Chapter 16.2: Gao Conghan

Gao Conghan walked up to him and reached out to take the flying sword. The moment his right hand touched the sword, he stretched out his left hand and a viper instantly jumped out, stamping a dot-like mark on Yu Qiu’s forehead.

Yu Qiu didn’t expect that he’d do such a lowly trick that he didn’t guard against it at all. At that time, he was as dumb as a wooden chicken.

Seeing Yu Qiu walk into his trap, Gao Conghan proudly sneered, looking very carefree.

After he left, Yu Qiu touched his forehead and sighed.

[A Positioning technique.]

The sound of the system suddenly came out.

You know a lot.

Yu Qiu went back, touched his forehead again, then shook his head, walking back as if nothing had happened.

The so-called Positioning technique won’t cause any major discomfort after getting infected. It only allowed the caster to sense the location of the mark any time. It didn’t hurt people, but those who used it were just nauseating.

Now that Yu Qiu was under the Positioning technique, Gao Conghan would most likely not let him off for a while. Yu Qiu could use a Spirit Devouring talisman to swallow this mark directly though, but he still had to live in Fangshanji for a long time. And Gao Conghan was also living in Fangshanji. If he found that he couldn’t detect Yu Qiu, then it would give away that the latter had erased the mark. Besides, there was no reason he had to offend that narrow-minded guy. He better just let it be.

Thinking of this, Yu Qiu’s mood was inevitably unpleasant.

He walked back to the house where he lived with the Qingtou Gang and saw Xiao Chunmian lying on the bed, which made him even more unhappy. Then Gu Qing took out a handful of silver and firmly slammed them on the table, making a peng dong sound. Several silver knocked against each other and some rolled onto the ground.

Yu Qiu swept his eyes over them and saw that it was the 350 liang Gu Qing still owed him. “What, you angry at me?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” Gu Qing shouted. “It’s just, I’m just not used to it. I can’t do that kind of acting small and prostrating lowly1做小伏低 – to submit and curry favor with flattery!

Yu Qiu then understood that this guy was obviously still angry at him for initially showing weakness to Gao Conghan.

“Speaking of this, I haven’t even settled with you yet, but you’re now losing your temper first?” Yu Qiu frowned, then laughed twice, heavily slamming his palms on top of the table, clenching them into fists. Then he pointed to Xiao Chunmian who was still lying in the bed. “How did this happen? I told you guys to take good care of him, and this is how you do it?”

Gu Qing glanced at Xiao Chunmian, and his anger suddenly shrank. “It was when he suddenly rushed over…”

“Rushed to save you!” Yu Qiu asked, “Right?”

Gu Qing gritted his teeth and once again raised his neck. “I didn’t ask him for help!”

“Seems like him saving you was a mistake!” Yu Qiu laughed in extreme anger. “He should’ve watched as that guy killed you cleanly! Then why don’t you rush to your death a bit more? Where do you want to die? Why do you look for death in front of others? You almost got someone else killed!”

This remark was a bit heavy, and Gu Qing’s face paled.

“Why didn’t you obey?” said Yu Qiu. “I told you long ago not to provoke that guy. Why didn’t you listen? You’ve already suffered a loss in his hands, did you think he’d be merciful the second time?”

“Yu Qiu-dage, don’t say that. Laoda also has his own difficulties.” Wang Mazi had been listening since the beginning, and he couldn’t help but speak out. “It’s not that we don’t want to give you face, but that guy is too much. We’re already suppressed by Zhang Donggua [4]. If we keep running into this kind of thing, then how could we raise our head and be a man in the future?”

When these words fell, Gu Qing’s face became less tense.

Zhang Donggua, surnamed Zhang and looked like a donggua2a kind of wintermelon/wax gourd, was currently the small ringleader of the bandits in Fangshanji. When the Qingtou Gang first came to Fangshanji, they got into a conflict with Zhang Donggua’s subordinates. After being taught a lesson, they were directly displaced to Fangshanji’s periphery. At the beginning, they just held back their breaths because of this. They wanted to recruit enough people so that they could return to the plaza3The characters for “plaza” are actually 广场, but what the author used here is 场子, which is a general term for a gathering place or a public venue. As a result, they kicked Yu Qiu and Gao Conghan, who were both iron plates4Kicking the iron plate means thinking that someone is easy to bully, but they’re actually stronger than you expected.

Yu Qiu had once seen Zhang Donggua from afar, and at a glance, he could tell that he was only in the middle stage of Qi Refining. While in the middle stage of Qi Refining, spiritual qi would still leak out and it could be sensed even from far away. The qi would only be restrained starting from the late stage of Qi Refining. This Qingtou Gang were like frogs at the bottom of a well5A person of limited outlook and experience. They only knew that Zhang Donggua was not to be messed with; they couldn’t tell that Gao Conghan was a severe calamity. Even though Yu Qiu told them, they didn’t believe it.

Yu Qiu wanted to continue shouting abuse, but then Xiao Chunmian coughed twice and finally woke up.

“Xiao Qiu, why are you so angry?” When he woke up, his voice was still hoarse, yet he also wanted to stop them from fighting. Yu Qiu was still in a fit of anger. And even if he was facing him, his anger would not go away for a while. “I’m mad at you! Someone was looking for death in front of you, and you ran to the rescue. You almost lost your own life, and others don’t even care!”

“Yu Qiu!” Gu Qing finally couldn’t help it. “It’s my fault. Just now, I was being reckless and said some nonsense! Why are you getting angry at the benefactor?”

Yu Qiu laughed indifferently and didn’t bother talking to him again. He carefully helped Xiao Chunmian up and then brought some medicine to his lips.

Xiao Chunmian couldn’t help but force a smile. “Weren’t you blaming me for trying to rescue him?”

“Yeah,” said Yu Qiu. “I’ve long wanted to tell you that people like you are stupid. Saving others, what good would it do for you? You almost lost your own life. Listen to my advice: The kind of person who tries to be on good terms with everyone would only suffer losses in the end. Don’t be so stupid in the future.”

“But I still have this life now…” Xiao Chunmian said with a smile. “Xiao Qiu, is it because you saved us?”

Yu Qiu was stumped for words when he heard what he said.

Xiao Chunmian took the bowl from his hands and gently blew over it.

“But I didn’t fall into your condition!” After a long while, Yu Qiu finally thought of how to refute.

“Yes.” The light in Xiao Chunmian’s eyes was completely calm. “I ended up like this not because I chose to save others, but because I wasn’t strong enough.”

After that, he looked up and swallowed the whole bowl of medical decoction in one breath.

“I’ll be stronger.” Xiao Chunmian wiped his mouth and smiled. “Strong enough to save anyone, strong enough to protect anyone worth protecting, and strong enough to… to be able to stand in front of you.

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  1. I dont root for anyone right now. .until that’s devil that’s trap MC show up. .if he even show up. ..than judge. .
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