Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 20.1: After the System Upgrade

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Yu Qiu tried to bargain for the price, but that languid stall owner didn’t consider it. Even after negotiating about the price for a while, he still didn’t yield. It should be 220 or 220. In the end, Yu Qiu gritted his teeth and bought the blue flying sword.

When the spirit stones were spent, Yu Qiu’s heart hurt. 

But in the current Fangshanji center, a usable flying sword wasn’t easy to find. Yu Qiu had been shopping for so long, and this was the only thing that could enter his eyes. Outside, such a flying sword would have been sold at around three or four mid-grade spirit stones. Only a few stones, but when converted, it was actually three or four hundred low-grade spirit stones. Being able to buy it for only 220, such a chance shouldn’t be missed.

In contrast, there wasn’t a pleasing sword-manual at all. It was better than buying nothing… If it weren’t for the system jumping in, Yu Qiu would have already given up the flying sword after several rounds of bargaining.

Yu Qiu took the newly purchased sword and walked all the way back. However, Xiao Chunmian was no longer in the open space, and the door was closed. He must be refining qi right now.

Yu Qiu lingered outside Xiao Chunmian’s door for a while, then entered his own room and closed the door tightly.

And for a moment, a dazzling light suddenly burst forth in Yu Qiu’s room.

The light shone through the window. It was so dazzling, you could even see it several miles away. Yu Qiu was shocked. He immediately grabbed a layer of the bedding to tightly cover his arm, but the light was still bright and blinding.

After a while, the light gradually shrunk back, condensing into a small ball and then making a light buzzing sound under the bedding. As soon as Yu Qiu took the bedding away, he saw the ring floating above his wrist.

The ring was divided into two parts, and both of them were constantly revolving around a nucleus that was like a bright moving sphere. Then, each small ring once again came together, overlapping each other. They slightly rotated in an angle as their bodies intersected and gradually condensed again. These two parts were then divided into four and were also constantly spinning.

Yu Qiu wiped off a handful of cold sweat. Fortunately, he had considered something like this and didn’t upgrade until he returned home. If this event had been seen by others, it would certainly be an awkward predicament.

–Is this upgrade over?

[Yes, it has been completely upgraded to Level 2.]

–What are the new functions?

[Let me recall.]


Yu Qiu gazed at this ring and his look was suddenly full of doubt: Why does this thing look so unreliable?

[Don’t you want a sword manual?]


[Then, it’s decided. The new function of level 2 is that you can use your experience points to exchange for a sword manual1Although I’ve been using the word “manual” this whole time, the raws actually use 诀, which specifically refers to the “secrets” of an art. I just went with manual coz I couldn’t think of anything else. The actual Chinese word for cultivation manuals is 秘笈. and a cultivation method.]


Yu Qiu realized that he shouldn’t have trusted the system so easily before, because this was a complete scam.

[Please see the system interface.]

–What the hell?

[Use your divine sense to explore inside me, just like how you control other magical items.]

–It seems like you really are a magic treasure2The characters being used here are 法宝 (fabao), which, according to this glossary, is actually a generic term for all magic weapons. However, if you remember, in Chapter 10, Yu Qiu specifically makes a distinction between ordinary magic tools and magic tools with a spirit. In the raws, he calls the former as 法器, and the latter as 法宝. And so, here’s how I’ll be referring to them:

法宝 (fǎbǎo) = magic tools with a spirit = magic treasures
法宝 (fǎbǎo) = magic items = generic term for all magical stuff  [it has the same characters as the one above but, depending on context, I’ll be using magic items]
法器 (fǎqì) = ordinary magic tools with no spirit

Moreover, the author repeatedly says 法宝 + with a spirit, but since I’ve set magic treasures to specifically mean a tool with spirit, I will be omitting all future instances of “+with a spirit” so that it doesn’t sound redundant in English.
with a spirit.

[If you must understand it like that, then I have no objection.]

–Do you know what will happen if insignificant Qi Refining cultivators willingly use their divine sense to probe the inside of a magic treasure?

[This depends on whether or not you are willing to trust me.]

Yu Qiu said nothing.

Although magic treasures were still regarded as objects by cultivators, they actually already possessed cultivation and wisdom. They could be considered as a different kind of cultivator, and their cultivation was not low. They would suddenly want to possess a human being. They would tempt the small human cultivators who weren’t as good as them to probe their interior; then, following along this drop of divine sense, they would destroy their entire soul and then take possession of the cultivator’s body… Such a case was a common legend in the cultivation world.

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Lol trap system. I hope he can make it work for himself.

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