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Creatures of Habit Chapter 25.2

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Some hair on the right half of Jiang Yishan’s head had been shaved off so the wound could be stitched. He was unsightly and had to wear a hat. But Qin Shaocheng didn’t allow him, saying it would only make his wound heal slower. In less than two hours, Jiang Yishan immediately found a kind of hairstyle that had both sides of the head shaved and would give him a youthful and naughty look [1]. He looked at Qin Shaocheng with pleading eyes. 🥺

Qin Shaocheng thought of how Jiang Yishan couldn’t leave the bed every day, so he agreed to this small request.

After cutting his hair, Jiang Yishan’s wound wasn’t noticeable anymore, and he took a wacky selfie in front of the camera. Qin Shaocheng looked at him and thought he was posting photos on social media. He thought about it and told Jiang Yishan that he’d been completely banned by the mainstream media.

After listening, Jiang Yishan leaned against Qin Shaocheng’s shoulder. “Then, you cannot leave me in the future.”

“That’s all you have to say?”

Jiang Yishan tilted his head. “When I did this, I had already thought of all the consequences.” He kissed Qin Shaocheng on the face. “I got what I wanted too.”

He really felt that he had cheated. Those vain benefits only looked good but weren’t as good as Qin Shaocheng treating him well. If he had understood earlier, he wouldn’t have hurt Qin Shaocheng’s heart.

Fortunately, he still had a chance to come back.

When Jiang Yishan woke up, Qin Shaocheng had no more excuses. He went home the next day. After greeting his parents, he went to the company and discussed with his brother about the work of the group for the whole afternoon. In the evening, he heard from the medical staff that Jiang Yishan wouldn’t eat the boiled chicken breast at noon.

When he entered the ward, Jiang Yishan gave him a pitiful look from the bed. “Today, I didn’t see you much and I feel sad.”

“Why didn’t you eat well?” Qin Shaocheng asked.

“The chicken had no taste,” said Jiang Yishan. “No taste at all.”

“I fed you two days ago, but you could eat it?”

“Because you fed me.”

“You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Yes.” Jiang Yishan’s fox tail [2] was swinging around in the air. “When you bring your work to the hospital, I can see you, and you can see me. And when you’re tired from work, you can give me a kiss.”

His words were innocent and straightforward.

Jiang Yishan saw Qin Shaocheng not responding. He lied on the bed and tried to pull on his hand. He whispered, “Really can’t come?”

Qin Shaocheng didn’t speak.

Jiang Yishan suddenly lost his spirit. “I will have a good meal tomorrow.”


Jiang Yishan nodded, then he added: “Although I really want to see you.”

Qin Shaosheng couldn’t help it. He directly raised Jiang Yishan’s chin and kissed him. He kissed Jiang Yishan until he heard a feeble groan from lacking oxygen. His forehead stuck close to Jiang Yishan’s. “You definitely need a beating.”

With Qin Shaocheng looking like this, Jiang Yishan wasn’t afraid at all. He said unapologetically, “I’ll let you beat me.”

Saying he was gonna beat him, but Qin Shaocheng really didn’t. He just patted his butt twice. This made Jiang Yishan even more fearless. He thought Qin Shaocheng would still pamper him. As long as he didn’t make any big mistakes, Qin Shaocheng wouldn’t really treat him like that.

With this idea in mind, Jiang Yishan repeatedly tried on Qin Shaocheng’s patience. When the doctor approved of him getting out of bed and moving, Jiang Yishan impatiently tried on the walking aid [3]. Qin Shaocheng advised him not to hurry and just take his time, but Jiang Yishan turned a deaf ear to it.

He thought it wouldn’t be too difficult, but when he really started walking, it was so painful, he couldn’t take a step.

At that time, the truck hit the left rear of his body. Fortunately, he was heavily dressed because of winter, but the back of his waist still hurt. And after the operation, he laid on bed for nearly two months. Using his lower limbs for the first time, he had no strength at all.

