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Creatures of Habit Chapter 26.1

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Jiang Yishan looked at Qin Shaocheng incredulously.

“I said I’d beat you if you’re not obedient,” Qin Shaocheng said seriously. “Before, you were injured, so I didn’t beat you.”

Jiang Yishan hurriedly said, “Right now, my injury is also not well.”

Qin Shaocheng didn’t listen to Jiang Yishan’s words. Yesterday, who knew how bored he was in the hospital that he ran to the garden yard to play on the swing. The doctor had also made it clear that he shouldn’t rush to use his waist strength. Later on, the pain on his waist once again bothered him that he had to massage it all night.

Qin Shaocheng said sternly, “Come here.”

“I don’t wanna!” Jiang recalled the shameful memory of being beaten during the New Year, and he took a step back. 

“Take off your pants yourself, and I’ll hit you with my hand.” Qin Shaocheng opened the drawer of the bedside table. “If you don’t obey me, I will use a whip.”

Jiang Yishan stared at the small leather whip inside the drawer. He finally understood that Qin Shaocheng was serious. Before, when he said he’d beat him, he thought it was only a joke. Indulging him in the hospital wasn’t because he couldn’t help himself. Rather, he was waiting for his injury to get better, so that when they’d leave the hospital together, he could sort him out.

Jiang Yishan bit his lip and struggled to death. “I don’t want to… You can’t do this!”

How could he hit him when he didn’t make a big mistake?

He was still hurting from the journey! He can’t use such a heavy hand!

Qin Shaocheng didn’t talk nonsense with him. He stepped forward and grabbed Jiang Yishan, pressing him onto the bed. He directly took his necktie and used it to bind Jiang Yishan’s hands together. Turning a deaf ear to Jiang Yishan begging for mercy, he took off his pants and spanked him on the ass.

A pink palm print immediately appeared.

Jiang Yishan howled. “It hurts!”

“You’re gonna act recklessly [1] again?”

“It’s too painful!” Qin Shaocheng’s hand strength was so powerful that Jiang Yishan felt numb after being hit twice. Jiang Yishan’s pants were taken off halfway, so he can’t spread his legs and stand up. He arched over Qin Shaocheng’s legs and tried to run.

There were spores on top of the leather whip [2], so it didn’t leave the least bit of gap even as the beating rang out in a pa, pa.

Jiang Yishan buried his head in his arm, and his tears flowed out in grievance. “How could you hit me… I didn’t make a big mistake… You’re too much.”

“For other people, I don’t need to beat them. But you are no good.” Qin Shaocheng stared at the place on Jiang Yishan’s body where he was chubbiest. He kneaded the flesh aside and spanked him again. “You’ve been disobedient ever since you were hospitalized.”

The left side of his butt had been beaten red. Qin Shaocheng’s palm fell on the other side.

“Not taking meals properly and insisting on letting me feed you.”

Jiang Yishan’s ass was very round and fleshy, and it would shake a bit when beaten. The palm fell soft and springy.

“Not following the doctor’s advice and overworking when you exercise.”

The more he hit, the redder the ass got and it gradually burned hot. The skin revealed an alluring color.

“In the middle of the night, I have to massage your back because of the pain.”

Qin Shaocheng spanked him on the ass one last time, but then he didn’t lift his palm. He grasped the flexible tender flesh and squeezed it heartily. He pulled Jiang Yishan’s arm away from his face and said, “Do you feel wronged?”

Jiang Yishan looked like he wanted to complain, but he dared not say a word.

Translator’s Notes

1 乱动 – to “move randomly” or “flail about.” Baidu says it means “chaos” or “turbulence”… so acting chaotically? Return ▲

2 皮拍上有气孔 – I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean as I’m not that familiar with BDSM stuff, so I just translated it literally. Also, wasn’t QSC using his hand to hit him? When did he switch to the whip???

Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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