Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 18.1: Just One Word

Last updated on January 11, 2021

Zhang Donggua jumped up when he was burnt. He hurriedly called over his men to rescue him.

Yu Qiu opened his hand, once again letting the used talisman float to the ground, and with ease, he drew a fourth one. “One hundred.”

Another flame burst out, and one of the men who was just about to pounce suddenly turned back again.

But Zhang Donggua’s men were so many ah. When one fell, another one would simply take over. They were like locusts.

The light in Yu Qiu’s eyes quivered neither too fast nor too slow. His fingers looked as soft as spring onions, and it was as if he were picking up flowers one after another.

One hundred twenty-five, one hundred fifty, one hundred seventy-five… Yu Qiu counted one by one, his clear voice falling into the ears of Zhang Donggua’s men. The pressure of the talismans simply made one’s hair stand on end.

When Zhang Donggua finally put out the fire on his hair, those locust-like men were already utterly defeated. A scene of devastation met the eye on every side, either burnt here or burnt there. It was horribly tragic.

As another flame was once again sprayed on those men rolling about, Yu Qiu’s lips finally spit out the number that sounded like harsh wind to Zhang Donggua. “Two hundred fifty.”

A whole ten fire talismans were finally thrown away by Yu Qiu!

Zhang Donggua only felt that his entire person had gained a new life. He shook the flesh on his face. Holding the spear in his hand once again, he firmly poked it on the ground, determined to stand his ground. “Boy, you are arrogant! Merely relying on a few fire talismans…”

But as he was about to attempt, Zhang Donggua suddenly fell silent in the middle of their conversation. He gnashed his teeth, wishing he could bite off his tongue.

With only one move, Yu Qiu let this guy fall again into the abyss of despair.

–Yu Qiu took out another talisman from his clothes.

“What did you say?” Yu Qiu patted Zhang Donggua’s chest with the stack of talismans and smiled gently.

“Daxia1Literally, hero or noble warrior. Can also mean master. It’s used like the “yingxiong” from before.…” Zhang Donggua couldn’t help but shiver. “Daxia, cease your…” Before he could say the word “anger,” a lump of ice slapped him in the face.

Yu Qiu didn’t pick out any talisman. He just used whatever it was he picked up. It just so happened that on top of it were a dozen ice talismans. Zhang Donggua screamed when he was hit straight on. Cold air flowed all over the place. Those subordinates dared not approach anymore. They looked on as their family’s Laoda was continuously tortured.

Poor Zhang Donggua, a cultivator in the sixth level of Qi Refining who had regarded himself superior in Fangshanji for many years with his accomplishments and pretty good magic weapons. He had acted like a tyrant in Fangshanji for many years. When had he ever been bullied like this?

Unfortunately, in the eyes of a seal cultivator with enough ammunition, there was only a small gap between their accomplishments. Could it even be called a gap? It was not a damn thing at all! In facing Gao Conghan, who was in the late stage of Qi Refining, Yu Qiu may have to be careful and scrupulous. In facing Zhang Donggua, who was in the middle stage of Qi Refining, just one word and he’d go “boom.”

Without having to worry about spirit stones, the current opponent became so easy to abuse. Yu Qiu was attacking in a very carefree manner, and it had never felt so good. Yu Qiu also sighed with emotion: Besides a seal cultivator, who else can be so cool? No one! Only seal cultivators  are so promising.

As for Zhang Donggua… What happened to him today really made the people who heard and saw it shed tears. In the beginning, he was just attacked by Yu Qiu in his own shop. Later, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He ran out of the shop and tried to run far away. As a result, Yu Qiu took out a Light Body talisman and patted it on his leg. He chased after him, attacking all the time, all throughout the entire market for several times. Yu Qiu’s stack of talismans in his hand was used up, but before Zhang Donggua could breathe a sigh of relief, a new batch of talismans was taken out by Yu Qiu.

Zhang Donggua cried. He really cried.

All the people in the market watched as this guy was chased around by a cultivator who was only in the third level of Qi Refining and getting beat up so badly. All the prestige that Zhang Donggua had accumulated over the years as a tyrant in Fangshanji turned into floating clouds in an instant.

Yu Qiu was so caught up in the moment when a ding, dong suddenly rang in his head. Yu Qiu was stunned, his raised hand couldn’t help but stop and fall back.

“Dage!” How could Zhang Donggua still care about prestige at this time? As soon as he saw Yu Qiu stop, he rushed over and hugged his thigh. “Dage, mercy! Mercy! Lift your hand high so I may pass under it2高抬贵手 (idiom) – It’s like saying “give me a break!” or “please don’t be too hard on me this time.”! I was wrong! I was really wrong!”

“Da-fucking-ge!” Yu Qiu right now couldn’t take it hearing other people calling him dage. He kicked Zhang Donggua in the face.

In his mind, Yu Qiu was talking with the system using his divine sense.

—What’s up?

[Experience value is enough. You can choose to upgrade me to the second level.]

—What did I do to gain enough experience value?

[…… You haven’t hit the target for several times now.]

Yu Qiu suddenly realized. Many times along the way, he really did attack mindlessly. He relied on his luck, so naturally, he hit the target less. He was fearless because he had enough talismans on his hand. He didn’t expect this would also count as experience value!

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Haha 😂 call me uncle!! I wonder if upgrading the system will be good or if it will be a total trap ☺️

Thanks for the great translation ♥️


I think 大你妈的哥 here means more along the lines of “Your f*ing big brother!”

Thanks for translating this story =D


Omg you’re right!!! 你妈 can also be used as a curse sdfghjkl. I actually forgot that haha. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

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