Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 10.2: No Gambling! System, No Gambling!

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Just then, the old man knocked on the door outside. “Qiu-er1not sure if I’ve explained this before, but -er is something you add at the end of a person’s name as a way of affectionately calling them, how are you doing?”

Yu Qiu quickly rubbed his face, wiped off his emotions, raised his head to reveal smile, and looked at the old man who had secretly poked his head in. “Don’t worry, father. I’m okay.”

“I heard them talk about it.” The old man slowly pushed the door open. “They said you lost everything …”

Yu Qiu’s expression suddenly dimmed. Even though he quickly composed himself, that moment of gloom did not escape the old man’s eyes.

Yu Qiu was really upset. He really hated himself. Why couldn’t he control it? When he gambled, he couldn’t stop even though he knew he was unlucky. He just lost everything he shouldn’t have lost. In this case, what position did he have to criticize the old man’s mistakes, and what face did he have to confront those once righteous accusations?

Thinking about this, he didn’t even know how to face the old man anymore.

But as Yu Qiu buried his head, Yu Yuankai had arrived before him and pulled him into his arms.

“Qiu-er, I’m sorry.” The old man’s voice suddenly whimpered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s all because I, the father, didn’t set a good example, and even let you, let you … That damned thing!”

“Father?” Yu Qiu was stunned.

“Actually, I know, I’ve always known…  that it’s not a good thing, that it’s a damned thing!” Yu Yuankai cried. “But I couldn’t help it … No, I didn’t even think about it! At that time … At that time I watched Yunxiang go and watched you become that way too. I thought I had nothing to lose, so I kept betting. I didn’t know what I wanted to win; I just wanted to bet. I wasn’t afraid of losing anyway. I didn’t want to go back even if I’ve lost all my money, because I thought I had nothing. But Qiu-er, Qiu-er, you are different. You still have a long way to go. You must not touch that thing!”

Yu Qiu grabbed the old man by the shoulder.

“I’m wrong, Qiu-er. I’ve always been wrong.” Yu Yuankai hugged him tightly. “I can’t harm you by letting you go down this road. I was so happy when you finally woke up, but I didn’t realize that… I didn’t expect I’d harm you! If I knew that you would be led astray, then I…”

Yu Qiu finally returned to his senses. He grabbed the old man’s arm and asked slyly, “So you won’t gamble anymore?”

“No more gambling! No more gambling! I won’t gamble anymore!” The old man exclaimed loudly.

“Agreed.” Yu Qiu’s hand slid down the old man’s arms. He found his father’s hand and grasped it tightly. “In the future, no matter what, you won’t gamble anymore.”

“En.” The old man nodded, then said in a muffled voice, “You too. You’re not allowed to gamble.”

“Okay, we have a deal.”

“It’s settled!” Yu Qiu’s eyes narrowed when he smiled, making him look extremely bright and beautiful.


The four members of the Qingtou Gang, who were secretly looking through the crack in the door, almost lost their eyes when they saw this smile that they accidentally pushed the door open.

Cough, cough,” Facing the eyes of the two people, Gu Qing coughed embarrassedly. Then he walked towards Yu Qiu and sincerely said, “Dage, it’s our fault for randomly setting up gambling tables. If you want to blame us…”

Yu Qiu said with a smile, “Although I lost dozens of silver in your hands, since I got my father to change his mind, then I can only thank you. How could I blame you?”

“No need, no need to say thank you!” The four young men quickly denied him.

“As for the ten silver liang I owe you…”

“Don’t mention those ten silvers!” Gu Qing hurriedly said. “We owe you ten low-grade spirit stones. What is ten liang of silver!”

Yu Qiu nodded with satisfaction. “You remember.”

“Naturally,” said Gu Qing. “But the ten low-grade spirit stones… Honestly, all the low-grade spirit stones are in the hands of the Zhang Donggua, and we’re really not strong enough yet to get them. How about converting it into silver?”

Gu Qing smiled. If he were talking with others, he would certainly not have the cheek to say the words “spirit stones for silver.” But after hearing the story of Yu Qiu and his family, he could see that it was silver that Yu Qiu needed.

“Ten low-grade spirit stones are roughly equivalent to five hundred liang of silver,” said Gu Qing as he opened the pouch on his waist. “I have only one hundred fifty liang with me right now, but I have more in my hometown, where I left them with my parents.”

He gave Yu Qiu several silver banknotes and some silver coins. Yu Qiu skimmed over them and saw it was exactly one hundred fifty liang.

“If dage can trust me, then I will go home, and about half a month or so, I’ll bring the rest of the silver,” said Gu Qing.

“Since I dare to let you owe me, how can I not believe you?” said Yu Qiu.

After the decision was finalized, the guys who had been gambling all night went back to their rooms to make up for their lack of sleep. Then Gu Qing said goodbye to them. He set off for his hometown with Pang Zhu in tow, leaving behind Wang Mazi and Zhao Tu to take care of Yu Qiu and his father. They said they would meet again half a month later.

Yu Qiu looked at the one hundred fifty liang of silver in his hands. Thinking that he was going to have a bright future in this village, his heart felt full.

Before Gu Qing came back, Yu Qiu decided to go back to Yulian County himself, so he left the old man behind and asked Zhao Tu and Wang Mazi to take care of him.

After going out, Yu Qiu accidentally saw the man in black who nearly killed Gu Qing last time. He turned around and especially told the Qingtou Gang to not provoke him again.

Fortunately, Gu Qing had taken the hot-tempered Pang Zhu with him. The remaining two members were quite stable.

Afterwards, Yu Qiu finally set out on his own. As he walked south, he groped for the one hundred fifty liang in his pocket. Although it was only equal to less than half of the total amount they owed, at least he could pay back Xiao Chunmian first.

Yes, the moment Yu Qiu got the money, he had decided to first pay back Xiao Chunmian. After all, they owed the man the most. He was also so gentle to them. They shouldn’t make it difficult for good people… What’s more, based on the tip of the iceberg he saw last time and the words he’d heard from around Yulian County, Yu Qiu felt that Xiao Chunmian, the magistrate’s eldest son, may not necessarily be a gentle person.

But it was not until Yu Qiu came back to Yulian county and sneaked into the Xiao mansion’s gate did he saw with his own eyes–

That Xiao Chunmian was, unexpectedly, a very difficult gongzi.

The Author has something to say:

The Xiao Family’s gongzi was gone for so many chapters

Finally, I can pick it up…

Translator's Corner
Lizonka: I can sense the Qingtou Gang becoming Yu Qiu’s harem hehe…
Lizonka: … That, or they become Yu Qiu’s loyal bodyguards.
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Ohh this is good. Reconnecting is great, and paying off old debts is even better.

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