Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 23.1: Meeting Gao Conghan Again

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Yu Qiu looked at Xiao Chunmian’s face that was very close and watched him slightly open his lips as if he was about to say something.

At such a tense moment, a roar of a demon beast suddenly broke out from somewhere.

The two people turned a deaf ear. They were deeply immersed in that sweet1青涩 – Actually means “young and inexperienced,” but I don’t know how to translate that without breaking the flow… and unambiguous atmosphere from before. A mere howl of a demon beast couldn’t disturb them at all.

Yu Qiu was still anxiously waiting for Xiao Chunmian’s words to come out.

But then a shadow flew from the forest and fell just beside their bonfire, putting out most of the flames. Finally, the atmosphere was completely destroyed.

Xiao Chunmian had already looked at what had fallen in shock and horror.

It was a figure of a man. He seemed to be hurt. The moment he hit the ground, he spewed out a lot of blood.

Yu Qiu was so depressed that he wished he could add a foot to this guy’s face. However, from the light of the flames stirred bright and erratic, he found that the man seemed to be an acquaintance.

The other person rolled on the ground, put out the fire on his body, then stood up and stared at them with eagle-like eyes.

Yu Qiu’s heart beat and lamented: Really an acquaintance ah!

The black shadow was Gao Conghan, the guy who put a positioning technique on Yu Qiu’s forehead. Him suddenly appearing here may not necessarily be a coincidence.

Sure enough, after Gao Conghan swept a glance over them, his unfriendly eyes landed on Xiao Chunmian. “Why are you here?”

“Xiao Qiu and I came to hunt in the mountains.” Xiao Chunmian actually didn’t keep in mind that Gao Conghan had almost stabbed him to death before. He said with a smile, “How about you, Senior Gao? Could you be cultivating in the mountains?”

As the saying goes, reach out and don’t hit a smiling person. Being greeted by Xiao Chunmian in such a polite manner, Gao Conghan was too embarrassed to continue his unfriendly gaze. He just vaguely said “en,” and for a while, he didn’t know what to say.

He once again sized up Yu Qiu and XIao Chunmian together, only to find that the atmosphere between the two was very fishy! Before, in order to talk to Yu Qiu, Xiao Chunmian had his face very close to him, but now they were apart. Although they weren’t touching, they seemed to be separated by only a sheet of paper, which actually seemed a bit more ambiguous than having their arms around each other. What’s more, Yu Qiu’s face was still red. Even though it’s been a while, the blush still hadn’t faded.

“You guys…” Gao Conghan’s gaze changed, his tone cold.

But before he could get the third word out, the beast roared again, followed by the earth tremendously shaking.

“It’s coming!” Gao Conghan had no choice but change his target and stare at the direction he just fell out of.

Soon, a figure appeared in the woods. When it pounced under the moonlight, it was revealed to be black in color. Like a small mountain, its shadow shrouded these three people in the forest.

Yu Qiu cursed under his breath: Such a huge beast! This huge beast was the mountain overlord in Fang Beishan. Already having a certain level of intelligence, it usually didn’t attack at will. Even when people intruded on its territory, it would mostly just roar twice to get rid of them. But now it was wildly howling in grief and indignation.

“What the hell did you do? How did you provoke this beast!”

“Killed its cub,” Gao Conghan said calmly.

This answer made Yu Qiu want to cough out blood. How he itched to kick Gao Conghan straight into the beast’s mouth, so he’d know what it meant to do evil and not live.

“Don’t panic,” Gao Conghan continued indifferently. “It looks big, but it’s actually just a top-grade rank nine small demon beast. After all, this is only Fang Beishan. No matter how powerful it is, it is only at this level at most.”

“This yingxiong,” Yu Qiu gritted his teeth. “If I judged correctly, you should be seriously injured ba. How did this happen?”

Gao Conghan choked.

Yu Qiu pulled on Xiao Chunmian’s sleeves, and lowered his voice to say, “Let’s go. We are not that beast’s target. We can run faster if we run now.”

“But…” Xiao Chunmian seemed hesitant.

Yu Qiu thought his holy mother heart was overflowing again. He was so anxious and he wanted to say more, but that beast had already arrived before their eyes in a split second. One slap from it had sent Gao Conghan down.

Gao Conghan hurriedly raised his sword to block it, only to hear a dang sound. In a moment, the beast slapped him eight zhangs away. He crashed into an old tree and split open its roots, and he once again vomited blood.

Fortunately, Yu Qiu had pulled Xiao Chunmian and ran away, not at all affected by the disturbance caused by that slap.

“You guys!” Over there, Gao Conghan was furious.

“Hurry!” Yu Qiu couldn’t care about Gao Conghan. He just wanted to take Xiao Chunmian away. And in Yu Qiu’s case, if Gao Conghan were directly killed by this beast, then he no longer had to worry about the positioning technique.

But Xiao Chunmian obviously didn’t think so. When Yu Qiu pulled him again, he wouldn’t move, his eyes narrowing on the large demon beast.

“You’re only on the third level of Qi Refining, while he’s in the late stage!” Yu Qiu said anxiously. “If he wants to kill you, it would be like killing an ant. Do you have to risk your life to save him?”

Xiao Chunmian shook his head slowly and continued to look at the monster. After a while, he suddenly said, “Black Tiger Beast.”

Translator's Corner
Lizonka: GCH is quite “lucky.” YQ and XCM had been looking for a black tiger beast for half a day, and found none. Meanwhile GCH encountered two (the King and its cub) XD
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