tiger Beasts; we don’t have to fight this one.”

“… Will there really be more?” Xiao Chunmian asked.

Yu Qiu stared blankly.

Over there, Gao Conghan was already risking his life, the light of his sword radiating all around against this Black Tiger Beast King. Seeing those two standing on the sidelines, he kept growling and muttering to himself, not knowing what to say. Inside, he was very anxious and angry. “If you dare run away, then so long as I still have a breath left, I will hunt you to the ends of the earth!”

Just a moment ago, Yu Qiu had begun to sway, but in a flash, he firmly wanted this guy to be done and over with1自生自灭 – to emerge and perish on its own; to run its course.

“We’ve already wandered in the mountains for half a day, but we have gained nothing.” Xiao Chunmian was still very calm and collected as he explained his thoughts to Yu Qiu. “Coming across an ordinary Black Tiger Beast is already so difficult, right? What’s more, how could the Black Tiger Beast King appear that easily? Therefore, I think some things must’ve changed now.”

“But this kind of huge beast…”

“It is injured,” said Xiao Chunmian.

Yu Qiu sniffed the air and smelled the scent of blood. His eyes narrowed.  It could be seen that this huge beast before their eyes had been injured from chasing after2追杀 – A specific word for chasing that includes an intention to kill. Gao Conghan also used this earlier, but I just translated it as “hunt” instead. Gao Conghan. It was indeed injured, and the injury wasn’t light. It was just that Gao Conghan had also received some heavy injuries, and he couldn’t do anything about it now.

Thinking this way, perhaps Gao Conghan was on par with the beast when fighting with it earlier.

“It’s not after us.” Xiao Chunmian lowered his voice again. “Senior Gao had completely attracted its attention. Normally, demon beasts won’t ignore the other people around them who might be threatening. But right now, perhaps Senior Gao has used some special means, and to the extent that we’re given the opportunity to catch it off guard.”

…… To put it simply, Gao Conghan was actually a very good bait. All hostility was focused on him. It was very much convenient for them to take up their blades……

Well, of course, Xiao Chunmian’s original idea was definitely not like this. After all, he was such a soft and gentle holy mother. How could Yu Qiu think of such a thing? Surely, he had simply misinterpreted Xiao Chunmian’s good and honest intentions. Yu Qiu silently repented in his heart.

And yet, Yu Qiu had been completely persuaded. He was now seriously thinking on how they should attack.

Over there, the Black Tiger Beast King had already chased Gao Conghan around the field in three laps. Just a while ago, Gao Conghan had been tossed from side to side, and he had spurted out blood several times. While they were looking on, he had already lost half of his life.

The bait3Yu Qiu actually says “拉仇恨,” which means, “courting hatred” or “the one courting hatred.” But that’s too wordy, so I used bait instead XD was about to fall! Yu Qiu started to think fast.

“Can’t wait any longer.” Xiao Chunmian sized up the situation once more, made a gesture to Yu Qiu, and then rushed out decisively, leaving only one sentence: “Act as you see fit.”

Yu Qiu was taken aback, and in the blink of an eye, Xiao Chunmian had already rushed to the Black Tiger Beast King.

Just a moment ago, the Black Tiger Beast had been once again blocked off by Gao Conghan’s palm. Right now, its body was swaggering, but before it could steady itself, Xiao Chumian had already smoothly slid to right under its belly.

This huge beast’s wound was right down its belly. 

Even though the Black Tiger Beast King had been ignoring them, at this time, he also had a trace of vigilance.

It roared. Its eyes as large as copper bells glared at Xiao Chunmian, but it had already missed the key moment. It hurriedly lifted up its paw to slap Xiao Chunmian away.

Yu Qiu rushed to hit it in the face with a blade of wind, while Gao Conghan also slashed at it with his sword. However, this beast could accurately tell which one was the biggest threat right now. Its claws were still firmly aiming at Xiao Chunmian. It also wasn’t merely caging over Xiao Chunmian’s body; rather, it was striking away at every place Xiao Chunmian intended to go to. If Xiao Chunmian was still thinking of killing it, then it was time to stop. Instead of waiting for those claws to drop, he should fall back and make plans.

Yet Xiao Chunmian, as if he didn’t see it, still went onward and tried to get under its belly.

He was obviously about to breathe his last, yet he still had a smile full of confidence on his face. Seeing this, Yu Qiu was so anxious, he wanted to jump in and scold [9] him: How could this young woman be so stubborn! Does he4 Author used he/him pronouns in the raws… which you might find odd, since YQ is explicitly calling XCM a girl here. The author probably forgot or had made a typo. Anyways, I’m going with what’s in the raws. really believe he could dodge its paw? If he wants to dodge it, he can only do it if…

… Wait, only if what? Yu Qiu thought of that thing, but he didn’t breathe a sigh of relief at all for Xiao Chunmian. He only wanted to holler curses at this lady.

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Lizonka: Gao Conghan is so funny in this chapter HAHAHHA

Lizonka: It’s pitiful that he’s half-dying, but all I could think of is this:

meme of how yq and xcm are thinking of using gch as bait
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these two are too sweet! love it


Well I’m sad to hear you won’t be continuing as your translation is excellent, but I totally get how hard it can be to slog through something you’ve lost interest in.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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