Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 10.1: No Gambling! System, No Gambling

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Like swatting a fly, Yu Qiu slapped the ring that was still murmuring around on his wrist

“Da… dage…” The Qingtou Gang were looking sideways. “This… This is…”

In the end, Gu Qing was still the most knowledgeable. His brain was instantly filled with the appropriate plot. “This must be the legendary magic tool!”

The so-called magic tools were items that, in principle, could only be wielded by those who were at least in the fourth level of Qi Refining. But these guys actually didn’t know much about them. They had only been beaten by others with magic tools and had never really touched them.

Alas, when the other three heard it, they felt that the explanation was very reasonable. “It turned out to be the dage’s magic tool! Why did it suddenly come out?”

“Hehe…” Yu Qiu gave a hollow laugh. “My magic tool is kinda mischievous.”

When Gu Qing heard that, his face was full of longing. “I’ve heard for a long time that magic tools can have a soul. dage, is this the one that has a soul? I’ve heard that magic tools that have a soul are top-notch. Really worthy of being dage’s!”

Yu Qiu continued to laugh and said, “You know so much, but how come you don’t know that things that have a soul are not magic tools, but magic treasures. And you need to have a golden core in order to control them.”

Even though Yu Qiu had formed a golden core in his previous life, he had never seen these so-called living magic treasures.

“You think too much,” Yu Qiu explained. “How could this broken thing be alive? It’s just that I’m not good at controlling it.”

The ring was humming and shaking in Yu Qiu’s hands, obviously not satisfied with such rough treatment and devaluation.

Yu Qiu held it tightly with the palm of his hand, smiled at the others, and then fled to the door of the room, unlocked the door and rushed in.

The old man was asleep, but he didn’t sleep very well. He woke up at the sound of the door opening. 

Then he saw Yu Qiu rushing in, his footsteps so fast he seemed to be floating. 

“Qiu-er?” The old man was startled. “What happened to you?”

Yu Qiu was uneasy. He found a corner and sat down in silence. “Father, I want to be alone.”

The old man walked out obediently and carefully closed the door for him. He’d turned around every three steps, looking very worried.

Yu Qiu breathed a sigh of relief, and then lifted his left hand.

The ring floated into the air again and continued to spin slowly.

“What the hell are you?” Yu Qiu asked in a low voice.

[My name is Karma Ring. You can also call me System. Also, you can directly communicate with me using your divine sense.]


Well, what are you trying to do with me?

Yu Qiu directly expressed it in his mind.

[My energy comes from any luck-dependent decisions made by the host. For my further growth, I hope that you can carry out more luck-dependent activities, which is what many people call “gambling.” I hope that the host will stop asking questions that have already been explained to avoid wasting each other’s time. Thank you.]

As soon as it said that, Yu Qiu almost wanted to smash this broken thing.

Then the veins in Yu Qiu’s head popped out again.

[Now posting the Daily Task: Make a decision based on luck. 

Reward: Experience points + N (where N is determined by the impact of this decision.)

There is no task deadline and no limit on the number of tasks. I hope the host can actively complete it.

Tip: The host can continue the previous gambling game, which is a good way to accumulate experience.]

Although this passage was full of expressions and symbols that Yu Qiu was not familiar with, he unexpectedly understood it. In short, this self-proclaimed Karma Ring system hoped that he could do some luck-dependent activities like gambling and offered something called “experience points” in exchange.

Now the question was…

—What is the use of experience points?

[Enough experience points can make you reach a higher level.]

—What’s the use of a higher level?

[Beep—excessive data consumption, unable to access.]


[Enough experience points can also be used to replenish the data that has been used.]

Once again, Yu Qiu wanted to smash it.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He thought about what Gu Qing said before. Although those words were very out of tune, Yu Qiu thought Gu Qing’s speculation made sense. Wasn’t a ring that could speak his own mind similar to a magic treasure with a soul?

But if it really was a high-end thing like a magic treasure…

—Uh, what exactly can you do now?

[Accumulate experience value, waiting for growth and repair.]

“…” Wasn’t this just useless?

Yu Qiu held his forehead. Could he act as if he had never seen this thing before? Could he? But the thing kept floating above his wrist, and it was too dazzling. How could he go out?

As a result, when Yu Qiu thought about it, the ring, which had been turning happily, suddenly slowed down and merged the two parts that were originally intersecting back into one. It fell back to Yu Qiu’s wrist and became a light trace again.

[Because I was just activated, I couldn’t accurately control my own form. I didn’t mean to cause trouble to the host.]

This Karma Ring even specifically explained this to Yu Qiu. It was so considerate that Yu Qiu was dumbfounded.

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Lizonka: … I’m still reeling from the discovery that this is a system-based novel _(:3」∠)_
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Since his luck is so bad I guess that means this is the absolute worst system for him? LOL.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️


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