But he wanted to prove himself too much and leave the hospital together with Qin Shaocheng. Jiang Yishan gritted his teeth and walked around the corridor twice. When Qin Shaocheng came to see him from work, he raised his tail and said he could walk on his own on top of eating and drinking well today.

Qin Shaocheng wasn’t at ease and went to the doctor to ask again. He came back and said, “The doctor said you pushed yourself too much today.”

“Two laps, not that much. I feel it’s tolerable.” Jiang Yishan didn’t admit that he came back because he couldn’t stand the pain on his waist at the end.

As a result, in the evening, Qin Shaocheng noticed something was wrong when he went to cover Jiang Yishan with a quilt. Jiang Yishan wasn’t sleeping. When Qin Shaocheng touched him, the whole person was shaking. He hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

During the day, Jiang Yishan didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice to not walk too much, and now he couldn’t sleep because of the pain on his spine. Qin Shaocheng was in the bed next door. Jiang Yishan was in so much pain that his tears plip-plopped down his cheeks, yet he dared not make a sound. But now that he was discovered, he quickly asked for comfort: “My back hurts…”

Qin Shaocheng was angry and helpless. He laid directly beside Jiang Yishan, hugged him and stroked his back repeatedly, and asked him, “Does it still hurt?”

“It hurts.” Jiang Yishan shrank in Qin Shaocheng’s arms.

“Don’t walk tomorrow.”

Jiang Yishan whispered, “Another day will be delayed.”

Qin Shaocheng spanked his butt hard. “If you don’t obey me, I won’t come tomorrow.”

“I’ll obey, I’ll obey.” Jiang Yishan quickly acknowledged his mistakes. “I’m just in a hurry. I’ll pay attention in the future.”

Qin Shaocheng wanted to say that Jiang Yishan obviously knew that he was wrong but still insisted on doing it, then he came asking for forgiveness with wishful thinking. But recalling the pain in Jiang Yishan’s back, he patted it gently and said, “Go to sleep.”

Jiang Yishan agreed. He smacked his lips on Qin Shaocheng’s face before closing his eyes.

Qin Shaocheng sighed. He held Jiang Yishan in his arms as he coaxed him to sleep.

Rehabilitation was an extremely long process. Jiang Yishan stayed in the hospital for three months.

In the beginning, because the wound hadn’t healed yet, every day’s regular activities would spend all of Jiang Yishan’s energy. But as he recovered, the amount of time he had to stay in the hospital gradually lessened. Qin Shaocheng also knew his character. After asking the doctor to make sure he no longer had any major problems, he took Jiang Yishan out of the hospital and went home.

On the day he was discharged, Jiang Yishan was very happy. Seeing Qin Shaocheng bring him to the house they used to live in, he was confused and disoriented. Nothing had changed in the house. It was neat and tidy, as if they never had left.

Sure enough, Qin Shaocheng still really loved him.

Qin Shaocheng put aside their luggages at the entrance hall. Then he pointed to the bedroom and said to Jiang Yishan, “Go to the bedroom.”

Jiang Yishan went to the bedroom without thinking about it and asked, “Is there a surprise inside?”

Qin Shaocheng didn’t answer him.

Jiang Yishan directly opened the door and went in. Everything was exactly the same as before, even the chibi pin badge he had stuck to the curtain hadn’t been moved. He looked around carefully and asked, “What’s in here?”

Qin Shaosheng walked in, took off his suit, pulled off his tie, and looked at Jiang Yishan coldly.

Only then did Jiang Yishan realize the danger. “Shaocheng, what are you doing?”

Qin Shaosheng unbuttoned the neckline of his shirt. “Beating you.”

Translator’s Notes

1 青皮还做造型 – The 青皮 here literally means green skin, and this is actually called a green skin hairstyle. I don’t know why either. But since 青 can also mean young, and 皮 can also mean naughty, I went with those words instead. And I don’t know about male haircuts, but I think this would be called an undercut in English?

Return ▲

2 狐狸尾巴 – a fox tail is something that gives away a person’s true character. Return ▲

“Qin Shaosheng walked in, took off his suit, pulled off his tie, and looked at Jiang Yishan coldly.”

Lizonka: (^་།^)

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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