Creatures of Habit Extra 4

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Jiang Yishan was by no means a magnanimous person.

Seeing the table full of people, he had a bellyful of fire. If it weren’t for Qin Shaocheng calling him to sit down, he would have shooed those people away. A holiday for resting was hard to come by; for what reason must those people keep Qin Shaocheng busy when he should be accompanying him?

But he no longer dared to be as capricious as before.

He should be good1乖 (guāi) – Not the first-time this word appeared, but I usually translate this differently, depending on context (obedient, well-behave, lovable, etc.). “Guai” is often said to a child as praise when they do something good… And I just think it’s interesting to note how often QSC would refer to JYS as “guai,” and how JYS himself would also describe himself like this. Jiang Yishan is sooo coquettish and cute. I think I can understand why QSC likes him uwu and judge the situation first2审时度势 – To adopt a wait-and-see attitude; observe the times and judge the occasion, and Qin Shaocheng might even praise him. However, those people were so superfluous and were always talking about work. He couldn’t get a word in, and being so out of place made him unable to sit down. Saying he wanted to take a stroll was merely an excuse to withdraw.

He squatted beside the flower bed near the pool to feed the fish. With his back facing the French windows of the house, he tried to make the view of it look lonely and bored.

So long as Qin Shaocheng wanted to, he could look up and see him.

Jiang Yishan was exactly such a person, wanting to scheme like this everyday.

But all he wanted was to win over Qin Shaocheng’s sympathy and have him lower his demands.

Like when he sent that demo last time, Qin Shaocheng didn’t coax him first and even told him that he was still as impetuous as before. Although what he said was right, how could he feel okay!

He would never talk like that before!

Jiang Yishan angrily sprinkled the fish food into the pool, and the koi inside, which were nearly a meter long, all rushed up like crazy. Startled, he quickly got up to avoid water getting splashed onto his body.

He looked back inside and saw Qin Shaocheng was still seriously listening to the others. He didn’t even look over here. Jiang Yishan squatted down again and looked at the pool, grunting angrily.

His drama ended without reason before it could even start. He squatted at the edge of the pool for a while and thought of asking Qin Shaocheng to take him on horseback riding. In a moment, he also thought of wanting to go to Finland again. After that, he considered what birthday present he wanted. Last time, he saw a pocket watch that looked quite good. There was nothing special about it, except it was a little expensive.

He just thought over and over on how he wanted Qin Shaocheng to coax him more and not talk about his shortcomings.

He sighed.

It was also his fault he had too many shortcomings.

After a while, the cousin came out to smoke. Jiang Yishan gave him a quick glance, and then continued to feed the fish. The cousin took the initiative to be polite: “Sorry for disturbing you and brother Shaocheng while you’re on vacation.”

“It’s nothing. Work is more important,” Jiang Yishan spoke against what he really felt, then asked, “Are you guys done chatting? Do you want to eat here?” He completely wore the expression of sending the guests off on his face.

“… We won’t eat. We will leave in a moment.”

Jiang Yishan clapped away the fish food in his hand and said, “That’s okay. I’ll go in and say something to Shaocheng.”

Cousin: “……”

He had long heard that brother Shaocheng of his uncle’s family liked a little star, and that he loved the man to the sky, would pamper him, and would let him do as he pleased. This time, he took advantage of their vacation to disturb them. When Jiang Yishan saw them, he was so eager to hurry in and blast them away. The cousin didn’t dare to say anything.

He glanced inside the house, hoping his old classmate had said all he had to say. It would be too bad to be asked to leave without mentioning the key points.

Jiang Yishan didn’t think so much. He merely knew that the Qin Shaocheng now wouldn’t follow along with him without weighing his principles, unlike before. He could tell that even if he squatted outside for an hour, he may not yield at all to come out and take a look. It was better to talk about it directly.

Anyway, it was the cousin who said he wanted to leave, not him.

After listening to the two’s presentation, Qin Shaocheng asked several more questions. He didn’t express what he thought, merely saying that he’d like to take another look.

