Chapter 18: Just One Word


Zhang Donggua jumped up when he was burnt. He hurriedly called over his men to rescue him.

Yu Qiu opened his hand, once again letting the used talisman float to the ground, and with ease, he drew a fourth one. “One hundred.”

Another flame burst out, and one of the men who was just about to pounce suddenly turned back again.

But Zhang Donggua’s men were so many ah. When one fell, another one would simply take over. They were like locusts.

The light in Yu Qiu’s eyes quivered neither too fast nor too slow. His fingers looked as soft as spring onions, and it was as if he were picking up flowers one after another.

One hundred twenty-five, one hundred fifty, one hundred seventy-five… Yu Qiu counted one by one, his clear voice falling into the ears of Zhang Donggua’s men. The pressure of the talismans simply made one’s hair stand on end.

When Zhang Donggua finally put out the fire on his hair, those locust-like men were already utterly defeated. A scene of devastation met the eye on every side, either burnt here or burnt there. It was horribly tragic.

As another flame was once again sprayed on those men rolling about, Yu Qiu’s lips finally spit out the number that sounded like harsh wind to Zhang Donggua. “Two hundred fifty.”

A whole ten fire talismans were finally thrown away by Yu Qiu!

Zhang Donggua only felt that his entire person had gained a new life. He shook the flesh on his face. Holding the spear in his hand once again, he firmly poked it on the ground, determined to stand his ground. “Boy, you are arrogant! Merely relying on a few fire talismans…”

But as he was about to attempt, Zhang Donggua suddenly fell silent in the middle of their conversation. He gnashed his teeth, wishing he could bite off his tongue.

With only one move, Yu Qiu let this guy fall again into the abyss of despair.

–Yu Qiu took out another talisman from his clothes.

“What did you say?” Yu Qiu patted Zhang Donggua’s chest with the stack of talismans and smiled gently.

“Daxia1Literally, hero or noble warrior. Can also mean master. It’s used like the “yingxiong” from before.…” Zhang Donggua couldn’t help but shiver. “Daxia, cease your…” Before he could say the word “anger,” a lump of ice slapped him in the face.

Yu Qiu didn’t pick out any talisman. He just used whatever it was he picked up. It just so happened that on top of it were a dozen ice talismans. Zhang Donggua screamed when he was hit straight on. Cold air flowed all over the place. Those subordinates dared not approach anymore. They looked on as their family’s Laoda was continuously tortured.

Poor Zhang Donggua, a cultivator in the sixth level of Qi Refining who had regarded himself superior in Fangshanji for many years with his accomplishments and pretty good magic weapons. He had acted like a tyrant in Fangshanji for many years. When had he ever been bullied like this?

Unfortunately, in the eyes of a seal cultivator with enough ammunition, there was only a small gap between their accomplishments. Could it even be called a gap? It was not a damn thing at all! In facing Gao Conghan, who was in the late stage of Qi Refining, Yu Qiu may have to be careful and scrupulous. In facing Zhang Donggua, who was in the middle stage of Qi Refining, just one word and he’d go “boom.”

Without having to worry about spirit stones, the current opponent became so easy to abuse. Yu Qiu was attacking in a very carefree manner, and it had never felt so good. Yu Qiu also sighed with emotion: Besides a seal cultivator, who else can be so cool? No one! Only seal cultivators  are so promising.

As for Zhang Donggua… What happened to him today really made the people who heard and saw it shed tears. In the beginning, he was just attacked by Yu Qiu in his own shop. Later, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He ran out of the shop and tried to run far away. As a result, Yu Qiu took out a Light Body talisman and patted it on his leg. He chased after him, attacking all the time, all throughout the entire market for several times. Yu Qiu’s stack of talismans in his hand was used up, but before Zhang Donggua could breathe a sigh of relief, a new batch of talismans was taken out by Yu Qiu.

Zhang Donggua cried. He really cried.

All the people in the market watched as this guy was chased around by a cultivator who was only in the third level of Qi Refining and getting beat up so badly. All the prestige that Zhang Donggua had accumulated over the years as a tyrant in Fangshanji turned into floating clouds in an instant.

