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Creatures of Habit Extra 1

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T/N: The first part of this chapter is written in a way that imitates comments in a forum. As such, punctuation is often foregone. Moreover, be sure to read the #2 footnote. If you don’t, you’ll be very confused. This chapter also uses several acronyms as proper names. Don’t ask me what they mean; the author didn’t say either.

[Topic] 818 (1) Which Bald Male Stars in the Circle are Good-looking?

2L. Looking at the title, I can tell that the OP [2] is talking about the monk that TT played in the newly-released XXX movie.

5L. God! Senior monk, don’t be too beautiful ah!

7L. Sharing screenshots of our god Su in XXX! [photo][photo]

18L. My Tang Xin simply looks like a model who has someone kneeling before him as he chants scriptures [photo][drooling]

23L. [heart][heart][heart] God Su in side-view is too beautiful! Eyelashes could carry a matchstick! Lip shape also looks good! Male god!

55L. This incomparably beautiful face is like sweet candy [salivating]

59L. [photo][photo]

60L. Upstairs, who’s that guy in the Instagram photo?

64L. Nauseating

71L. Who the fuck sent photos of net red [3] Jiang again

75L. Jiang Yishan??????

80L. Oh my god, why did Net Red Jiang shave his hair?

81L. Released after serving a prison sentence?

102L. He wasn’t sent to jail at all. He turned himself in. He didn’t get a sentence.

122L. Emmmm, I actually think this Jiang’s bald head looks quite good.

134L. [Crooked building][Crooked Building] He’s not bald, he has an undercut!

163L. [Photo] He had a car accident, so the hair on his head had to be shaved for a certain period of time. There’s only one bald photo of him on Instagram [photo]

179L. He actually didn’t cover it up on Instagram.

183L. Do people like him still have fans?

197L. Fans have turned black +1

205L. His character is extremely bad.

255L. Why is he called Net Red Jiang?

275L. Search in the topic【Dissecting the “Net Red” Lives of these 13 Male Gods over the Years】

291L. He relied on online public opinion to make himself popular. He’s so low, he’d reached the Earth’s core. Calling him a net red is just a formality.

311L. There are actually still some people who don’t know that Jiang-juju [4] would buy his competitor’s black materials to use to his own advantage?

328L. And even trick his colleagues into drinking

339L. Seeking for clarification

340L. LYC

359L. Oh my god, really? Didn’t LYC retreat from the circle because she was photographed kissing her gold master?

363L. Lulu and her boyfriend have a stable relationship. There wasn’t any gold master, just a normal romantic relationship. It is said that the gold master is just black water spilled by Net Red Jiang. The picture was also taken by Jiang.

367L. Really disgusting ah

369L. ????! I just went to Net Red Jiang’s Instagram and saw this [photo][photo]. Asking the very rich xiao jie’s and dage’s, please tell me, is the painting on the wall in the background XXX’s xxx? Is it a fake or not?

371L. No way [5], this interior decoration

380L. I’d like to say that his financial resources couldn’t afford to hang a famous painting at home, but this emm……

388L. The picture is too blurry

395L. But what ah?

398L. You guys look at the sofa and tea set in the background [photo][photo][photo]

417L. Is that tableware the XX limited? I can’t make out the furniture

419L. Here’s a picture of sofa XXX from the official website [photo]

428L. [Photo] The carpet in this picture → See right picture [photo]

431L. No way, the carpet is inlaid with gold

444L. The persian carpet itself is girdled with gold thread, okay

449L. ??? If all these are fucking genuine, then is Jiang Yishan living off a rich man?

457L. What’s his background?

461L. If there’s no gold master, I’ll eat shit

464L. Parents are divorced, no background. It is said that after the kissing photo broke out back then, the family all lost their money

479L. Impossible ba, how can a star have no money

483L. Really no money. The post next door had been tearing him down for a long time. In those years he was well-off, all the money was spent on hyping and buying materials and resources. He himself brought his own money into the group. If he didn’t, who do you think would want him to perform

496L. Only a few of his good Instagram photos have a background ah. Most of them are food.

499L. The tableware are all WW and FF, so rich

500L. He must be eating at a restaurant ba

511L. As far as I know, there is no restaurant in China that has so many sets of WW tableware. Moreover, the table hasn’t changed at all

527L. Has he changed his profession to a cook?

529L. Hahahahahahahahaha sorry, looking around here for a bit makes me wanna laugh

533L. [Photo] Below his recent Instagram photo, his fans asked him for Mr. S. Who is Mr. S?

544L. I just turned over his Instagram, and it seems like he had sent this picture of a santa hat [photo] from two years ago. The fans in the comments are the same as they have been for years. Is Santa Mr. S?

555L. Curious

559L. What kind of metaphor is Santa Claus? Giving gifts? Every year?

567L. I’ve made up my mind. He found a sugar daddy, so…

569L. Eh, would anyone want him?

578L. He looks good

583L. Has such a bad character. He’d frame others for money. The purpose of him giving himself up was definitely not pure

585L. If nothing else, Jiang’s face could make up for it

588L. Damn, he’s good-looking

591L. [Photo] This picture was taken at a fan’s meeting. No filter and no retouching (whispers BB)

592L. Day, very pure [6]

604L. I’m actually not as beautiful as a man 

609L. What’s the use of being good-looking when the character is so rotten.

618L. Wooooooo, Santa Claus, sugar daddy, Mr. S, is there really a gold master behind him?

