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Creatures of Habit Chapter 27

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The memory left in the body from the first time it happened was revived. Jiang Yishan was scared and wanted to run. “Don’t! Don’t try! You can’t hit me anymore.”

Qin Shaocheng stopped him with one hand. He bit Jiang Yishan’s ear and rubbed his cock that was gradually getting hard. “When I hit you last time, why were you hard?”

Jiang Yishan struggled to remove the tie binding his hands. “I don’t know! You stop messing…”

Qin Shaocheng chuckled. He pressed down on Jiang Yishan’s legs, forcing him to spread them. His palm ruthlessly spanked the crack of his butt, even hitting the balls along it.

Jiang Yishan shuddered from the stimulation, his throat letting out a minute squeal.

Qin Shaocheng kissed his ear, then trailed down the nape of Jiang Yishan’s neck, licking along as he kissed it. He remembered that this was Jiang Yishan’s most sensitive place.

And as expected, Jiang Yishan got excited. His cock stood high and hard. This position didn’t require much effort. Qin Shaocheng took the small leather flap just now and began to hit the balls hanging between Jiang Yishan’s legs. He watched as Jiang Yishan struggled and writhed, his back sweating.

“Open your legs a little more.” Qin Shaocheng grabbed the whip and hit Jiang Yishan’s balls below his cock.

“You’re too much… I can’t stand it…” Jiang Yishan’s ass was now red. He was embarrassed and helpless. His balls were hot and painful, yet his cock wasn’t softening at all. The stiff glans were beginning to drip with precum.

Qin Shaocheng pulled open the zipper of Jiang Yishan’s hoodie. His hand was groping the nipples on his chest, rubbing the tip to hardness. “Okay, no more hitting. You hold your legs open so I can play with you.”

Jiang Yishan went soft all over from being touched by Qin Shaocheng. His left nipple was rubbed ‘til itchy and tingling. He slightly raised his hips as he spread his legs apart, moaning softly. “The right one should also be rubbed…”

Without waiting for Jiang Yishan to respond, Qin Shaocheng firmly smacked the sensitive balls, and Jiang Yishan cried out silently. Pain was keenly felt across the entire body, and an electric current seemed to be going along the perineum, the back ridge, and nonstop to the scalp.

Jiang Yishan arched his body in pain, yet all toes curled up in pleasure.

His cock shook, and precum dripped onto the bed sheets.

He was such a terrible mess.

When Qin Shaocheng was done hitting him, he caressed him gently. “Don’t you want to shoot out?”

Jiang Yishan’s eyes were brimming with tears. “You hit me! You lied to me… I don’t want it!”

“Well, I won’t hit you anymore.” Qin Shaocheng threw away the leather whip, held Jiang Yishan in his arms with a smile, and kissed his ears. One hand massaged Jiang Yishan’s soft butt that he had beaten nice and warm, along with the balls. And the other stroked the cock in front that had never been comforted. “Let me kiss you.”

“No kissing. No kissing for you.” Jiang Yishan’s hands were still bound with a tie. He cried and tried to untie it.

Qin Shaocheng lifted his chin and blocked his mouth, his tongue going and stirring the inside. Then the tip of his tongue pressed against Jiang Yishan’s upper jaw, licking it repeatedly. His hands were burning on the sensitive places of Jiang Yishan’s body. It took less than a minute for the body in his arms to soften.

They were too familiar with each other’s body.

As long as Qin Shaocheng would stroke the inside of Jiang Yishan’s thigh, Jiang Yishan would make a sweet and soft nasal sound. And when Jiang Yishan touched the V-shaped line on Qin Shaocheng’s hip bone, it would make the lower part of his body rise hard and unbearable.

“You’re too much…” Jiang Yishan sniffed. “You hit me so painfully…”

“It won’t hurt anymore if I kiss you.” Qin Shaocheng’s sweetheart was really melting. He stroked Jiang Yishan’s whole body, kissed him down his thin waist, and finally put Jiang Yishan’s cock into his mouth.

“Ah, ah…” Jiang Yishan’s legs trembled and tried to close. Qin Shaosheng held them firmly. His inner thigh was caressed and rubbed back and forth. He couldn’t help it. He curved one leg and hooked it around Qin Shaocheng’s shoulder. 

Jiang Yishan felt good, and an indistinct moan came from deep in his throat. The whole person was exuding an attractive red.

Qin Shaocheng made him feel so much pleasure. He couldn’t even control the moans coming out of his mouth. They became soft and drawn-out when the cock was licked by the tongue, and the room was filled with his unrestrained voice.

When Jiang Yishan was only a step away from coming, Qin Shaocheng stopped teasing him. He applied some lubricant at Jiang Yishan’s rear as he kissed his navel. “Does it still hurt?”

Jiang Yishan’s forehead was soaked in sweat. He was so sensitive, he felt like crying. “No pain… You come in quickly ah…”

Qin Shaocheng put the man in a side lying position and kissed him on the cheek. “If your waist hurts, tell me and I’ll be gentle.”

