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Creatures of Habit Chapter 24.2

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Qin Shaocheng wasn’t in a hurry either. When Jiang Yishan drank to the last drop, he didn’t say a word. He took the cup and put it aside. “Do you remember that you ignored me when I made you work hard and just wait for opportunities, because you thought it was too slow, so you went to find Wang Deshun…”

“Shaocheng.” Jiang Yishan pulled on Qin Shaocheng’s clothes. “Let’s not talk about whether this was good or not. I don’t wanna hear it. I know I was wrong. I’m no longer a big star. I’ve also received retribution.”

“Why do you not want to hear it?”

Jiang Yishan hung his head. It was enough to hear Qin Shaocheng say it once at his home during the New Year.

He knew he used to be stupid and he was ashamed.

Qin Shaocheng gently stroked his head, which was still wrapped in gauze, and lowered his head to see his face. “Want to escape?”

Jiang Yishan lowered his head and drilled into Qin Shaocheng’s arms.

Qin Shaocheng pushed him away and held him by the shoulders. “Do you remember when you were tricked to go to a party and you had to jump out the window?”

Jiang Yishan nodded. He didn’t know why Qin Shaocheng was talking about this.

“I didn’t tell you off anymore since then,” said Qin Shaocheng. At that time, he helped Jiang Yishan let out his anger and coaxed him, but he didn’t teach him what he should do in the future. “What I did wasn’t right. You were clearly wrong back then. So stupid and easily deceived. Later, you also believed it when others told you that it was my family preventing you from becoming red.”

Yes. He was so stupid.

He believed everything, but he didn’t believe Qin Shaocheng.

Jiang Yishan’s shoulders slumped. He lifted the quilt and covered his head. He shrunk into a ball under the quilt and spoke in a low muffled voice: “I want to rest.”

“Did you also hide under the quilt on the day I left?”

Jiang Yishan bent in the dark to nibble on his fingernails.

“Xiao Shan, you promised me you would change.” Qin Shaocheng’s voice passed through the quilt and into his ears. “Are you gonna be disobedient [1] again?”

The lump under the bed shook. After a while, Jiang Yishan said sullenly: “I will change, but I don’t want to talk about the past, okay?”

“That won’t do. You haven’t said where you were wrong and how you’re gonna change it.”

“Why… I already know it’s wrong… You can’t be like this. I already know it’s wrong.” Jiang Yishan sounded aggrieved. “You can’t be like a primary school student…”

“I used to think that, so long you knew you were wrong, you would change even if you didn’t say it. But facts have shown that you don’t.”

Qin Shaocheng directly lifted the quilt, dragged the willful Jiang Yishan out and pulled open his fingers. He sighed at the sight of the fingernails that had gone crooked from Jiang Yishan’s nibbling. “You can’t learn well by yourself.”

Jiang Yishan wanted to refute but couldn’t find any strong evidence.

Before Qin Shaocheng, he was aware that he had no power and influence. Naturally, he didn’t dare to raise winds and waves. But ever since Qin Shaocheng started spoiling him, his behavior can be said to be like a small person [2] intoxicated by success.

Such an ugly and disobedient person, he didn’t want to look back on it.

But thinking of Qin Shaocheng’s indifference during the New Year, he gritted his teeth and said, “I will.”

Eager to prove himself, he said, “I know I shouldn’t listen to others.”

“Why did you believe it?”

Jiang Yishan dared not evade Qin Shaocheng. “I… I thought I could be red, but I’ve never been red before.”

“So after you became a big hit, you believed it was all manipulated by someone.”

Jiang Yishan shrank his shoulders and didn’t speak.

“You thought it would be useless for others to interfere if you had fame, so you began to rush for success.” Qin Shaocheng said calmly. “The more I stopped you, the more you wouldn’t listen. You thought that whatever I say is wrong.”

Jiang Yishan pursed his lips.

“You even take advantage of my soft-heartedness, knowing that I can’t bear to leave you.” Qin Shaocheng said. “You’d always pretend to be pitiful and say that you had no money, and that you were reluctant to let go of what you have. You even let me go back home so I could help you.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yishan extremely regretted it.

Qin Shaocheng looked into his eyes. “Do you know how sad I am?”

Jiang Yishan bit onto his lip. He hunched over under Qin Shaocheng’s eyes. His lips were moving but they made no sound.

Jiang Yishan timidly looked at Qin Shaocheng. “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

“Anything else?”

“I will listen to you in the future.” Jiang Yishan clasped onto the bedsheet. “There’ll be no more mistakes.”

“But what if you make another mistake?”

Jiang Yishan’s heart was pricked. “No more, no more mistakes.”

“Still wanna break up?”

Jiang Yishan shook his head again and again.

“In the future, if you make more mistakes, I won’t break up with you or throw you away no matter what. But…” Qin Shaocheng held Jiang Yishan’s face. “I will not kiss you and hold you. I will shut you up and hit you.”

Qin Shaocheng kissed him and said, “I’ll spank your ass like how I did during the New Year.”

Translator’s Notes

1 不听话 – The 不 (bu) here means no/not, while 听话 (tinghua) are the characters for obedient. 听 (ting) alone means “to listen,” while 话 (hua) means “words.” So literally, it means “to listen to one’s words.” Sometimes I just translate “be obedient” as “listen to me,” coz that sounds more natural in spoken English. Likewise, with “disobedient,” I may just translate it as “not listening” in the future.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often hear “You’re being disobedient” or “Be obedient”  in spoken English. And if I just translate it as “obey,” it sounds too domineering. When English-speakers tell someone off, it’s always “you listen to me.” Or when we get mad at someone for being disobedient, we say “you never listen to me!” or something like that.

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2小人 – Small person is the literal translation, but 小人 (xiao ren) particularly refers to someone who’s of a nasty or vile character. Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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