Chapter 17: Zhang Donggua


Because of the discord with the Qingtou Gang, Yu Qiu moved out with the old man and Xiao Chunmian the next day and found an empty house to live in. The old man didn’t know what happened. He had formed a good relationship with Zhao Tu some time ago, and now he was reluctant to part with him and often sighed.

As for Xiao Chunmian, there was no opinion at all. He’d follow Yu Qiu wherever he moved.

Two or three days later, Xiao Chunmian’s injuries were better. Then he started taking a branch to practice with as he trained in the open space outside the house everyday. En, the sword was broken, so he could only dance with the branch instead. He trained for several hours, and so long as he didn’t stop, his entire body wouldn’t stop being drenched in sweat.

Just like now, Xiao Chunmian was dancing with a branch outside.

Yu Qiu was absentmindedly drawing a talisman inside the house.

With the large package of materials he had bought before, Yu Qiu had developed about seven or eight new ways of drawing talismans with simplified materials over the past few days. Now, there were only a few materials left. Yu Qiu suspended his research, and instead began drawing repeatedly, putting in every effort to turn the results of his research into an economical benefit.

Perhaps because this kind of repetitive work was too simple, Yu Qiu wouldn’t make mistakes even with his eyes closed, and so his mind drifted out the window.

Xiao Chunmian had just finished dancing a set of sword techniques. He was exhausted and panting for breath, but he didn’t stop. He felt that one part of the sword moves right now was incoherent. He frowned and, keeping his hold on the branch, tried his best to make that move over and over. Sweat dripped down from his cheek to the ground, yet it didn’t make Xiao Chunmian hesitate even just a bit.

Sword dancing and refining qi were the only things Xiao Chunmian had been doing these past days.

So hardworking. Just because he said he wanted to be stronger that day? Because he thought that as long as he was strong enough, he could save and protect everyone? What a hopeless holy mother.

When Yu Qiu thought of this, he was in low spirits.

He felt that the girl was just trying to be brave… Yes, he still thought that Xiao Chunmian was a girl.

Just as Yu Qiu was lost in thought in silently criticizing Xiao Chunmian, a talisman was completed with his eyes closed. However, the tip of the brush was still hovering over the paper. Then, he heard two ka-cha sounds. The body of the brush suddenly broke, and the ink was splattered all over his body and on the talisman that had not been removed in time.

[You’re too absent-minded.]

The system sent out a congratulatory message.

Yu Qiu stared at the messy talisman for a long time, and suddenly there was an indescribable fire in his heart, and he smashed the remaining half of the brush on the table.

Outside the window, Xiao Chunmian had also stopped. He didn’t know what kind of bottleneck he’d encountered, so he thought about it hard, his brows furrowing. After a while, Xiao Chunmian’s eyebrows suddenly spread out. With a smile, he danced again with the branch in his hand, repeating the set of sword techniques that he’d been repeating countless times.

Yu Qiu couldn’t help but push the door open and go out. He leaned against the door frame, watching Xiao Chunmian.

Looking at it, the indescribable fire in his heart was eliminated a lot, but then it rose to a different kind of discomfort.

Yu Qiu knew what he was upset about. On that day, aside from saving and protecting all people, Xiao Chunmian also said that one day, he’d be able to stand in front of Yu Qiu. This sentence was what made Yu Qiu feel unhappy.

The discomfort was not directed at Xiao Chunmian himself.

It’s just that someone once said something similar to Yu Qiu.

What was the original saying? “Don’t worry about doing what you like. Don’t be afraid that you’ll be in danger, because I will always be in front of you.”

The person who said this in his previous life was naturally Xu Hong.

Now, Yu Qiu just wanted to laugh three times. It was funny that he was unexpectedly still moved, for, as it turned out, what stood in front of him was all bullshit. 

What made Yu Qiu even more uncomfortable was that Xiao Chunmian also danced well with the sword just like Xu Hong.

After leaning against the door frame for such a long time, Yu Qiu was finally noticed by Xiao Chunmian. Xiao Chumian stopped his moves, and withdrawing his flower sword, he came up to him with a smile. “Xiao Qiu.”

Yu Qiu nodded, calmed down and asked him, “Do you want to be a sword cultivator?”

“A sword cultivator?” Xiao Chunmian was obviously at a loss about this concept.

“On the road of cultivation, people can walk on different paths. And on the path you choose, you can realize your own Dao.” Yu Qiu pondered on how he should explain. “To enter the Dao with a sword is to become a sword cultivator.”

“Entering the Dao by sword?” Xiao Chunmian narrowed his eyes and smiled. “That sounds pretty good.”

Although he answered ambiguously, the light in his smiling eyes was enough to make Yu Qiu sigh: He was most likely gonna be a sword cultivator.

Sword cultivator, sword cultivator. Living two lives and both with sword cultivators, he couldn’t understand. Yu Qiu was helpless.

But in the end, Yu Qi still knew that the reason why he was unhappy was just because he remembered Xu Hong. Xu Hong was a real hypocrite and a nasty person, but Xiao Chunmian was completely different. Any misgivings he had towards Xu Hong should not be mapped the slightest on Xiao Chunmian.

Xiao Chunmian was led to the road of cultivation by him. Thinking of it this way, Yu Qiu was a little proud.

“Actually, on the road of cultivation, the sword techniques of the mortal world are useless,” said Yu Qiu. “If you really want to enter the Dao, you should find some sword manuals in the Qi Refining period.”