The cousin’s classmate had a one-track mind. He wanted to show Qin Shaocheng some other data reports of the company, so he turned his head to his laptop. In contrast, the partner had more intentions. He started talking to Qin Shaocheng about other stuff, and the subject soon veered towards personal matters.

Qin Shaocheng didn’t care about when he had an occupational disease in sales. He managed to deal with him by responding casually.

While the two were chatting, Qin Shaocheng caught sight of Jiang Yishan and his cousin coming back.

Just a moment ago, he saw Jiang Yishan feeding the fish in a thoughtful and generous way. He thought the man hadn’t changed at all, still stupid and cute. Then he thought of how he couldn’t let these people stay overnight to disturb them. Otherwise, Jiang Yishan would feed the koi in the pool to death.

While he was thinking and not paying attention, the partner knocked over the teacup on the table.

Tea was splashed on the document, and the cousin’s first reaction was to save it. Qin Shaocheng reached for his mobile phone, which was right next to it. The partner reached out at the same time, but not to save the company’s information, but for Qin Shaocheng’s phone. Specifically, he reached out to Qin Shaocheng’s hand that was on the phone.

The touch of the other person on the back of his hand seemed non-existent. It was very light, but the heat on the fingertips that were warmed by the tea was obvious enough.

Qin Shaocheng frowned.

When the partner saw Jiang Yishan today, he figured out Qin Shaocheng’s sexual orientation. To him, this was like seeing a mountain of gold just waiting for him to come with a hoe. Moreover, when he saw that Jiang Yishan didn’t understand business at all, he was more convinced that the other person was just a little plaything. He thought that his own looks weren’t bad, and that his working abilities and social skills were much better than a flower vase grass bag3Flower vase = a mere pretty face | Grass bag = person with no ability.

They were all men, and they all had some deep-rooted bad habits. First of all, he should make a good impression, afraid he might not see him again in the future. What’s more, if they succeeded with this business deal, they would have more chances to meet in the future.

But then the schemes in his heart ka-cha’ed, and warm tea was poured over his head. “?!”

Jiang Yishan stood behind him, holding a teacup and pouring the tea over his head. “Scram.”

The partner was stunned. His face was still wet from the tea, cutting a sorry figure.

“You won’t even scram. Want me to say it a second time?”

The cousin’s expression was worse. He had heard of how Jiang Yishan once made trouble with Qin Shaocheng’s ex-lovers.

“Huh, how? Mr. Jiang you–” The cousin’s classmate, who had been busy wiping the documents all this time, was surprised to see that his partner had tea poured over him. The cousin kicked him hard as soon as he wanted to speak.

“Xiao Shan,” Qin Shaocheng restrained him. “You go upstairs first.”

Jiang Yishan exploded. “You’re letting me leave?!”

“I want you to wait for me upstairs first. I’ll come to you right away.”

Jiang Yishan was so angry, he wanted to drive the people out on the spot.

“Xiao Shan, be good.” Qin Shaocheng stood up and wrapped his arms around Jiang Yishan’s waist. “Go up and wait for me for a while.”

Jiang Yishan slammed the empty teacup to the ground and went upstairs angrily.

The cousin felt he was wronged. He had wanted to help in consideration of his old classmate’s feelings4他是因为老同学的情面 – I couldn’t quite phrase it well, but the cousin here is thinking of giving his old classmate some face because, well, they used to be classmates. Using “past affections” sounds ambiguous, but it’s kinda like that.. He didn’t expect his classmate’s partner to be so unreliable. He quickly explained, “Ge, I didn’t know… Old Zhao, he’s also…”

“That’s all for today.” Qin Shaosheng waved his hand. “I think Mr. Su and Mr. Zhao should know what to say and what not to say.”

“Chief Qin, I…”

“It’s been hard on you two, coming from far away, and it’s no longer early,” said Qin Shaocheng. “I’m sorry I cannot see you off.”

Lizonka: Is this partner stupid or what? Knock over the tea to hold someone’s hand??? Seriously???

<strong>Lizonka</strong> (Translator)
Lizonka (Translator)

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