Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 20.2: After the System Upgrade

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Yu Qiu looked at the ring for a while, then sighed. He silently reached out and gently touched its edge. In this light touch, a strand of divine sense crossed through the ring.

[Your trust moves me.]

When Yu Qiu heard this, he knew that it was sarcasm. It seemed like this guy was acting difficult because he had doubted him a bit just now. However, Yu Qiu had nothing to justify.

Then, along with his spirit, his wisp of divine sense penetrated the interior of the Karma Ring. What he saw inside was a world as vast as the smoke and sea, more extensive than all the magic items he had ever possessed. The space was half black and half white. The white side was full of black stars, and the black side was full of white stars. They were all moving along a certain trajectory, making one feel dizzy if they scan them carefully.

Because it made him too dizzy, Yu Qiu had no choice but to give up looking at the scenery and just went straight into the depths.

A normal magic item should have a mark left by its owner in its deepest place. But at the moment, there wasn’t anything resembling a mark in the Karma Ring’s deepest place, proving that it currently didn’t have an owner. Even Yu Qiu, its host, was not its owner.

Where the owner should have left a mark, laid only a rectangular blackboard. Looking closely, one could see several patterns on the board. The words “Task,” “Record,” and “Reward” were written under the patterns, and Yu Qiu had no idea what these ghost words were…

[Press on those patterns.]

Although Yu Qiu didn’t know what pressing on those ghosts would do, he tried to poke on “Record” with his divine sense. The blackboard went shua, and the scenery in the place immediately changed.

A few lines of text appeared in front of Yu Qiu. The first line said, “Current Remaining Experience Points: 17.” And the small words at the bottom were “System Upgrade, Experience Points − 1000, Remaining Experience Points: 17;” “Attacks not Aiming, Experience Points + 1, Remaining Experience Points: 1017;” “Attacks not Aiming, Experience Points + 1, Remaining Experience Points: 1016” … After a while, Yu Qiu finally understood that this should be the legendary task record. The latest change of experience value was recorded at the top, and the earlier changes were recorded at the bottom.

And besides this row of numbers… What the hell was this thing with a dot in the middle of a long bar? Yu Qiu tried to poke it with his divine sense and found that the words on the board would roll along with the sliding of the dots, if he understood it right. Then he pulled the dot down, and as expected, he saw the earlier records of experience value changes.

In this way, he found several “Repair Loss Data, Experience Points −10,”  “Repair Loss Data, Experience Points −10,”  “Repair Loss Data, Experience Points −10”… 

–You secretly used experience points for repair?

[What secretly? It is clearly recorded.]


[If I don’t repair it, I’m afraid I won’t be able to upgrade even with 1000 experience points.]

Well, there was a justified reason for it. Yu Qiu sighed and stopped fussing about it. Instead, he poked the “Return” in the lower right corner with his divine sense. The board turned back to its original shape.

Yu Qiu poked “Task” this time, but there was nothing in it except the daily task the system had told him about in the beginning. Yu Qiu, with no better option, had to return with a bit of a loss. Then Yu Qiu rubbed his fists and wiped his palms, finally poking the most anticipated “Reward.”

As soon as he got in, aiyo, the items were actually classified! There were sword manuals, cultivation methods, spells, arrays, pill formulas, tool refining maps, and even seal diagrams! Merely upgrading to a higher level, there were already so many benefits, simply a big profit!

[Don’t be too happy. All rewards must be exchanged for experience points.]

–I know.

Even so, it was good enough. Yu Qiu only hoped that there weren’t only popular goods in it. It would be better if it also had some items that were difficult to find.

He restrained his excitement and made great efforts to ignore those “seal diagrams” as he nervously poked on “sword manual.” As a result…


Hadn’t Yu Qiu wanted to break this lousy ring for a long time now?

Now, he immediately threw away the lousy board.

Because after poking on “sword manual,” only three words appeared on it–“To be updated.”

How naive of him to think the system wouldn’t be such a pit1– slang for cheating someone after the upgrade!

[Calm down.]

The system even consoled him on top of it.

Yu Qiu took a few deep breaths, and finally had to persuade himself not to be too agitated. He picked up the board again, returned it, and poked on the other categories.

And yet… to be updated, to be updated, everything was to be updated.

Yu Qiu nearly threw away the lousy board again.

[A little patience] The system advised in due time. [I am writing, and I’m not that fast.]

… Writing? Writing! Were all those things I looked forward to exchanging with experience points written by the system itself? Yu Qiu’s intuition couldn’t be trusted, and he became more and more frustrated.

–Can I stop being your host?

[… Why]

–Such a pit is too much to bear.

[Why so]

–Can you understand how hurtful this feeling of being pitted is?


Not sure if it was Yu Qiu’s imagination, but after this moment of silence, he seemed to have heard the system sigh gently.

[Fine. Gimme a minute. I’ll write one as soon as possible. You can make a decision after reading it.]

This suggestion was actually not bad. Yu Qiu didn’t say anything, but he tacitly agreed to it. But to be honest, he was so frustrated right now that he had no hope for what the system would bring out.

Yu Qiu didn’t know how long the system was gonna write, but he didn’t leave. He just sat there.

He began to ponder over some profound questions, such as what the system really was. Of course, he could now confirm that the system was a magic item, but a magic item becoming a magic item always had a reason. Yu Qiu had already seen the system’s main part, which was precisely the ring. But looking left and right, he didn’t know what that ring was made of and so on. Its former owner made great efforts to create it. It was unlikely that its overall purpose was only for playing this kind of task and experience points game, right?

Before he could think deeply about the reason why, Yu Qiu suddenly heard a ding.


–So fast?

Yu Qiu muttered, once again picking up the board and poking on it. This time, under the label, “Sword Manual,” there was finally a《Cold Song Sword Manual》, followed by the note 《Qi Refining Period Chapter》, and below it was a row of tiny words, “Experience Points Required for Exchange: 1.”

[Because the system’s update speed is too slow, causing some trouble to the host, the experience points required for this exchange have been reduced for compensation.]

These words made Yu Qiu feel a bit more satisfied. However, after carefully reading the words that appeared just now, Yu Qiu’s face suddenly changed.

Cold Song sword manual? It couldn’t be that Cold Song sword manual!

Yu Qiu chose to exchange, then he immediately examined it, his eyes getting brighter and brighter.

Quickly, he searched for the jade slip2玉简 (yùjiǎn) – a long, narrow strip of jade used as a magical item. A cultivator can magically store information inside it, and other cultivators can then use that Jade Slip to directly transmit the stored information into their minds. Based on the Bamboo Slips used in ancient China. [source] he bought today, then, using his divine sense, he recorded all the contents displayed in the system in one breath. Afterwards, he grabbed the flying sword on the side and, unable to hold himself back, he rushed to Xiao Chunmian’s room.

The door was still closed. Yu Qiu was impatient and couldn’t help but reach out and knock hard. It turned out the door was left unlocked, and knocking it like so, it squeaked open, and Yu Qiu immediately caught sight of the scene in the room.

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