Chapter 16.1: Gao Conghan

After a while, the man in black finally said, “Well, you’re in luck. Put my weapon on the ground, and I’ll let you go.”

Yu Qiu breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked back and glanced meaningfully at Gu Qing, letting him take Xiao Chunmian and go back first. Holding the magic weapon, he slowly crouched to the ground.

As a result, the man in black took advantage of the split second Yu Qiu relaxed his guard. He suddenly came forward, raising his hand to cast a spell.

It didn’t occur to Yu Qiu that this arrogant guy would turn against him. It was so sudden that he couldn’t react right away. In a flash, the opponent had made his attack–Fierce Wind.

The Fierce Wind technique had no attack power, but its biggest advantage was that it was fast. The Fierce Wind blew away the talismans in Yu Qiu’s hands. Although Yu Qiu held onto them tightly, in such a powerful blast of wind, those waste talismans that he’d been using to keep his face were soon blown away.

“You sly little guy.” The man in black sneered.

Yu Qiu’s face was ghastly pale that he could only keep holding the talismans tightly.

After an instant, he discarded all those useless talismans, keeping only the true talismans on top. Then he turned his wrist, showing the face of the originally hidden talisman to the man in black so he could clearly see the veined patterns on it.

The man in black immediately paused in his steps.

Luckily, the man in black recognized the pattern.

The lines on this talisman were extremely like the ones on the Fire Exploding talisman. The so-called Fire Exploding talisman can be considered similar to the Fire talisman, but its destructive power was even better. Once a Fire Exploding talisman was used, those who were merely up to the late stage of Qi Refining were bound to become a pile of bones. Although Yu Qiu was only on the third level of Qi Refining right now and would most likely die from draining his spiritual qi after using it, he had no other choice. Besides, dying together was also a pretty good threat.

However, the reason why the man in black stopped was not because of the fear of mutual destruction.

For the first time, he frowned. He carefully observed the talisman in Yu Qiu’s hand several times, then sneered once again. “You sure have the guts–that’s not a Fire Exploding talisman at all!”

When Yu Qiu saw that he’d been seen through, he felt a chill in his heart, but very quickly he had to make the next move.

But the man in black stopped him and asked, “Why are you so nervous all the time?”

Yu Qiu looked at him, his eyes still full of vigilance: How can I not be nervous when you want to kill me?

“I obviously told you that I’m letting you guys off!” As a result, the man in black was unexpectedly angry. “Did you think that I’m the kind of person who’d go back on my words!”

Yu Qiu: “……”

A gust of wind blew over, and the bunch of useless talismans flapped to Yu Qiu’s feet, once again flying away, flying everywhere. The man in black bent down, picked up a scrap talisman and looked at it over and over for several times. He was amazed by the exquisite and smooth lines on it. After a long time, he once again looked Yu Qiu in the eyes. “You drew all these talismans?”


“Are you a seal cultivator?”


“It looks pretty good, but too bad it’s a waste,” said the man in black. “Looks like your level is not good enough.”


“But… Hehe, a seal cultivator on the third level of Qi Refining…” The man in black unintentionally showed a smile full of interest. “It’s a bit interesting.”

Yu Qiu knew why he found it interesting. Seal cultivators focus on seals all their lives. In the way of the seals, talent and accumulated efforts were indispensable. Becoming a seal cultivator was a slow process. The third level of Qi Refining was a fleeting one in the whole road of cultivation. Even if a normal cultivator was interested in seal cultivation, they couldn’t do anything at this level. Even if it were Yu Qiu in his previous life, he was only able to correctly draw talismans in the middle stage of Qi Refining. Later, with seal cultivation, he became renowned in Xuanyang sect, and he was only in the Foundation Building realm.

In this life, because Yu Qiu had the memory of his previous life, he had a good head start, which could even be counted as cheating. In the eyes of ordinary people, someone in the third level of Qi Refining should be able to draw so many talismans. However, this was actually a very formidable affair.

“Can you make the Heaven Piercing Sun talisman?” The man in black asked another question.

Heaven Piercing Sun talisman? This name surprised Yu Qiu a bit. This was a very shady talisman. Although its power wasn’t small, ordinary cultivators didn’t usually know about it, let alone casually blurt it out like this.

The man in black misunderstood Yu Qiu’s look of surprise. Disappointment flashed across his face, and he swung his arm angrily. “Looks like you don’t! You might as well just die clean, you useless thing!”

“Of course I know it,” said Yu Qiu. “This is a talisman from the Ningyuan period.”

Hearing this, the man in black’s eyes turned bright again. “You even know it’s from the Ningyuan period! Looks like you’re not that useless after all.”

“……” If it weren’t that he were no match against him, Yu Qiu really didn’t want to deal with him.

After that, the man in black seemed to have made up his mind and suddenly said three words: “Gao Conghan.” 


“Gao Conghan!” The man in black was a little impatient. “This is my name. You better remember it!”

This name, this name was truly “high and cold1高从寒 – Gao Conghan’s name is from Gao (high, tall), Cong (from, through, or follow), and Han (cold, poor, to tremble).” No wonder he had such a bad temper. As Yu Qiu was thinking about it, he noticed that Gao Conghan was looking at him with extreme dissatisfaction.

Yu Qiu suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to reply. “Yu Qiu.”

“What a boring name2于秋 – Yu is a common surname, and Qiu simply means “autumn.”.”


“If I remember this boring name, you should be honored,” said Gao Conghan as he waved his sleeves and finally turned around and left.

Yu Qiu finally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly reached out to wipe the sweat on his forehead. With this outstretched hand, he immediately saw the magic weapon that was still in his hand.

Gao Conghan, who had already walked ahead, calmly turned around and said, “My magic weapon…”

Yu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he handed over the flying sword.

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