Chapter 8: Third Pleasure!

After putting the medicine spray away, Qin Shaosheng wearily lay down again.

He hadn’t been sleeping well these past two days. Jiang Yishan affected him more than he thought. He really regretted not changing the lock. This was because, at first, he indeed still held a bit of fantasy, but then year after year of disappointment made him understand that it was all just a fool’s dream. With the company on the right track, his whole mind was focused on work. Later, he also kept in touch with his family, easing his relationship with them. His resolve to leave City A was strengthened, and he didn’t bother to change the lock anymore.

To put it bluntly, it just didn’t matter.

With Jiang Yishan’s character, he had expected that it would take knocking his head ‘till it bled before he’d sober up. He knew right from the start that Jiang Yishan was a vain and impetuous man who loved to scheme.

When they first met, he had completely ignored him. But upon hearing that he was the young master of the Qin family, his eyes widened and he muttered, “So what?” After that, his attitude towards him was very ambiguous. He said he didn’t care, but when he’d see him talking to others, he couldn’t help but secretly glance over, thinking he had hidden himself well. Whenever he received an expensive gift, he would first deliberately shrug it off, but after a while, he’d secretly run to a corner and look at it as if it were a treasure.

The good and bad of Jiang Yishan’s character could be seen at a glance. This person was stupid, but his look when making a fuss and acting coquettish was very cute.

Qin Shaosheng loved him very much at that time. He regarded his shortcomings as simply him being young, and as such it was normal for him to be capricious. Besides, he had the ability and financial resources to satisfy him, so he never thought of stopping him. His relatives and friends had told him that this would destroy Jiang Yishan. He listened to them and thought about it, but in the face of Jiang Yishan’s repeated requests, he was always reluctant to refuse. He thought that Jiang Yishan would just change eventually.

It was not until Jiang Yishan broke up with him did he realize how much he had spoiled him.

It was his unconditional indulgence that made Jiang Yishan greedier and more vain, eventually leading him to be eroded by the fake flashiness in the circle. He had thought Jiang Yishan would come back after suffering a loss, and that he would understand. It was not until Jiang Yishan asked him to return to the Qin family did he finally realize that his lover had completely fallen on his head.

Jiang Yishan had become worldly and hypocritical. Sincerity was no longer important to him.

As Qin Shaosheng slept, the scene of when he first met Jiang Yishan played over and over again in his dream like a song on loop.

The seventeen or eighteen-year old Jiang Yishan was beautiful and youthful. He stood on stage glowing, the corners of his lips turned up, and his eyes gleaming with the brightness of youth and a slyness unique to him. Qin Shaosheng’s heart still beat for him to this day. So long as Jiang Yishan was there, it would start hammering.

There was also that Christmas when Jiang Yishan lay shyly on the bed in the hotel suite, his hands uneasily clutching the sheets as he nervously opened himself up for him. On that bed, he was like the Fruit of All Evil, fresh and tempting.

Just like how Jiang Yishan sat on top of him last night, naked and naively seductive.

Qin Shaosheng felt hot all over. Jiang Yishan’s pink ass once again appeared before his eyes, as well as his red tongue and the scalding warmth of his fevered mouth. The dream began to feel more and more real… as if his cock really was being licked.

Qin Shaosheng’s eyes snapped open. He lifted the quilt and was shocked to see Jiang Yishan buried between his legs and immersed in sucking his dick.

“What are you doing!”

Jiang Yishan stubbornly lay between his legs. “Does it feel good? I used my tongue this time and didn’t touch you with my teeth. It should feel very good.”

The ferocious sex organ was directly facing Jiang Yishan’s face. Qin Shaosheng pressed down the picture in his mind.

Outside the window, the sky was only starting to brighten. It should be just after six.

Jiang Yishan, dressed in pajamas, bowed his head and said, “Are you going to drive me out at dawn? Why don’t you try it once before you go?” His head must’ve been broken. “I’ll learn how to make you feel good, so don’t kick me out, okay?”

