Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 13.1: A Magical Misunderstanding

Last updated on November 13, 2020

“You have been tossing me about all these years just to see more of Chunning in me. I have been with you for so many years, and you’ve been holding me back for too long. I can’t stay here all my life just for you. So mother, from now on, I will no longer be with you.” Xiao Chunmian sighed.

Mrs. Xiao shook her head desperately. Her long nails scratched Xiao Chunmian’s arm, but he couldn’t reach his body.

“Mother, what would you do after I leave?” Xiao Chunmian asked. “Continue to be trapped in the guilt of Chunning’s death? No mother, that’s too painful. If you really want to pay back Chunning, why don’t you just go down with her?”

Xiao Chunmian’s grip was too tight. Mrs. Xiao struggled, but after a while she rolled her eyes and could only convulse.

It was only until then that the frightened people finally returned to their senses and rushed in a panic, trying to save her.

When the nearest man was only a step away from him, Xiao Chunmian let her go and watched her fall to the ground. By the time someone had finally grabbed his shoulder, Xiao Chunmian’s hand was already on the hilt of his sword that was by his waist. Turning around, he wielded the sword while still in its scabbard and struck out with a momentous wave. The people who pounced on him were chopped and sent flying in a strong breeze, blowing the pages on the desk.

The body of the sword returned to his side as his clothes gradually fluttered down. “This is between me and my mother. You better not intervene.”

Some people struggled to rise from the ground and wanted to keep attacking. Mrs. Xiao also took advantage of this time to revive and tried to crawl away.

Xiao Chunmian’s left hand reached for the body of the sword, grabbed onto the scabbard and smashed it at the disobedient servant’s face. It hit his nose and blood immediately ran down, making everyone else shiver and wonder if he had broken his nose. Then Xiao Chunmian lightly and skillfully turned around, the tip of his sword pointing towards the ground. The blade was just right next to Mrs. Xiao’s neck. It was ice-cold.

Mrs. Xiao trembled and didn’t dare move again. The others had lost their heads out of fear and didn’t dare rush in recklessly.

“Mother.” Xiao Chunmian still had a gentle smile on his face. “Do you want to go down with Chunning? If you want, I’ll give you a ride. Although a person’s death cannot bring her back to life, it is nevertheless better than staying alive. And since you’re already like this, perhaps your life is already worse than death.”

Although Mrs. Xiao was mad, she still knew to be afraid at this moment. She couldn’t help gasping for breath, her face was gasply, and her eyes were full of fear of death.

“Are you willing or not?” Xiao Chunmian slightly tilted his sword, grazing Mrs. Xiao’s neck. “Mother, I just need a word from you. I will never ignore your wishes.”

Mrs. Xiao was terrified. She couldn’t help but shiver, letting the sword scratch her neck.


“Don’t kill me!” At last, Mrs. Xiao cried out in great panic. “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I don’t want to die! Don’t kill me!”

“Oh?” Xiao Chunmian narrowed his eyes. “Mother, are you serious? You have a chance to be reunited with Chunning, but you don’t want it? You’re so crazy for Chunning, but you would rather live in a world without her? Is there anything more important than Chunning?”

“I, I…” Mrs. Xiao stuttered for a while before she finally shouted. “Chunsheng! I still have Chunsheng!”

Xiao Chunsheng was the baby she gave birth to ten years ago. However, after Chunning’s death, she was maddened by the heavy feeling of guilt. Everyday, she’d be absorbed with Xiao Chunmian that she subconsciously ignored the baby. Now she remembered.

“Ah yes, you still have Chunsheng.” Xiao Chunmian sighed with relief. “So even if I choose to leave, even if I can’t continue to replace Chunning in your eyes, can you still live well?”

“I can! I can!” Mrs. Xiao repeatedly said.

“That’s good.” Xiao Chunmian smiled, tapped Mrs. Xiao’s face with the blade, before finally taking the sword away from her neck as he stood up.

He took care of the clothes that had gotten messed up, turned around, and walked out slowly. “This way, I can finally leave with a peace of mind.”

The sword dangled on the side of his body, reflecting a cold light and the traces of blood on it. No one dared to stop him as he passed. They all discovered for the first time that their gongzi, who had always seemed kind and gentle, unexpectedly had such a terrible side.

But even now, Xiao Chunmian still had a kind and gentle face.

He went to the man whose nose was still bleeding and threw down a silver ingot. “Quickly go to the doctor in case of a more serious injury. Buy as many medicine tonics as you can to make up for it, and don’t even think about saving money.”

The man was stunned as he took the silver ingot.

Xiao Chunmian smiled and continued to walk out.

“Young master…” Someone in the back trembled and said. “The Master is about to come back.”

Xiao Chunmian shook his head and didn’t stop. “Father? Father doesn’t need me… As long as my mother doesn’t make trouble, what difference does it make?”

To the people who didn’t need him, he will not stay for them.

He felt for his bag and walked out of the house and across the street. He had an appointment with Yu Qiu within ten days, and today was the last day. 

But when he finally walked into Guanglai Inn, the shopkeeper told him that Yu Qiu had checked out early this morning and had just gone out.

Xiao Chunmian’s heart was thumping. He rushed out and looked around, but where could he see Yu Qiu’s shadow? Could it be too late… Was he too late!

Xiao Chunmian walked back and forth in front of the door of the inn and suddenly felt helpless.

After a while, Xiao Chunmian laughed. Even if he did miss Yu Qiu, so what? He had finally made up his mind and got rid of the shackles of his family. If worst comes to worst, he’d just go to the capital to take the exam. As for the immortal path, since he had started it, then as long as he carefully fumbled through it, there’ll always be a chance to find the next step.

It’s just that when he thought about Yu Qiu, the first person he saw when he woke up from illness that day, that grace and warmth in his eyes, and how he would never meet him again, his heart inevitably felt a sense of loss.

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Well dude. Why’d you wait til the bitter end. I appreciate that he was able to stand up for himself though.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️




Gosh, but you know where he went, you can still catch up!!

Thanks for the capter <3

Austera R

is this the misunderstanding aaaaa Xiao Chunmian you can still find Yu Qiu again


Well that’s good. Now all his ties have been severed he can now become an official (or even an Emperor in the future) +Cultivator. Nicenicenice. I like where this is going.
Thanks for the chapter. 💖

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