Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 12.2: I Want to Take You Away

Last updated on November 13, 2020

The Guanglai Inn he was staying in was opposite the Xiao mansion. After arriving at Guanglai inn, if you walked a little more, you’d reach the bustling Tianmu casino.

Everyday as he lay on the bed in the inn, Yu Qiu could hear the loud noises from the casino.

This was very annoying in itself, but what’s more, whenever this happened, a voice in his mind would speak out.

[Host, won’t you try completing the task?]

—Not trying.

[Just go in and bet on a game. You can easily gain experience points.]

—No gambling, no gambling.


The system emitted a noisy and meaningless sound, then it became uncommunicative, then it completely quiet down, just like in the previous days. It had no objection to Yu Qiu’s refusal.

Although the task was released, the system never forced Yu Qiu to accomplish it. It simply reminded him tirelessly everyday.

Like this, it was flexible and not firm. On the contrary, Yu Qiu was a little embarrassed.

Yu Qiu looked out the window, glanced over Tianmu Casino, then looked at the Xiao Mansion on the opposite side. Right now, what was Xiao Chunmian doing?

Xiao Chunmian was recuperating.

The magistrate didn’t really see what happened to him. Finally, he threw a doctor over to take care of him for a few days. Xiao Chunmian’s body had completely recovered. Of course, half of the reason was because of his diligence in refining qi.

During this period, Qiao Xi, the little servant girl, was released from the firewood room and continued to take care of him. Who knew what Xiao Chunmian said to her, for on the second day, the servant girl took out some money with red eyes as she redeemed herself. The magistrate was naturally angry when he heard about it, but Xiao Chunmian showed weakness and spoke a lot of good words that this matter was quickly overlooked.

After getting well, Xiao Chunmian took out his sword and danced a whole set of moves in the courtyard. 

He had loved swords ever since he was young but–

“Gongzi, why did you touch that again!” As soon as the servants in the mansion saw it, they rushed over. “Madam hates seeing you like this!”

Xiao Chunmian smiled as he let the sword down to his waist. “Is the Madam in the room? I’m going to see her.”

The servants were anxious and doubtful. The eldest gongzi actually took the initiative to see the Madam. This matter was like the sun rising from the west. When Xiao Chunmian opened his mouth, the servant could only lead the way.

When they entered the Madam’s room, Mrs. Xiao saw him and greeted him with a smile. This smile was very kind, just like that of a real good wife and a good mother.

But the moment she saw the sword on Xiao Chunmian’s waist, Mrs. Xiao’s face suddenly changed, her eyebrows raised high. “Why are you carrying this kind of thing again? How would my family’s daughter look like if she wielded swords all day long!”

Xiao Chunmian’s expression remained unchanged, and he greeted her with a smile.

“Mother, you’re wrong again.” Walking to Mrs. Xiao, Xiao Chunmian whispered, “I am Chunmian, not Chunning.”

Mrs. Xiao’s face froze. “What are you talking about! Chunning…”

“Chunning is dead. She died nine years ago.”

Xiao Chunmian’s voice was neither light nor heavy. “You, ah, you… In order to fight for the heart of a man, you willingly and secretly exchanged your newborn daughter for someone else’s son. Why should I replace your daughter after Chunning’s death?”

Nine years ago, Yulian County was ravaged by bandits. A young concubine and her daughter died in the magistrate’s house. However, this “daughter” was actually Mrs. Xiao’s own daughter, and the concubine was Xiao Chunmian’s biological mother. If it weren’t for Mrs. Xiao going crazy later on, Xiao Chunmian would’ve never known this secret.

“Chunning, Chunning…” Mrs. Xiao murmured twice and suddenly went mad again. She screamed and wanted to slap Xiao Chunmian’s face again.

Xiao Chunmian reached out two hands, grabbed her neck, lifted up her whole body amidst the people’s screams and pressed her hard on the wall.

Yet his face remained gentle and full of sincere compassion. “Mother, I know you’re a pitiful person.”

“But your being pitiful is due to your stupidity and malice, so when should you bear the cost? Chunning is dead. If she was really important enough for you to become desperate, then wouldn’t it be better if you went down with her instead of being crazy your whole life?

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Well uh. Sure didn’t expect that. I’m not really mad though, how dare she take it out on him when all those were her choices. For his own sake I hope he’s just trying to scare her though 😅😅😅. Also good luck to our man who is trying to avoid gambling. Hope you can find an inexpensive way to fulfill your tasks.

Thanks for the great translation and good luck with school!


This novel has a lot of surprises XD


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Yep. The outside gossip that Yu Qiu heard were ALL TRUE. Just as I thought. Xiao Chunmian is really not a holy mother. OwO

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