Blue veins protruded on Qin Shaosheng’s forehead. “You—”

Jiang Yishan once again stooped down to lick up the thick, hard giant, licking it little by little as if it were an ice cream. Saliva spilled down from the corners of his mouth, dripped on the glans, then was licked away again by the tip of his tongue.

Qin Shaosheng’s mind was in a mess. Actually, even if Jiang Yishan were to do nothing, or was stupid enough to knock his teeth on his dick, Qin Shaosheng wouldn’t go soft.

As long as it was Jiang Yishan, it was so easy to arouse him.

Jiang Yishan licked around the shaft for a while, then began learning to swallow the entire cock whole. His mouth opened as wide as it could, and with the large, plump glans still twitching at the top of his throat, he resisted his gag reflex and took in the cock more deeply.

When Jiang Yishan heard Qin Shaosheng’s comfortable sigh, he finally had some confidence in himself. Wanting Qin Shaosheng to feel even better, he endured the nausea of being stuffed in the throat and started rocking his head back and forth, imitating the movements of sex.

Qin Shaosheng could no longer resist it. He pressed a hand on the back of Jiang Yishan’s head, and impatiently pushed his waist deeper into the hot, narrow throat. The head of his cock brushed against the roof of Jiang Yishan’s mouth, then went so deeply, it hit the man’s uvula, eliciting a low, rough gasp.

Eager to vent out the fire he had suppressed all night, he grabbed Jiang Yishan’s hair and started pumping back and forth, wantonly venting inside his mouth, embracing his unexplainable and unclear intentions. He pressed on the back of Jiang Yishan’s head to give him no opportunity to escape, then pushed his cock into the deepest place, his glans opening up the man’s throat before his whole cock shook and ejaculated.

When Qin Shaosheng released him, Jiang Yishan choked and coughed, white semen trickling down the corners of his mouth.

Qin Shaosheng lifted his chin.

Jiang Yishan’s Adam’s apple unconsciously bobbed, swallowing most of the pungent cum in his mouth. In the dimly lit room, his eyes were bright and his pitch-black pupils were full of Qin Shaosheng’s figure. “Did you like it?”

Qin Shaosheng automatically thought that Jiang Yishan was purposely playing naive in order to disarm him. He was so calculative, he must certainly know what he loved best.

But even though he had admonished himself, Qin Shaosheng remained hard. He loved it too much.

Jiang Yishan wiped the cum from the corner of his mouth and said, “You like it.” Then after some thought, he added, “Since you liked it, then don’t push me away.”

He unbuttoned his shirt. “I’ll let you do me. You can do whatever you want. Just don’t leave early, and don’t drive me away.”

Qin Shaosheng stared at him, his eyes deep and dark like the sea.

Jiang Yishan came up to kiss his chin, but Qin Shaosheng blocked him with his arm.

“Turn around.” Qin Shaosheng commanded.

Jiang Yishan did as he was told, immediately taking off his pajamas and lying naked in front of Qin Shaosheng. He knelt and raised his ass high, but reflexively shuddered when Qin Shaosheng touched his still aching butt. Qin Shaosheng pried open his ass, then thrusted right away into him as Jiang Yishan had expected. Although Jiang Yishan had prepared for it, he still clenched his teeth from the pain. He broke out in cold sweat, and just when he opened his mouth to call Qin Shaosheng’s name, the man covered it.

Qin Shaosheng panted in his ear. “Be quiet.”

Jiang Yishan had to cover his mouth. Clamping onto that murder weapon, he lowered his hips and rocked his ass to cater to Qin Shaosheng’s fucking.

It was sheer one-sided pleasure. Qin Shaosheng’s roughness made him unable to get hard, his semi-soft dick swaying between his legs. Yet he wanted to bear it. He didn’t want to hear Qin Shaosheng telling him to get lost again.

Qin Shaosheng mechanically fucked him with his eyes closed. Jiang Yishan was so tight and soft inside, but he still felt that something was off. So he grabbed Jiang Yishan by the waist and fucked him harder. Hearing the man’s occasional muffled moans when hitting his sensitive point, the fire in Qin Shaosheng’s heart burst.

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