Yu Qiu was so caught up in the moment when a ding, dong suddenly rang in his head. Yu Qiu was stunned, his raised hand couldn’t help but stop and fall back.

“Dage!” How could Zhang Donggua still care about prestige at this time? As soon as he saw Yu Qiu stop, he rushed over and hugged his thigh. “Dage, mercy! Mercy! Lift your hand high so I may pass under it2高抬贵手 (idiom) – It’s like saying “give me a break!” or “please don’t be too hard on me this time.”! I was wrong! I was really wrong!”

“Da-fucking-ge!” Yu Qiu right now couldn’t take it hearing other people calling him dage. He kicked Zhang Donggua in the face.

In his mind, Yu Qiu was talking with the system using his divine sense.

—What’s up?

[Experience value is enough. You can choose to upgrade me to the second level.]

—What did I do to gain enough experience value?

[…… You haven’t hit the target for several times now.]

Yu Qiu suddenly realized. Many times along the way, he really did attack mindlessly. He relied on his luck, so naturally, he hit the target less. He was fearless because he had enough talismans on his hand. He didn’t expect this would also count as experience value!

[You can check the task record for the specific circumstances.]

Before Yu Qiu had spoken, Zhang Donggua under his feet had once again held his thigh. With a flattering smile on his face, he wiped his snot and tears that had gotten on Yu Qiu’s pant leg. “Okay, okay, not Dage. Dage is not pleasant to hear at all… Daxia, Laoda, Daye, Yeye3Daye (大爷) is a respectful way to address an older man, and Yeye (爷爷) means grandfather… which one do you think is suitable?”

How else could this guy have held a fortified position in Fangshanji for many years? It’s exactly because he could bend and unbend4can take temporary setbacks; can bow and submit.

Yu Qiu loosened the Laoda’s strength before he pulled his thigh back. “Now, do you still think my talismans are fake?”

“I don’t, I don’t.” Zhang Donggua said the words with an ingratiating smile, then he suddenly slapped his mouth. “Aiyo, look what nonsense I’m saying! Yeye, how can you say that I think your5Zhang Donggua is using the polite version of you (您) here instead of the regular you (你) talismans were fake? Who would dare think so? Your talismans are naturally real, even more real than gold! Whoevers dares to say they’re not, I would immediately break that blind dog’s leg!”

Yu Qiu trembled from the goosebumps breaking out on his body. “As long as you know. No need to talk rubbish. The point is…”

“Spirit stones, right? This lowly one6 小的 (xiǎo de) – An “I” pronoun used when talking to someone superior. I thought of using “this humble one” or “this small one,” but considering how ingratiating Zhang Donggua sounds, why not go all out with “this lowly one.” knows. Give me a minute, Yeye.” As Zhang Donggua said so, he glanced at one of his subordinates. “Hurry up and get the things this Yeye wants!”

That subordinate was originally so anxious to save his laoda, but the situation suddenly turned around dramatically. The laoda gave him a task, but he didn’t react at all. He was stunned and didn’t know what to do.

“Idiot!” Zhang Donggua kicked the man on the face in the same way Yu Qiu kicked him in the beginning. “Go get the spirit stones!”

That unlucky subordinate wiped his face and finally returned to his senses. He recalled the numbers Yu Qiu had announced in succession in the beginning when things were in chaos. “Laoda, I understand. Two hundred and fifty, right?”

“You’re two hundred fifty!7 The number 250 (pronounced as èr bǎi wǔ and written as 二百五) is also a slang term that means stupid. So Zhang Donggua is calling the guy stupid hahaha.

There are several reasons on the internet on how the slang came to be, but the one I liked in particular is the story of a king who was looking for the assassin who murdered his friend who was a famous officer. The king pretended to be grateful for the assassination and announced that he will give 1000 gold pieces to the murderer.

Then, four people showed up and insisted they were the assassin. The king then asked that, since there were four of them, how much should each one of them get. The four people all answered 250, and the king became furious. He said, “Take these four er bai wu’s (250’s) and chop off their head!”
” Zhang Donggua kicked him again. “Are you not ashamed! Bring me five hundred right away!”

The unlucky man covered his face and finished the task in tears.

Zhang Donggua once again put on an ingratiating smile as he led Yu Qiu back to the shop they came out from. “Yeye, this way please.”

