Chapter 7: Second Pleasure!

Qin Shaosheng grabbed his hand and said through gritted teeth, “Get off me.”

Seeing the hesitation and resistance in Qin Shaosheng’s eyes, Jiang Yishan used the old trick of untying Qin Shaosheng’s pajamas. Jiang Yishan felt that Qin Shaosheng was already hard. Qin Shaosheng certainly didn’t want to see him, but since his body would still react to him, he should take the initiative. He pulled down the waistband of Qin Shaosheng’s pajamas and lowered his head to lick his erect cock.

It was so hot. Qin Shaosheng tightly clenched his hand into a fist as the other person sucked him. He stared at the man’s spine protruding through his skin as he bent down. His skin was extremely white, and the muscles he had developed for his image were only a thin layer. He had lost weight again and was even ill, giving this scene a very sickly beauty.

He wanted to ravage this frail man, yet he also wanted to hold him in his arms and love him dearly.

When Jiang Yishan’s incredibly hot tongue started licking him, all the reason in Qin Shaosheng’s brain was soon disappearing into thin air. On the verge of losing control, he pushed Jiang Yishan’s shoulder away.

“Are you uncomfortable? Did I bite you again?” Jiang Yishan stuck out his tongue to lick the slit on the tip of the glans, then drilled his tongue into the hole.

At that moment, Qin Shaosheng felt that he was so hard, he was about to come.

He breathed heavily. Annoyed at himself for being easily aroused by the other person, he angrily grabbed Jiang Yishan’s arm and pulled him away.

Jiang Yishan didn’t give up and still tried to incite him. “Shaosheng, I will learn… I’ll only use my tongue this time…”

The erotic image of that red tongue licking his cock instantly flashed in his mind. Qin Shaosheng’s anger and desire had reached the breaking point. He pulled Jiang Yishan onto his lap. His right hand grabbed both of Jiang Yishan’s wrists and twisted them to his back to hold him in place, and his left leg pressed against Jiang Yishan’s flailing leg. Then he raised his left hand high and heavily spanked his snow-white ass.

His strength was so heavy that a palm print soon appeared on the smooth and round ass.

“!” Jiang Yishan was struck dumb by the sudden spank.


Another spank.

Jiang Yishan finally reacted with shame and fear. “Shaosheng…”

The soft, white flesh was printed with red palm prints, and with the ass rippling back and forth due to his spanking, the desire in Qin Shaosheng’s eyes became terribly deep. There was now an outlet for all the previous anger and shame, so he once again raised his left hand and hit it.

It landed heavier this time, the sound of it loud and clear.

Jiang Yishan’s shoulder shrank in pain. “I was wrong. Stop hitting me—ah!”

The beating did not stop for mercy and instead became heavier and denser. Jiang Yishan could only hear the spanking sound from behind him. Being fixed in place and unable to move, he couldn’t see Qin Shaosheng’s expression. He could only endure the pain and be spanked. Qin Shaosheng was spanking him so hard that he soon couldn’t bear it and started squirming away. “It hurts. I was wrong!”

Qin Shaosheng pressed his hands on his back more tightly. Jiang Yishan’s ass, which was originally soft and smooth, had become red, swollen, and hot. He looked intently at the beaten peach-like ass as he fondled it with his palm

Qin Shaosheng pressed down the nasty thoughts in his mind and said in a voice that pretended to be cold, “Still wanna make trouble?”

Jiang Yishan’s eyelashes had tears clinging to them from when he cried out in pain. “I was wrong… I won’t bother you anymore.”

Qin Shaosheng, however, was a bit reluctant to part from the ass that he himself had made red and swollen. He spread his fingers over the trembling flesh and gently pressed down. The soft, pink flesh squeezed into the space between his fingers, and it felt really good.

He grabbed it and rubbed it a few times.

The skin of Jiang Yishan’s ass was hot after being spanked. Now that it was being fondled lustfully, the temperature of his entire body rose. His lower body had also gone erect from the caresses. Under the desire, Jiang Yishan, who was lying on Qin Shaosheng’s lap, inexplicably rubbed against his leg. “Shaosheng…”

When his cock was rubbed against, Qin Shaosheng broke out of his stupor and felt a pang of regret. He spanked those supple assheeks, and his voice dropped an octave as he said, “You just can’t learn to be good.”

Qin Shaosheng spanked him without holding back. Jiang Yishan, who could only think about the pain, didn’t hear the deep desire in his tone.