Jiang Yishan’s eyelashes were stained with tears, and his gaze at Qin Shaocheng was full of reluctance to part. “You can’t hug me in this position.”

Qin Shaocheng lowered his waist and slowly fed his cock into the soft and tight back hole. He bent his arms to support Jiang Yishan, his warm and powerful chest pressing against him. Sweat and the smell of hormones wrapped around Jiang Yishan. Qin Shaocheng lightly brushed his lips over Jiang Yishan’s cheek. “Isn’t this hugging [1] you?”

The giant thing filling up Jiang Yishan’s body didn’t have a condom on. The complete intimacy made him scream out endlessly when Qin Shaocheng fucked in. His toes curled up, and he was biting his fingers and making lovely whimpers. When Qin Shaocheng started pumping, the wu wu [2] sounds turned into gasps for breath.

Qin Shaocheng didn’t dare to use too much force. He suppressed himself from pumping into the tight hole that was pinching him so hard, his dick could fall off. The bulging muscles on his shoulders and back were all sweaty. He held Jiang Yishan’s chin and kissed him fiercely. His lower body was slow but firm every time he went down. The muscles on his lower abdomen slammed against Jiang Yishan’s ass, issuing pa, pa sounds.

Jiang Yishan felt good, and he came fast. He was surrounded by Qin Shaocheng and kissed by him, and his lower body’s sensitive points were endlessly played on. His entire cave path [3] was crisp, and he felt numb all over. He put his arm around Qin Shaocheng’s shoulder and stroked his tense and powerful muscles with his palm. The whole person was even more soft, a total mess.

When the cock in the front was slowly gripped by the other person, his waist trembled, and his back hole, which had been fucked for a while, became more and more uncontrollable. Under the stimulation of the front and the back, he shuddered and came in Qin Shaocheng’s hand. The back hole also twitched and convulsed when he climaxed. His tailbone was sore and tingling, making his cock in the front shoot out longer.

Before Jiang Yishan could come down from the high, Qin Shaocheng laid him flat on the bed. Ass and waist were firmly held, and his legs were hung by the knees in Qin Shaocheng’s arms. The thick and hard cock in the back hole suddenly sped up the pumping rhythm. Pleasure rose in a split second, and different parts of his body were sore beyond expression. He was powerless and limp on the bed, staring blankly at his own lower body being completely impaled. He couldn’t even call Qin Shaocheng’s name.

After fucking him fast for over a hundred times, Qin Shaocheng comfortably ejaculated into Jiang Yishan’s body. Afraid that Jiang Yishan’s waist couldn’t bear it, he pulled out and laid the man on his side. He hugged Jiang Yishan from the back and rubbed his palm against his waist. “Is the waist in pain?”

Jiang Yishan turned around to face Qin Shaocheng. “Not in pain.”

Qin Shaosheng saw the operation wound under his left rib and hugged him tighter.

“No more?” Jiang Yishan was aroused by Qin Shaocheng’s strength in his sprint to the finish. He eagerly looked at Qin Shaocheng, eyes full of desire fixed on his face.

Qin Shaocheng meeting this look couldn’t bear it, and he squeezed Jiang Yishan’s fleshy butt. “Wait until your injury is better before you say that again.”

Jiang Yishan really liked Qin Shaocheng’s gentle manner and he wrapped around him, wanting to kiss him.

“No more kissing.” Qin Shaocheng pressed his head against his chest. “I’ll be hard again if you kiss me.”

Jiang Yishan immediately said, “I’ll help you with it!” He jabbed Qin Shaocheng’s chest muscles with his chin. “I’ll use my mouth.”

Qin Shaocheng spanked his ass humorously. “Your technique is so bad, and your teeth make me soft.”

“You liar,” said Jiang Yishan. “During the New Year, you were desperately hard, not soft at all.”

Qin Shaocheng smiled. “What do you mean?” He raised his hand and approached Jiang Yishan’s ass. “What were you scheming at that time?”

Thinking of that bastard who was willful during the New Year, Jiang Yishan dared not do anything arrogant. He obediently shrunk his head as he laid in Qin Shaocheng’s intimate embrace. 

Qin Shaocheng thought that he was really eaten to death by Jiang Yishan. He nipped Jiang Yishan’s cheek and said, “Little scoundrel.”

Truly bad, yet also cute.

Translator’s Notes

1 The character for hug (抱; pronounced as bào) is also the same character for “to surround” and “to hold.” Return ▲

2 Onomatopoeia for crying/whimpering. Return ▲

3 穴道 is usually translated as acupoint in Chinese dictionaries, but when I use that word, I’ll think of acupuncture and needles and stuff… so I just literally translated each of the characters. Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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    • Oh, the art is actually not from a manhua. It’s from the cover of the physical book. I don’t think COH has a manhua. There is an audio drama tho, if you’re interested. More info on the novel’s index page


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