Was it really possible to take out all those spirit stones? Yu Qiu suddenly felt apprehensive. He saw Zhang Donggua’s attitude turn around so fast that he couldn’t help but guard a little. But he had thought too much.

Zhang Donggua was a very discerning person. An arrogant guy like Gao Conghan had been living in Fangshanji for a while and had never had friction with Zhang Donggua, the tyrant of Fangshanji. Meanwhile, the Qingtou Gang had almost died twice. It served to show that Zhang Donggua would only bully the weak while serving the strong, striking the water left and right8左右逢源 – to turn everything into gold; to have everything going one’s way; to benefit from both sides.

As soon as they stepped back in the shop, Zhang Donggua saw the old man with the white beard who was still inside, and his face sank immediately. “Didn’t you want to go back to your hometown to farm? Hurry up and go. We can’t accommodate this great honorable Buddha here.”

The old man with the white beard trembled. “Dongjia9东家 – can mean landlord, boss, or master (an employer)., why do you have to…”

Where was Zhang Donggua still willing to listen to him? Being bombarded by Yu Qiu for so many laps, Zhang Donggua had already hated him for a long time. If it weren’t for the old man’s age, he would’ve beaten him to death. Zhang Donngua didn’t have much to say. He clapped his hands, and a few burly men came over and dragged the man outside.

“Surnamed Zhang!” The old man with the white beard shouted as he was dragged out. “I’ve worked like a cow and a horse for you for so many years! You got nothing to show even after all the efforts I made! You, you treat me like this today, see who dares work for you in the future!”

Zhang Donggua acted as if there were only a mosquito buzzing in his ear. His face once again changed into a smile as he respectfully led Yu Qiu to a seat. “I don’t know how I should address this Yeye?”

“Enough of the Yeye,” said Yu Qiu. “My name is Yu Qiu.”

“It turned out to be Yu Qiu Daxia! No wonder that…” Zhang Donggua wanted to flatter him more, but seeing Yu Qiu frown, he knew he didn’t like to listen to such words, so he couldn’t help but stop. Just at this time, the subordinate finally came over with the spirit stones.

Zhang Donggua said in secret that it was good. Then, happily taking all the spirit stones, he poured them all out on the table in front of Yu Qiu in one breath.

The spirit stones were plump. Although they weren’t big, they were very shiny. With hundreds of them piled together, they looked like shining hills in people’s eyes. Zhang Donggua stirred the top of the hill with his sands, and the sound of the hill collapsing was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Yu Qiu’s eyes were straight.

In the previous life, Yu Qiu did not put the low-grade spirit stone in his eyes. But in this life, he saw it for the first time. How difficult it is ah!

As soon as Zhang Donggua saw Yu Qiu’s eyes, he knew that he had gotten the pile of spirit stones right.

He slowly counted the spirit stones, one by one, and Yu Qiu’s eyes were trembling. One low-grade spirit stone was three pieces of white deer paper and a whole bag of cinnabar. When Zhang Donggua finally counted up to two hundred and fifty, he handed them to Yu Qiu. “Yu Qiu Daxia, this is what we agreed on before.”

Yu Qiu quickly untied his bag and put all the spirit stones inside it. His hands were shaking the whole time.

Yu Qiu wished he could scold himself: It’s not that he hadn’t seen spirit stones! It was just a few hundred low-grade spirit stones but he couldn’t stay calm–truly no ambition!

After quite a while, Yu Qiu had finally finished taking all those spirit stones. However, they didn’t forget about the hundreds of spirit stones still remaining on top of the table.

Zhang Donggua smiled and pushed the hundreds of low-grade spirit stones towards Yu Qiu.

Yu Qiu’s heart jumped.

“This is a small gift. I have a simple favor I’d like to ask of Yu Qiu Daxia. What do you say?”

“What’s this simple favor?” Yu Qiu’s voice broke.

“An uncomplicated simple favor,” said Zhang Donggua. “I just hope that in the entrance exam in three months, Yu Qiu Daxia can take care of me.”

As soon as the voice fell, Yu Qiu’s jumping heart suddenly sank. “… Entrance exam?”

In the presence of such beautiful spirit stones, the wording was really not beautiful.

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