The spanking got faster. The pain of the previous slap had not yet subsided when another spank came again. Jiang Yishan struggled and cried out in pain, but it was useless. Qin Shaosheng was determined to beat his ass till it broke. The continuous spanks on his ass had made him numb from the pain, and Jiang Yishan cried out for mercy.

During the struggle, Qin Shaosheng’s palm slapped Jiang Yishan’s balls hanging down between his legs. Jiang Yishan gave a weak cry. Both of his legs were trembling slightly, and Qin Shaosheng could see that his toes were curling up.

Qin Shaosheng didn’t say anything. He picked a different angle and spanked him again.

“Stop, stop hitting!” Jiang Yishan struggled and squirmed, but Qin Shaosheng used all his strength to hold him down. Several times during the struggle, Jiang Yishan brushed against Qin Shaosheng’s hard as iron cock, but he didn’t notice it. He was focused on dodging the spanks behind him that was making his scalp numb from fear.

Shame, pain, and pleasure were all mixed together.

Jiang Yishan, who was unable to escape despite his efforts, was now covered in sweat. His balls were slapped continuously. It hurt, but it also felt good. His erect cock was pressed against Qin Shaosheng’s leg, and his pajama pants were wet with precum. Just as he tried to move his butt away, the cloth brushed against the tip of his glans and another one of Qin Shaosheng’s spanks came down again. Stimulated from the back and the front, Jiang Yisan screamed and shot on Qin Shaosheng’s leg.

Qin Shaosheng stared at his trembling ass and stopped spanking him.

His ugly desire was completely exposed to the other person, and he even came just from being spanked. Jiang Yishan burst into tears.

He was afraid that crying would annoy Qin Shaosheng, so he dared not turn around. He bit the quilt and sobbed softly, his shoulder blades trembling lightly.

The room was quiet, save for the sound of Jiang Yishan’s muffled sobs.

Qin Shaosheng’s Adam’s apple rolled. He loosened his restraint on Jiang Yishan’s hands and feet and said in a low voice, “Get off.”

Jiang Yishan wiped away his tears. When he got up and saw his semen on Qin Shaosheng’s pants, his shame reached the extreme. His butt was so painful that he dared not touch it. He knelt on the sofa bed and looked at Qin Shaosheng with red eyes.

“Go to the room. I don’t want to see you.”

Apart from the breakup, this was his second time he heard Qin Shaosheng telling him to get lost. His original optimistic thought that he could be hugged after being beaten was all blown to pieces by Qin Shaosheng’s face that was like a dark cloud.

He put on his pajamas and walked to the bedroom with his head hung down.

Actually, his fever had not yet abated. His body was still very uncomfortable, and now his butt was sore from being spanked. Not to mention, he even shamefully came on Qin Shaosheng. Afterwards, there were no hugs and no gentle coaxing, just nothing. His butt hurt so much that he couldn’t even turn over as he slept. Lying on the bed, Jiang Yishan buried his face in the pillow before he dared to cry out.

He already realized he was wrong and had even tried pleasing the other person, but how come nothing still changed?

In the living room. Qin Shaosheng leaned against the sofa bed and sat for a long time before the desire in his body calmed down. He looked at the time on his cell phone, and his first thought was whether Jiang Yishan had taken fever medicine after eating earlier. He restlessly went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water, and then thought of Jiang Yisan’s pitiful appearance.

He threw the towel into the sink, wrung it casually, and hung it to dry on the wall. He took a blow-out spray1跌打噴霧 – A spray-on medicine for wounds from the cabinet in the living room, then went to the bedroom.

The bedside lamp was turned on, and Jiang Yishan lying on the bed seemed to be asleep. Qin Shaosheng went over and saw the unpacked medicine on the bedside table. This medicine had a helpful sleeping effect. When Jiang Yishan had a fever before and took this medicine, he could sleep for the whole day.

Qin Shaosheng lifted the quilt, sprayed the medicine on his hand and rubbed it hot before rubbing it on Jiang Yishan’s red butt. Jiang Yishan shrank in pain in his sleep and groaned a little. Qin Shaosheng’s movements become a bit gentler. After putting on the medicine, he covered him with the quilt and turned off the bedside lamp. In the darkness, he heard Jiang Yishan murmuring in a very low voice, “Hug me…”

Qin Shaosheng turned around, walked out the bedroom, and closed the door behind him.

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