Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 15.1: Against the Man in Black

Last updated on November 14, 2020

The flying sword rushed to attack Xiao Chunmian’s neck.

Yu Qiu’s face turned white from fear, and he quickly reached into his sleeves.

At the most critical moment, an earth wall rose out of nowhere, jamming the flying sword and obstructing the attack.

The man in black frowned, turned his gaze to the side and sneered. “Another one dares to block my sword. What’s with today that so many people are looking for death?”

Just a moment ago, Yu Qiu came running and immediately threw out an earth talisman. He was so tired, he was gasping for breath. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but curse him in his heart, yet he wore a flattering smile on his face. “This yingxiong1英雄 – Yu Qiu is literally calling the man in black as “hero,” perhaps referring to the guy as someone very strong. But Yu Qiu saying “hero” in English sounds very weird, so I kept it in pinyin., please don’t take offense. I have no idea how these people offended you, but can’t we talk it over properly?”

“Dage!” Gu Qing didn’t expect that Yu Qiu would show weakness as soon as he came. He was both alarmed and angry.

“You shut up!” Yu Qiu roared at him, then continued to curry favor with the man in black. “Yingxiong, at one glance I could tell that you are a master. And look at these people, each one of them are three-legged cats2三脚猫 – A jack of all trades. Why bother with them? It doesn’t fit with your status as a master.”

“Oh?” The man in black narrowed his eyes. “Are you their dage?”

“That’s just a joke by my brothers.” Yu Qiu wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I’m also just a three-legged cat. Surely, a yingxiong like you can confirm it.”

While they were talking, Yu Qiu ran past and stood in front of Gu Qing and Xiao Chunmian. He saw Xiao Chunmian’s sword at his feet, which had been broken into two parts. Thinking of the man in black’s words from before, the man must’ve wanted to once again settle Gu Qing with a sword, but then Xiao Chunmian came and blocked him. However, Xiao Chunmian’s cultivation was too weak. Although he had successfully blocked the attack, he was shocked by his opponent’s spiritual power.

And Yu Qiu’s cultivation was only one level higher than Xiao Chunmian’s. Naturally, he didn’t want to confront the man in black.

Listening to Yu Qiu showing weakness, the man had a shadow of a smile on his face the whole time. “You still have some self-awareness.”

Yu Qiu’s heart scolded the sky: Merely in the late stage of Qi Refining but pretends to be a big-tailed wolf! 3大尾巴狼 – “Pretending to be a big-tailed wolf” is used to ridicule those who are pretending to be serious, pretending to be authoritative, pretending to be a gentleman, pretending to be big, pretending to be competent, and anything along those lines.

However, he was weaker than someone of the late stage of Qi refining, so he had to keep on smiling, his face almost going stiff from it. “Yes, yes, so please let us go this time, yingxiong.”

“For what reason?”


“Why should I let you go?” The man in black sneered. “You guys overestimated your own abilities, you asked trouble yourself!”

Before his voice died away, the flying sword, which was originally nailed to the earth wall, suddenly shook, breaking the wall, and flew out again.

But the sword was blocked halfway when it hit a different wall, this time, it was made of ice.

This time, sweat was breaking out on Yu Qiu’s forehead. He didn’t have an ice wall talisman on hand, only an ice seal. Ice seals, in theory, would affect the water vapor in the air, condensing them into ice and then launching out as an ice blade. However, an ice blade wouldn’t have been able to stop the attack. Yu Qiu had to exhaust his spiritual power to adjust the scope of the ice seal, creating this ice wall.

The man in black snorted coldly, the flying sword shook again and the ice wall burst in an instant.

“Yingxiong, why do you…”

“I think you still have a few talismans!” The man in black didn’t listen to Yu Qiu at all. In the blink of an eye, the flying sword attacked for the third time.

Yu Qiu sighed and stepped aside, revealing the two people behind him.

Gu Qing’s eyes widened and his face turned pale. The man in black raised a brow in interest. “You’re actually quite smart.”

But the reason why Yu Qiu took this step was not to hide. 

He put both hands into his sleeves and each took out a talisman. His right hand reached for the flying sword that was about to pass, while his left was extended to the path the sword had already crossed. 

The man in black was stunned by his actions and his eyes were fixed on Yu Qiu’s right hand that was about to touch the flying sword.

But at this moment, the main point was actually on Yu Qiu’s left hand.

He was holding a small talisman in his left hand. The so-called Spirit Disrupting4驳灵 – Actually means to contradict/refute the spirit, where the character for spirit () is the same character used in 灵气, which refers to spiritual qi… so I’m guessing it’s a kind of talisman that can refute the use of spiritual qi. I originally translated 驳灵 as Refuting Spirit talisman, but from how Yu Qiu is going to use it, I think “negating” would be more appropriate. However, the word “negating” is too far-off from “refuting,” and the latter, in English, is a word usually used when referring to arguments, so it doesn’t fit either. Hence, I went with the word “disrupting,” which is sort of in the middle between these two words. talisman, including the mini Spirit Disrupting talisman, the medium Spirit Disrupting talisman, the large Spirit Disrupting talisman, and so on, were generally used to form the heart of the Spirit Disrupting array. In the absence of the array, they were considered useless.

Since the majority of cultivators use talismans the same way, using a bit of qi to activate it could get things done and over with. However, once the Spirit Disrupting talisman was activated, although it could disrupt qi, its effect would disappear in the blink of an eye. Even if one wanted to employ this effect only at the most critical moment, grasping the time difference between the launch of the spiritual qi attack and the moment the qi disrupting should be employed was not something ordinary cultivators could do.

Of course, Yu Qiu, who was once the number one seal cultivator, was no ordinary cultivator.

Not only did he perfectly grasped the time difference of the effect of disrupting qi, he also knew how to correctly wrap his spiritual power around the talisman in order to extend its effect until the critical moment he wanted came, then released it again. And because the effect of the mini Spirit Disrupting talisman was too weak, he also used his spiritual power to focus the effect within a small desired range in order to amplify its strength to what he wanted.

The location of this range was in the straight line connecting the flying sword and the man in black. While in the Qi Refining period, all magic weapons were dead objects. One must always use spiritual qi to control them. However, spiritual qi in the Qi Refining period were not flexible enough and could only travel in a straight line.So, in this moment, Yu Qiu accurately disrupted the qi on this straight line. Ka-cha, and the line was cut.

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