Creatures of Habit Extra 2.1

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The first song Jiang Yishan wrote sold for six thousand.

A pseudonym was used, and assistant Xiao Zhang was entrusted in helping him find his former connections and selling them. Although six thousand was not even half the price for a new set of tableware, for newcomers, this price was quite normal.

The demo was sung by Jiang Yishan himself. His voice was highly recognizable. When the demo was sent to the record company, Jiang Yishan was anxious that the other party would use it for hype. Fortunately, the record company didn’t care about these, only listening to the songs. Soon, Xiao Zhang was contacted and they asked if there were any consideration for the song’s long-term revenue, for they would like to talk about it. And finally, they asked whether Jiang Yishan would like to help sing the company’s demos. [2]

Jiang Yishan was really not good at writing songs, and he could only come up with one after being restrained at home for half a year. Singing demos for others was even worse. The idol of the past was now reduced to singing little things for record companies.

In the evening, he mentioned this while lying on Qin Shaocheng’s lap and scrolling through Weibo. Ever since his injury healed, he was able to toss and turn at will. How he wished he could also grow on Qin Shaocheng. Wherever Qin Shaocheng sat, he would stick to him. It made Qin Shaosheng get into the habit of reading at home on the bed, so that Jiang Yishan would not have to bend his waist on the sofa.

“Only six thousand, and I wrote it for half a year,” Jiang Yishan mumbled. “It’s too low.”

Qin Shaocheng was using the tablet to read the company’s documents. He fondled Jiang Yishan’s ear as he said, “Are you doing it for the money or because it makes you happy?”

“Does making money conflict with being happy?”

“Other people do not have conflict, but you do.” Qin Shaocheng looked at Jiang Yishan and said, “If you can’t let go of the past, I advise you not to write. Otherwise, you won’t be able to write or sell anything even if your mentality has changed.”

Jiang Yishan was at a loss at Qin Shaocheng’s words. He pulled the pillow over his face to hide and said, “I didn’t mean that… How could you say that about me…”

“I won’t say anymore.” Qin Shaocheng put down the tablet, and pulled the pillow away from Jiang Yishan’s face. He pulled the man to himself, letting him lay on his stomach, as he patiently stroked his back. “I wronged Xiao Shan. You braved the risk of being ridiculed by your peers just to send a sample, but the song you wrote for half a year wasn’t even sold at a high price.”


“But many people who write songs for the first time have no one to buy from them at all.” He bit Jiang Yishan’s ear and said in a low voice, “You are amazing.”

“That’s right. For the first time!” Jiang Yishan was very comfortable with Qin Shaocheng’s arms around him, but soon after, he was once again entangled. “Anyway, I think they actually just bought my song so they can contact me and let me sing their demos.”

“You’ll sing for six thousand?”

“… No.”

“The record company is just running a business. What should be the price is what the price should be. You are a talent, but you can’t use your real name. The record company’s money doesn’t come out from thin air. In this industry, why should they pay you more than normal? What you wrote is okay, so they gave you the normal price. And since you sang well, it’s reasonable for them to invite you to sing their demos.” Qin Shaocheng lightly patted Jiang Yishan’s back. “You can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. You have to take your time.”

Jiang Yishan was lying on Qin Shaocheng’s chest, whining and groaning. “You say this much, but just a moment ago, your tone was bad. I say I’m not happy at all!”

“Then what’s to be done?”

Jiang Yishan rolled his eyes. “I want to go out and play!”

He’d been cooped at home for a year, and he couldn’t bear it anymore. It was no wonder he made this request. Qin Shaocheng could understand, but this was now Jiang Yishan’s situation. He considered it for a while and said, “We can go to the estate1 别院 – Literal translation would be “separate courtyards.” Usually a house where members of branch families live in. Can also refer to a house where a family member having a conflict with the family can go hide in.? Aside from family, no one else goes there.”

Jiang Yishan was immediately terrified. “Ah?”

“No one should be going there at this time,” said Qin Shaocheng. “It’s also okay to be seen. No one would embarrass you.”

Jiang Yishan looked up at him and said, “If someone says something bad about me, you’ll have to help me.”

Qin Shaocheng laughed. “Okay, I’ll help you.” But then he said, “But you also have to be obedient. Helping you doesn’t mean shielding you2袒护(tǎn hù) -to shield (a miscreant) from punishment, criticism etc; to take sb’s side.”

Leaning on Qin Shaocheng’s chest, he felt the vibration of his chest when the other person laughed, and it was especially reassuring.

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Lizonka: When I first read about JYS complaining about staying at home, I just laughed… But being forced to stay at home for so long, I can now feel his pain… damn this virus.

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