“I’ve thought of that too.” Xiao Chunmian sighed. “But when I went to the north yesterday, I couldn’t find a suitable one. I can only practice what I have learned before. It’s better than nothing.”

Yu Qiu frowned: This was because he didn’t take it into consideration. Fangshanji was just a gathering place for low-level rogue cultivators. Even if there was a sword manual, it definitely won’t be good. Moreover, even if it wasn’t good, they still wouldn’t be able to get it without laying down dozens of low-grade spirit stones. Xiao Chunmian really couldn’t afford it right now, nor could he afford it even with the money that Gu Qing paid back.

No matter how rich people were in the mortal world, on the road of cultivation, they’d only be dregs ah.

“That’s the only way for now.” Yu Qiu had to say helplessly. “You train first. I’ll help you keep an eye on it. Once I come across a suitable sword manual, I’ll take it for you no matter what.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Chunmian didn’t act polite, happily expressing his gratitude.

Having said that, Yu Qiu went back to the room to tidy up. Then he put his achievements from these past days into his pocket and went out.

As he got to the market in the north, he caught sight from afar the legendary Zhang Donggua, watching over the plaza. If someone wanted to set up a stall there, they’d have to pay the area fee first. One low-grade spirit stone for one shichen.

Yu Qiu didn’t even have half a low-grade spirit stone right now. He had to walk around to check if anyone was buying talismans. From walking back and forth, it turned out that Zhang Donggua’s men paid the highest price. But even the highest price was actually lower than the market price. Originally, a Fire talisman could sell for three low-grade spirit stones. They only offered two and a half.

Yu Qiu sighed, took out the stack of talismans in his pocket, counted ten Fire talismans, then handed them over. His mind was full of the thought that twenty-five low grade spirit stones were about to arrive and that he could finally buy Xiao Chunmian a sword cultivating manual. However, a few people held these ten talismans in their hands. They looked at them over and over, then called Zhang Donggua to look at them too. Then Zhang Donngua called over an old man with a white beard and continued to look at them…  At last, the old man with the white beard slammed the talismans on the table, puffed at his beard and glared at him. “Which disgraceful person dares to swindle money using fake talismans? You’re seeking death1不想要命了!– Actually says “Don’t want to live,” and it sounds so awkward when you’re scolding someone, so I improvised!”

Yu Qiu was both angry and laughing.

These Fire talismans, indeed, were quite different from the general Fire talismans because of the new drawing method. If Gao Conghan were here, he’d be able to see that this was the talisman that he had almost regarded as the Fire Exploding talisman that day. The materials used in the new drawing method were sub-par to the original, but its patterns were naturally more complicated. Therefore, it appeared more similar to the higher-levelled Fire Exploding Talisman, when in fact, it was just a guaranteed replacement for the Fire Talisman.

That day, Gao Conghan was too far away that it was normal that he couldn’t distinguish between them. But right now, this old man with the white beard had turned it over and over again yet he still couldn’t recognize it as a fire talisman. It was incredibly ridiculous2 贻笑大方 – to make a fool of oneself; to make oneself a laughing stock.

As soon as the old man with the white beard spoke, Zhang Donggua and his men immediately took their stances, clamoring to break this dog’s legs.

“Hang on.” Yu Qiu was in a bad mood. Not wanting to say any more, he waved his hand. “Don’t be impulsive. Maybe have someone of a different level look at it ba?

As a result, this sentence stabbed the hornet’s nest. The old man with the white beard cried out angrily, jumping his feet to show that he had never been so insulted in many years. He threatened to go back to his hometown to farm and asked Zhang Donggua to find someone more qualified than him.

When Zhang Donggua heard it, how could he be okay? This old man was the great talisman master he had paid a lot of money for! Zhang Donggua hurriedly coaxed him, giving him a month’s worth of salary. Only then did he finally coaxed him. Looking back at Yu Qiu, Zhang Donggua gnashed his teeth in anger. He immediately raised the spear in his hand.

Yu Qiu didn’t blink. He smiled coldly and asked, “You guys think the Fire talisman I’m selling is fake?”

“No kidding!” Zhang Donngua did the job himself, and the point of the spear was about to poke Yu Qiu’s nose.

Yu Qiu used his cuffs to cover his hands and patted a Light Body talisman on his leg, letting him avoid it. Then he once again grasped the ten Fire talismans they threw on the table. “What would you do if they were real?”

Before Zhang Donggua could answer, the old man with the white beard said, “If they’re real, we’ll pay you ten times!”

“With your words, I can rest assured.” Yu Qiu tilted her head and smiled slightly.

The sound of his voice had not yet faded when he took out one of them very lightly and quickly, suddenly shooting it out. A flame burst out, burning Zhang Donggua’s face.

Zhang Donggua was a little confused when he was burned. He didn’t react until the burnt smell of his hair drifted into his nose. But this time, a second flame had already attacked him.

Yu Qiu smoothly threw the second used Fire talisman onto the ground and picked up the third one. “Ten times payment, now it’s fifty low-grade spirit stones.”

With a fling of his wrist, a third flame burst out. Yu Qiu smiled profoundly. “Seventy-five.”

Normally, Yu Qiu would just give the other party a lesson and let them know how powerful it was before he’d stop. But now… Just blame it on Zhang Donggua being particularly unlucky today for meeting Yu Qiu when he was in a bad mood.


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