626L. Why do you say the purpose of his surrender is impure

629L. To look good is to do what you can to find a gold master y_u

633L. Voluntarily surrendering can discharge him as innocent

644L. He didn’t surrender so that he could get away. He surrendered to stop the crime

677L. [Photo] Why does he like making congee with century eggs [7] and lean meat so much?

684L. He likes to eat it?

697L. I read the info in the former support group, he doesn’t like to eat it

719L. That’s what Mr. S likes to eat

722L. Tsk tsk tsk, currying favor from the gold master

724L. Wait a minute, there really is a gold master. At that time, how could the photo have exploded? His Instagram has already gone beyond the level of flaunting wealth ba. The painting on the light walls and those antique soft adornments… The standards of the rich and powerful?

728L. Can’t say for sure, will look into it later

738L. ? What is this gold master thinking? Wanting such a rotten person

739L. [Photo] Yeah. Is this the gold master in the lower right corner? 

747L. I’m just leaning on one arm, got no watch and no hand. What am I? [8]

749L. [Photo] Do you understand this car’s interior decor?

751L. I can’t make out what car it is, but just looking at how light hits the leather, I know that it’s fucking expensive

756L. Hahahahahahahahaha

777L. My god, I don’t know if I’m just thinking too much, but with so many photos in his Instagram, he hasn’t exposed a single trace. There aren’t even any specular reflections on his photos. Was he born a paparazzi? So vigilant????

781L. You only know that now? Although Jiang Yishan was blackened when he just debuted, the black fans have never grabbed a stone hammer [9]

789L. 5 years! Never been photographed in five years. You should be afraid. No sex scandals, and no stone hammers.

793L. Is his fan support group still there? See if you can find out who Mr. S is.

800L. Yes, Jiang is really super cautious. I heard that the people in his team didn’t even know he liked men before the scandal broke out

803L. Scary

815L. His fans are very low-key now. All the official fan sites are closed. I feel they’re all only in Instagram

820L. With such a serious mind, no wonder he could engage in capital manipulation

839L. Jiejie’s! I found something about Mr. Santa! Jiang personally mentioned him in an interview with XX station 5 years ago [10]! I will link the video!

844L. Sitting back and waiting

845L. Portal [link] 8 minutes, 7 seconds. Start

846L. He was in this interview? How come I’ve never seen it

847L. This is probably the only interview where he didn’t have to buy the promotional propaganda ba (laughs)

848L. I don’t have wifi ah! Are there any nice xiao jiejies or xiao geges that can tell me what’s on the screenshot

849L. I will

Host: Have you ever regretted anything?

Jiang: I have.

Host: What makes you answer so definitely? Do you want to atone for it that much?

Jiang: … Yes, I regret it very much. I made a mistake.

Host: Can you talk about it?

Jiang: I can’t say. It’s something I didn’t do right, and I regret it now. This incident involved a good friend of mine. He helped me a lot, but I did not take his feelings into account when I handled stuff.

Host: Have you guys not contacted each other again?

Jiang: We haven’t. You know, you make a mistake, and you’re so ashamed that you dare not go and try to find him.

Host: Very contradictory.

Jiang: Right. Very contradictory.

Host: What role does he play in your life? A mentor?

Jiang: …. No… Strictly speaking… He… He is like Santa Claus.

Host: ? How could you describe him like this

Jiang (uneasy): Uh… Because Santa is omnipotent.

Host: Haha, sounds like a mature and kind elder.

Jiang (laughs): Right. He is.

Translator’s Notes

1 Slang for a gossip topic. Return ▲

2 It actually says LZ in the raws, which is an abbreviation for 楼主 (lóu zhǔ). It is equivalent to “original poster” in English, but literally, it means owner of a building with multiple floors (i.e. landlord).

Now let me explain a bit about Chinese online forums, so you won’t have to read too many footnotes later:

  • A forum topic is considered as the house/the main building.
  • “Next door” or “neighbor” are used to refer to other topics in the same forum outside the one you’re in
  • Posts/Comments under a topic are considered as the floors. The letter L you see after the numbers stands for 楼 (lóu), which means floor. So the 2L, 5L, 7L and so on are just indications of the comment order.
  • The previous post/comment is called Upper Floor or Upstairs (楼上).
  • Crooked Building (歪楼) is used to describe comments that go off-topic.

Return ▲

3 网红 – An internet celebrity or, as we call it in English, influencers. Return ▲

4 巨巨 – A slang of a slang. It’s a slang for 大大 (dada), which is also a slang for 大人 (daren). It’s like the -sama suffix in Japanese, but here I think it’s used just to mock JYS. Thanks so much to Jouicifer of the CG server for explaining! Return ▲

5 The raws say 卧槽, which literally means “lying on a through.” It’s a slang used to express surprise or disbelief. I can’t think of an English equivalent, so I’ll just use “no way.” Return ▲

6 日,好白 – I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean either. 好白 here can also mean good white. Return ▲

7 皮蛋 – a Chinese preserved food product and delicacy made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing [source: Wikipedia]

Return ▲

8 我靠就一个胳膊,表没有,手没有,猜什么?

I think it’s a riddle, but I have no idea what it means and why it’s even included in the text. Return ▲

9  Slang for conclusive evidence. In this case, evidence for JYS’s scandal. Return ▲

10 It actually says 15 years in the raws, which I believe is a typo. JYS hasn’t been an artist for that long. Return ▲

Lizonka: … This chapter is the most difficult one to translate in this entire novel. So many Chinese internet slang!

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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