Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 14.1: Drawing Talismans

Last updated on November 13, 2020

The first time he crossed Fang’s Nanshan, Yu Qiu took half a month. This time, crossing it again with Xiao Chunmian, it would take him at most only two to three days.

After all, the current Nanshan had no obstacles worth mentioning to Yu Qiu.

However, Yu Qiu slowed down in order to give Xiao Chunmian a chance to train. And so Xiao Chunmian danced with his long sword, throwing the wild beasts into a panic. Unexpectedly, he was even stronger than when Yu Qiu was at his level. It made Yu Qiu, who’d been guarding against the unexpected, ended up having too much time on his hands.

After a fierce battle, Xiao Chunmian adjusted his breath again. The originally satisfactory accomplishments in the first level of Qi Refining had risen once again. And when the conditions were right, success naturally followed; he reached the second level of Qi Refining. As soon as Yu Qiu saw it, well, what else could he do, he could only take Xiao Chunmian to Fangshanji right away ba.

Fortunately, Yu Qiu had already broken through the third level of Qi refining by this time. Otherwise, Xiao Chunmian would have caught up with him easily and he wouldn’t know where to put his face.

However, this kind of lead was not anything worth being happy about. Although reaching the first or the third level of Qi Refining can be called a breakthrough, it was basically insignificant. As long as one cultivated diligently, it would naturally rise. Even if everyone’s efficiency was poor, the difference wouldn’t be so big. These first three layers were collectively called the initial stage of Qi Refining.

Each realm on the road of cultivation is divided into nine levels, and these nine levels were further subdivided into three small realms. The first to third level were the initial stage; fourth to sixth, middle stage; and seventh to ninth were the late stage. When the ninth level was completed, it was called the peak.

Breaking through one small realm layer to another small realm layer was easy. But breaking through the next small realm was slightly more difficult. And of course, it was even more difficult to break through the next big realm after reaching the peak.

Yu Qiu, who had just entered the third level of Qi Refining, can already start learning and using some simple spells. But what made him really happy was that he could finally be at ease in fearlessly making talismans.

But in order to make talismans, he had to buy some materials first. With this in mind, Yu Qiu once again quickened his steps toward Fangshanji.

Not before long, a stream appeared in front of them. Xiao Chunmian was sweating a lot and he felt sticky and uncomfortable, so he proposed to take a bath. Yu Qiu, then Xiao Chunmian began to undress.

Yu Qiu was suddenly startled. He jumped three feet high and instantly ran away, leaving no shadow.

Xiao Chunmian was confused. It was not until he cleaned up his whole body and shouted several times did Yu Qiu’s voice come from afar, asking if he was dressed. Xiao Chunmian had to put on his clothes and call for him again. Only then did Yu Qiu finally come out from behind a boulder, his face completely red.

“You, you’re too…” Yu Qiu accused. “How can you be so bold?”

“…” Xiao Chunmian was baffled.

“Don’t you undress in front of me in the future!” Yu Qiu took a few deep breaths and finally calmed down. He felt that he should also wash himself, so he looked at Xiao Chunmian warily. “Go away, don’t peek.”

After soaking in the stream, Yu Qiu thought: How could this girl behave like this? Even if she is dressed like a man, she shouldn’t be so bold!… Although he couldn’t figure out why Xiao Chunmian was dressed as a man, he thought that it must be the other party’s secret. He wanted to respect her1Since it’s Yu Qiu’s thoughts, I referred to Xiao Chunmian with she/her pronouns since YQ thinks he’s a girl. But if it’s an omniscient pov or some other character who doesn’t have the same misunderstanding as YQ, I’ll be referring to XCM with he/him pronouns privacy, so he would never ask.

Xiao Chunmian was crouching behind the stone where Yu Qiu just crouched on and thought about his abnormal reaction, but he only became more surprised and uncertain.Thinking back, Yu Qiu’s deeds and words along the way were a little weird. It seemed like he was deliberately avoiding getting too close to him. Even if he fried his brains thinking, he wouldn’t have thought that Yu Qiu had mistaken his sex. He could only think that Yu Qiu had special precautions against getting too close with someone of the same sex. Not only did he have precautions, but this precaution was very much similar to that between men and women.

Who would have such precautions against someone of the same sex? Xiao Chunmian was thinking about it when he suddenly thought of several distant relatives in his family. They didn’t like women, but they were fond of gay men…

After a while, Yu Qiu came out of the stream and dressed himself. He came over and shouted, “Well, let’s go!”

Xiao Chunmian was thinking of things he shouldn’t be thinking when he suddenly saw Yu Qiu and his face turned red. He then realized that blushing would be very rude, so he lowered his head to hide his expression.

But when this bow fell into Yu Qiu’s eyes, it made him think that the other party was shy.

“You were so bold a moment ago, and you only think of blushing now?” Yu Qiu sighed helplessly. “Pay more attention next time. Don’t be so defenseless.”

Xiao Chunmian nodded and finally let his blush fade. Then he shook his head and waved the things he was imagining out of his mind. He secretly told himself that no matter whether Yu Qiu’s abnormal attitude was because he was interested in men or not, he would respect Yu Qiu’s privacy and never speak out of turn.

Like this, because of their own misunderstandings, throughout the journey, they got along in harmony and with tacit agreement. No one acted “bold.”

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